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25 Adorable Anime Cats that will Make you Say ‘Awww’

Do you have any idea? Over 500 million cats are kept as pets. Due to the fact that they are one of the most beloved pets.

They’re the most popular pets because they make you happy, they can help avoid allergies, they’re entertaining, and they can help you feel less lonely.

Cats, since we all know, do appear as characters in shows & movies. But especially in the case of anime; which some of us enjoy watching, are shown as entertaining characters.

So you’ve definitely come here to learn about the best anime cats, so don’t worry, read the rest of the article to get to know more about them.

25 Cutest Anime Cats Of All Time

Are you ready? Let’s go through the 25 cutest anime cats that you all must already know. And if you’re looking forward to knowing, you can definitely read below.

1. Meowth – Pokémon

As you may know, Meowth is a Pokémon with the ability to speak and is the Pokémon of “Team Rocket” as depicted in the anime. He also has two paws, like a “human kitty” and it’s because of this that he stands apart.

Also, Meowth rarely had any Pokémon battles, That is because the team rocket has always failed an attempt to catch Pikachu.

2. Chi-Chi’s Sweet Home

Chi is a little kitten with huge eyes and a grey and white coat. She is easily sidetracked and lacks a broad understanding of the world.

Chi is drawn to small moving items but is terrified of larger animals, notably dogs. In short, this anime is basically based on a cat.

3. Kirara – Inuyasha

She is Sango’s nekomata partner and one of three Demon Slayer village survivors, along with Sango and her brother Kohaku, after it was besieged by demons.

Kirara can transform into a bigger cat with saber-toothed teeth, like a saber-toothed cat. She has twin tails, crimson eyes, and a scar on her forehead.

4. Baron – The Cat Returns

He is a fully dressed (alive) statue of an animated cat (including a top hat and shoes). He comes alive at night.

For children, this one’s just about one of the best in the anime field. Awork that provides that great dose of fantasy and enjoyment while sticking to those tried and true themes with kids’ movies that only work so often.

5. Sorata – Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi

Sorata is a young man of average height and frame. His hair is short and spiky, and his eyes are light brown. He wears his school uniform most of the time.

Some individuals have described him as attractive. After refusing to abandon a white cat he had picked up, he was booted out of the normal school dorm.

You will definitely find cats to be adorable after watching this anime.

6. Korin – Dragon Ball

Korin is an 800-year-old smart cat who dwells atop a massive tower. He is a grandmaster in martial arts and a rigorous teacher who expects civility as well as combat prowess.

7. Kaya – Ghost Stories

Kaya, a Bombay black cat, is the Miyanoshita family’s pet. He was a feral cat that came to them on the day of Kayako Miyanoshita’s burial, according to legend.

Kaya is possessed by a nefarious spirit known as Amanojaku, and afterward, he speaks! He is still alive when Amanojaku exits Kaya’s body later.

8. Maya – Azumanga Daioh

Maya was an iromote kitten spotted by the girls on a school trip to Okinawa. Sakaki took a fancy to him straight away, which is unusual because cats generally despise her, and she ended up spending the entire time with him.

Be warned, there is a tragic moment with the mama Iriomote cat for all you animal lovers out there. Dammit, I’m too sensitive for this. But here’s something to make up for it.

9. Puck – Re: Zero

The pack is a male spirit who resembles a little grey cat. With rosy pink cheeks, he can also be characterized as cute or lovely. In the anime, he has turquoise blue eyes, black in the light novel, and gold when he transforms into the “Beast of the End,” with tiny, trapezoid shape whitish eyebrows.

He often wears a purple pouch bag and also has a golden earring on his left ear. The pack is a Fire Mana-wielding Great Spirit.

10. Anpu – The Disastrous Life of Saiki K Reawakened

Anpu is a cat who sits out in front of the Saiki House on a routine basis. He was rescued by Kusuo when he was stranded between two buildings, and despite Kusuo’s many denials, he became devoted to him.

This is a hilarious show. It differs from others in that it does not follow a storyline, and this is one of the things that people enjoy about it.

11. Pantherlily – Fairy Tail

Panther Lily, like other Exceeds, can develop feathery wings that allow him to fly while also balancing the load of one probable passenger.

These wings are substantially larger than those of standard Exceeds in his initial, enormous form. It’s a shady and dangerous kitty.

12. Jibanyan – Yo-kai Watch

Jibanyan, originally Rudy, is the central protagonist and symbol of the Yo-kai Watch multi-media franchise. She is a kitty Delightful tribe Yo-kai designed by Akihiro Hino that has a particular fondness for chocolates.

