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20 Little Known Facts About XXXTentacion


If you follow the rap culture, you must be familiar with this name. Jahseh Onfroy, professionally known as XXXTentacion, was an American songwriter and rapper. He was a controversial but highly talented artist. He was just 20 years old when he died in the shooting during a robbery in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Onfroy left behind a footprint in the musical culture. His music still inspires many young artists.

He was sitting in his car when he was shot dead. Besides his excellent music, XXXTentacion was infamous for the many legal troubles he faced throughout his life.

Little-Known Facts About XXXTentacion

His music reminds all his fans about the creative genius that the rapper was. Here are a few little-known facts about XXXTentacion that everyone deserves to know.

  1. The Rapper Was Raised by His Grandmother

Janseh was born on January 23rd, 1998, in Plantation, Florida. He was separated from his mother when he was very young. It is said that his mom was pregnant with her second child and faced many financial issues, because of which she had to give him to his grandmother for upbringing.

In an interview, the rapper said that his grandma is just like his mother, and his mother feels like his sister.

  1. A Music Genius Who Took Inspiration from Many Artists

XXXTentacion was driven toward music when he was very young. He got inspired by many artists, but none of them was a rapper. His ideals were Kurt Cobain, Coldplay, and Three Days Grace. He loved listening to them and was grown up following their music.

  1. He Could Become a Father

The rapper was in a relationship with Jenesis Sanchez. Three days after his death, his girlfriend announced that she was pregnant with their baby. The couple even reserved a few names for their children – Gekyume for the boy and Xiorra for the girl. Sadly, the father could never see his son. Sanchez is raising him on her own.

  1. Drake Copied his Song

He was not on good terms with the artist Drake. Onfroy was considered a rather aggressive person who had a lot of disputes with many artists in the industry, including Drake. His conflict with Drake gathered a lot of limelight. In 2017, Drake released the single KMT. Soon after the release, XXXTentacion accused Drake of copying his work. According to him, the singer copied the rap flow of the song from his Look at Me, released in 2015. Onfroy even used Twitter to post the news of this rip-off.

  1. XXXTentacion and his Violent Childhood

The childhood of the rapper was not like the childhood of other children. He had had many bad experiences growing up. When he was six years young, he stabbed a man for attacking his mother. He once stated that he has been protective of his mother and grandmother. Moreover, his anger issues always made him work more aggressively.

  1. Mark of the Beast

Apparently, XXXTentacion had the mark of the beast on his skin. Once upon a time, he told a woman that he was a big walking demon. There are many mysteries as to why he always preferred such a monstrous look while he was on the screen. His face and body are full of many tattoos.

  1. Robbery and Violence

There had always been an insatiable hunger for violence in the rapper. He was charged and arrested multiple times, one of which was for robbery with violence. He was still a juvenile when he committed this crime. The police detained him because he was not in a legal prosecution age.

  1. His Sophomore Album Debuted at Number one on Billboard

XXXTentacion has always been passionate about making music, and it is reflected in his work. His sophomore album ‘?’, when debuted on Billboard, stayed on the top of the charts. His second album was released on the 16th of March, 2018. He once explained in an interview that the record is not about words but about feelings. He also stated it was hard to understand.

  1. Knocked-Out During a Concert

Back in 2017, XXXTentacion was knocked out while performing on stage. The incident took place in San Diego. He was punched and subsequently knocked out by an invader. The reports suggested that the invader was allegedly affiliated with rapper Rob Stone. Stone was a native of San Diego and was engaged in a very long-running feud with the rapper.

  1. XXXTentacion was Enrolled in a Choir

The rapper was musically inclined from his very childhood. He was also enrolled in choir. He once quoted that he hated following notes and even got into fights with many kids. Because of his aggressive nature and continuous fights with the other members, he was suspended from it.

  1. A Troublesome Relationship with Mother

Despite getting violent with the attackers of his mother, the duo didn’t share a happy relationship. It was reported that XXXTentacion and his mother were on bitter terms. His mother, Cleopatra, requested that he should be taken out of the house because of his delinquent conduct. He was a teen when he drifted apart from his mum. He spent the next few years of his life at his grandma’s home and remedial home.

  1. A Spree of Legal Issues

Ever since his childhood, his life had been controversial. In 2014, XXXTentacion was sent to a youth detention center under the charges of gun possession. When he was still in custody, he beat up a gay cellmate because he started staring at the rapper.

  1. Accused of Domestic Violence

During the time of his death, XXXTentacion was awaiting trial. He was accused of domestic violence against his pregnant girlfriend. Throughout his relationship, the rapper got violent with his partner. Following these accusations, he was charged with battery and aggravated assault of a pregnant victim and false imprisonment.

  1. More than 400 Million Plays

You may not know this, but the rapper’s songs on SoundCloud have over 400 million plays. One of his numbers, Look at Me, has more than 76 million plays alone on SoundCloud. He has been ranked 49th on Billboard. His music entertains a massive fan following on the platform – a whopping 2.04 million fans.

But when it comes to Spotify, the story is different. Once upon a time, his music was pulled from Spotify because it didn’t reflect the values of the company.

  1. He Had a YouTube Channel

When XXXtentacion started his musical journey, he released a few of his works on his YouTube channel. His channel, XXXTentacion is full of uploaded music, gaming videos, and vlogs. He even announced on his official Instagram handle that he and Joey Badass are in the process of creating a project together.

The duo dropped a freestyle to the song, King’s Dead, on March 9, 2018, on SoundCloud. His music mantle was beyond ordinary.

  1. The Meaning of His Name

The rapper has one of the most bizarre stage names ever. When asked what XXXTentacion means, he said that it is related to an unknown temper. X in XXXTentacion is nothing but an unknown variable used in mathematics. Likewise, Tentacion means temper. The rapper had put the two terms together to create his stage name.

  1. XXXTentacion Worked at Electricity Solutions

When he was a teenager, XXXTentacion was looking for money. He soon joined Electricity Solutions as an Electricity salesman and worked there from 9 am to 5 pm. His job included calling all the corporate offices and asking them about their electricity status. He surveyed everything over calls. Later, he quit his job and focused solely on his music career.

  1. A Word on His Physical Appearance

While he was climbing the ladder to success, he appeared in many interviews. In one of the interviews, XXXTentacion also gave his two cents on physical appearance. He once said that if your physical appearance is the same as others, you are stupid. He also stated he was tired of being used, and because of this, he got himself a new look.

The rapper has been a big attention seeker since the very beginning of his career. Spin has labeled him as ‘Rap’s most controversial man’ and XXL labeled him the most ‘Controversial freshman ever’.

  1. An Inspiration for upcoming Artists

Despite a disturbing childhood, legal troubles, and controversies, XXXTentacion has always been the favorite of many. He became a solid inspiration for many upcoming artists. He once said that bad mixing on his tracks was done intentionally because then only music looks genuine. Many new music artists like Karami, Lil Pump, Tripple Redd, and Smokepurpp sought inspiration from his music.

  1. Theories About his Death

There have been many theories revolving around his death. One of them suggests that XXXTentacion has not died in the first place. Some say he faked his death because he wanted to get away from the many controversies he has been repeatedly facing on his professional and personal fronts. However, these a merely theories, and nothing substantial has been reported to prove the claim.

We wish the star had never died. Keep in touch to learn more facts about artists all over the world.

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