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Are Banks Open on Christmas Eve and Day 2022?

Are you planning to visit your local bank branch this holiday season? Find out here if banks are open or not on Christmas Eve (December 24), Christmas Day (December 25), and Boxing Day (December 26) in 2022.

There can be certain bank-related tasks you may have to get done before Christmas but it’s almost Christmas Eve here. You are wise if you are checking the status of the banks on holidays beforehand to save time.

Since Christmas is on Sunday this time. It’s obvious that banks are going to remain closed but will they open before the big day and will they open on the day after Christmas? Scroll down to know.

Are Banks Open on Christmas Eve 2022?

Yes. Banks will remain open during regular hours on Christmas Eve which is falling on Saturday, December 24, 2022. If you have an important visit planned for your local bank branch, make sure you complete it before the celebrations officially begin.

Banks don’t close on Christmas Eve usually. However, some branches might observe reduced working hours to allow their staff get sufficient time for the biggest festival of the year. Make sure you make a call to the branch first to confirm the closing hours.

Banks Will Stay Closed on Christmas Day 2022

Obviously, banks will stay closed on Christmas Day. December 25th is the official federal holiday every year and banks observe a day off. All the branches across the nation remain closed while only online banking services and ATMs remain active.

However, this year, Christmas is on Sunday and the banks have got another reason to stay closed allowing more time for the celebrations.

Banks Will Also Stay Closed on December 26, 2022

Since Christmas is on Sunday this year, banks across the United States and other regions will also observe a holiday on December 26, 2022, which is also called Boxing Day. So, if you missed visiting the bank branch on Christmas Eve, you can’t go until Tuesday.

However, TD Bank is a notable exception as it will remain open on December 26th during normal hours. You can also reassure with your local bank branch by making a call to know if they are open on the day after Christmas.

Will the Stock Market Open on Christmas Eve & Christmas?

The Stock Market will also remain open on Christmas Eve but will close early to kick off the long weekend. Usually, the trading hours of the stock market (NYSE and NASDAQ) end at 4 PM ET but the markets will close at 2 PM ET on December 24, 2022.

On Christmas, the stock market will be completely closed to observe the nationwide federal holiday. And, the stock market will also be closed for trading on the day after Christmas.

If you’re wondering about the Bond Market, it will also be closed for trading on December 26, 2022, as Christmas is on Sunday this year. The long-weekend of the Bond Market will begin at 2 PM ET on Friday, December 23, 2022. It will be closed on Christmas Eve as well.

What About the ATMs and Online Banking Services?

Fortunately, the ATMs and online banking services will be active and functional as usual on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and the day after Christmas (Boxing Day). If you are in dire need of cash, just visit the nearby ATM and get your money.

We hope this post helped you save time and hassle. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

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