This is a fantastic show. Every Yo-kai has a unique personality and impact.

13. Marl – Fairy Tail

Marl utilizes Aera to sprout wings from her back and fly, much like the rest of her race. She is a wonderful cat who always goes out of his way to help others.

14. Muta – The Cat Returns

This is the other cat from the anime, as I already indicated. He is a huge, white cat who is at odds with Toto the stone statue.

Muta is noted for his unbridled cynicism and disdain toward people and his companions, as well as his ravenous eating.

15. Chimaera – Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions

The Takanashi is allergic to cats and would not allow Chimera to be in her sight. Several fans of Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions animes are captivated by her rose fairy wings and linked snake.

She gives birth to six adorable kittens at the conclusion of the season.

16. Kyo – Fruits Basket

In the anime, Kyuo is the character who is afflicted by the cat spirit. Kyo is a teenage guy who is short-tempered, obstinate, arrogant, and drastic.

When he transforms into a cat he lands on his feet and naps profusely. Also he has a special spot in his heart for other felines.

17. The Kawamoto Cats – March Comes In Like A Lion

Every fan of these anime surely adores these three kitties. They’re the kitties of the Kawamoto, (wow! I’m going to watch this anime since they’re so cute).

Also, these three kittens are also given their own names. There is also a manga adaptation of this anime, which has 16 volumes and is a romantic and slice-of-life story.

18. Nyanko-Sensei – Natsume’s Book Of Friends

Madara, the primary character of this anime, is also known as Nyanko-sensei. He starts off as a beast and then transforms into a cat.

His Maneki Neko appearance is white with orange and grey patterns on the crown of the head & back, dark eyes, a crimson cat collar with a gold bell around his neck, and small red stripes on his face.

This show is beyond serene, with some episodes bordering on transcendent. That is, when it comes to art.

19. Nyamsus – Nyan Koi!

Nyamsus is a member of the Kousaka family’s cat. She wears a red scarf around her neck and is a large black and white cat with blue eyes.

Nyamsus also serves as Junpei’s advisor for the duration of the show. She also has the closest mate, Tama, another cat, with whom she spends a lot of time.

20. Spinel Sun – Cardcaptor Sakura

Eriol Hiiragizawa has perfected another adorable kitty. He likes reading and lives in Tomaeda, Japan. He despises loud noises, taunting from Ruby, and anything sugary or sweet.

His eyes are icy blue and his hair is dark blue. He dislikes sugary or sweet-filled dishes, as I previously stated. If he eats one of them by accident, he will become highly emotional and will be able to fire energy balls from his mouth.

21. Tora – Naruto

Madam Shijimi, the Fire Daimyo’s wife, has a cat named Tora. Madam Shijimi adores Tora to the point where she holds her so tightly that the cat screams.

Tora frequently flees from her owner, knowing that cats can become upset if they are petted too much.

Tora is identified by the red ribbon on her right ear on both occasions. She has brown fur and amber-colored eyes, as well as a line that runs down her forehead with two lines (three in the anime) running across it.

22. Karupin – Prince Of Tennis

Karupin is a cat who is frequently spotted napping or wandering around the Echizen residence. He spends much of his time in Ryoma’s room, napping with him.

Cat toys are his absolute favorite. Kitty snacks are his favorite food. Backfoot Kitty Kick is her unique skill.

23. Diana – Sailor Moon

She is another of the anime’s most beloved cats, who resides in Crystal Tokyo. She also serves as an advisor to Sailor Chibi Moon. In Sailor Moon SuperS, she appears from the future.

She is the only guardian cat who wears a jingle bell around her neck on her collar. Also, she is the daughter of Luna and Artemis in the future.

24. Mao – Darker than Black

The cat is a dark cat, as the anime title indicates. He is a cat who can jump bodies with any other animal as long as they are in his range of sight.

Mao is a Contractor who has lost his own body and has been residing in the body of a black cat for many years. Following the death of the cat, he assumed the shape of a brown momonga.

25. Jiji – Kiki’s Delivery

Jiji is a black cat with black pupils and huge white eyes. His lobes are iris purple on the inside. Jiji also has a girlfriend named Lily, a tabby kitten. Jiji and Lily had kittens together, according to the titles.

Kiki’s Delivery Service” is a classic Studio Ghibli family anime that is a lot of fun to watch. Despite the fact that, like their other works, it is infused with imagination.

So, I’ve listed all of the best anime cats for you, although these cats may not be the best for some of you. So, tell us which anime cat you admire in the comments area. Meow!

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