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Alpo Martinez: Everything About The Notorious Drug Dealer

Alpo Martinez also known as “Alpo” was a notorious American drug dealer from Harlem, New York City. He became famous in the 1980s and expanded his drug trades to Washington and other cities.

Alpo was shot dead on 31st October in his truck on a Harlem street corner according to police officials. He was in jail for many decades, 35 years to be precise, as he was convicted of murder.

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Alpo Martinez: Here is everything you need to know about the Drug Kingpin

Alpo was born in the year 1966 in Upper Manhattan of New York City. He did his schooling in Roman catholic school and later dropped out to start selling drugs when he was just 13 years old. He soon became one of the biggest drug dealers in New York City.

After a few years, he relocated to Washington DC to expand his operations and happened to meet Wayne ‘Silk’ Perry, a notorious gangster, and D.C. enforcer, who became his bodyguard after some time and also alleged hitman.

Along with two other persons, Martinez was arrested on November 7, 1991, in Washington for selling drugs. He was charged for possessing drugs, conspiracy to commit murder, and 14 counts of murder. He was sentenced to 35 years behind the bars.

Martinez became an informant and also testified against his own people who deal in drugs to lower his sentence. He feared that he would most likely be given either the death penalty or life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. It is reported that he was released in 2015 owing to the federal witness protection program.

How was Alpo Martinez killed?

Yesterday on October 31, 2021, Alpo was hit multiple times in the chest. According to the report, it was alleged that a vehicle passing by on West 147th Street, near Frederick Douglass Blvd shot 5 times at Alpo around 3.30 AM in the morning. Martinez was later admitted to Harlem hospital, however, he did not survive.

According to a source who was on high ranks said, “You were in the witness protection program because you testified against other drug dealers. You’d make a lot of enemies who have a score to settle. When you return to the same area, word will get out very fast. He’s back in the zone.”

American Crime Drama film “Paid in Full” was based on the story of Martinez that was played by rapper and actor Cam’ron. The movie was based on the criminal exploits of Martinez and his partners Rich Porter and Azie Faison.

He was also profiled on a 2012 episode of the TV series “Gangsters: America’s Most Evil”. His name was referred to by many rappers in their songs like 50 Cent’s “Ghetto Qu’ran”, Jay-Z’s “La Familia” and many others.

Alpo Martinez and his Personal Life

The exact details of Alpo Martinez’s wife are not known, however, as per several news outlets his wife was with him when he was arrested by Police.

Rapper Randy Harvey, known by his stage name Popperazzi Po is the son of Martinez. Harvey is active on the social media platform Instagram with more than 21.1K followers and is also CEO of the O3GMG music label.

Alpo Martinez’s Net Worth

According to some publications it is estimated that Alpo Martinez’s net worth is approximately $1million.

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