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Are Grocery Stores Open on Easter? List of Open Stores

Easter Sunday is one of the most celebrated events by Christians worldwide. It commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from Death. The followers all around the world celebrate this day with utter joy. Nowadays, Easter has become more commercialized with the sale of various Easter delights and décor items such as cards, chocolate eggs, baskets, and others. This holiday is a great day to spend a good time with your family and friends. 

What are the Different Easter Traditions? 

Each year, Easter Sunday is celebrated with special church services, candlelight, music, flowers, and the ringing of church bells. Besides the religious significance of this festival, it also has a commercial side. In the United Kingdom, people give each other chocolates Easter Eggs and Easter Bunnies. Some people also carry out Easter egg hunts in gardens, homes, and other places. This part of the Easter celebration is a great highlight for the little ones. 

Egg rolling is also a popular tradition of Easter where people roll painted hard-boiled eggs against the eggs of other people. 

What are the Different Easter Foods? 

Food constitutes an essential part of the Easter celebration all over the world. Friends and family gather for Easter lunch. Roast lamb becomes the most traditional dish of the festival, followed by a Simmel cake and many chocolate eggs. The tables are filled with beautiful decorations of white lilies, daffodils, tulips, yellow and golden flowers, and other décor items. 

Hosting Easter lunch for your friends and family members is a good idea. But what if you forget to buy essential supplies that you may need to supplement your Easter décor and food? You would want to run to the nearest grocery store to shop for such supplies. But do you know not all stores remain open on Easter Sunday? 

Are Grocery Stores Open on Easter?

Some grocery stores remain open on Easter, while others do not. It is good to keep yourself well-informed about the list so that you do not miss anything with the preparations. 

Here is the list of all stores that remain open during Easter. 

Dollar General 

All the Dollar General stores will follow regular operating hours. 

Fresh Market

Fresh Market remained open last year on the day of Easter. This year, too, the store will work. You may contact your nearest Fresh Market store to know about curbside pickup and delivery.  

Harris Teeter 

The operating hours of this store may vary by location. It is good to check with your local store and then hop in for shopping. 


Kroger’s operating hours, too, may vary by location. Pharmacies, however, will remain closed. 


Meijer will remain open this Easter with varied store hours.  


Like others, the working hours at Safeway, too, may vary. Check with your local store hours. 

Stop and Shop 

Last year, all the stores of this shop were open from 7 am to 5 pm. You may also make the most of grocery pickup at select locations.  


Walmart remains open on Good Friday as well as Easter. This store has also enabled no-contact pickup and delivery. 

Whole Foods 

Store hours may vary. It is good to check with your local store hours and then go shopping. 

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