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10 Most Liberal States in America

What characterizes a liberal state in the United States of America?

It is the mindset of their population, culture, and the flexibility they offer to locals and outsiders alike. Any state can alter from liberal to conservative over time following the factors like empowerment of its minority groups, immigration, taxation policies, and others. The best example is that of New York. Once a highly conservative state, the Big Apple enjoys being progressive and liberal in the current times.

Liberal states in America are termed as the Blue States, whereas conservative states remain the Red States. Today, the former enjoys the perks such as a high number of indexes, population, and congressional representatives.

Which are the Top 10 Liberal States of America?

Listed below are the top ten liberal states of America.

  1. Massachusetts

Massachusetts is considered the most liberal state of all. Around 35 percent of voters are identified as liberal, only 21 percent of voters remain conservative.

This state has a liberal advantage of 14 points. In Massachusetts, the moderates form the largest group as they enjoy 38 percent of the voting population. The state has witnessed a vast development in the past years. The two most essential elements that set it apart from the conservative states are its urban development and highly educated population.

  1. Maine

Maine also enjoys the label of one of the most liberal states in the US. According to a recent survey, 33 percent of voters are liberal. The advantage of liberal, however, is -2. It is because 35 percent of voters remain conservative.

This place is one of the few states where moderates or neutrals do not outnumber liberals or conservatives. Besides this, Maine is a beautiful place to spend your life in after retirement.

  1. Vermont

In Vermont, 32 percent of the total voter population remain liberal, and 28 percent identify as conservative. It means that this state surpasses the conservatives – a good hint indeed.

The state enjoys a liberal advantage of 4 points. Interestingly, Vermont remains home to Bernie Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist with leftist views. The state has good opportunities for employment, settlement of migrants, and taxation flexibility.

  1. California

California is touted as one of the best states in the United States of America. It is also one of the most liberal states in the country. This place is perceived as a haven for all immigrants. They enjoy good education, employment opportunities, tax benefits, and quality of life.

The state restrains the use of e-verify unless otherwise mandated by federal law. California also regulates its environmental policy repeatedly and puts its best foot forward to care for environment. Almost 29 percent of voters in the state identify as liberals. Additionally, the residents of California also make the most of individual tax burdens.

  1. New York

As stated, New York was once a conservative state. But with the change in time, it switched its policies and laws to modernism and liberalism. Today, this place is one of the most developed states of America. New York offers freedom to its citizens under many categories, some of which include the right to work status, government debt and spending, taxation, gun rights, and more.

The business regulations in the state are favorable for both the residents and outsiders. Today, 30 percent of voters in New York identify as liberals, whereas only 27 percent of voters remain conservative.

  1. Rhode Island

Another picturesque location of the United States of America, Rhode Island, is a liberal state of the country. In 2013, it was ranked the third-worst state. It witnessed the fourth-highest unemployment rate in the country at 8.9 percent only.

Providence, Rhode Island, USA park and skyline.

But soon, the state expanded school choice options and decided to protect public education. In the same year, Rhode Island legalized gay marriage.

  1. New Hampshire

New Hampshire practices liberalism in its rules, laws, regulations, and policies. The state has 30 percent liberal voters as opposed to 28 percent conservative voters.

The state perceives a liberal consensus in terms of social issues. For instance, it strongly emphasizes equal rights, allowing all its residents to live their lives according to their personal choices rather than forcing laws in terms of sexuality, religion, and abortion. Only 0.3 percent of the population of New Hampshire is Republican.

  1. Maryland

Around 28 percent of voters of Maryland identify as liberals. About 29 percent of voters are still conservative, giving it a -1 point liberal advantage. Nonetheless, the largest group of voters here remain moderate at 39 percent.

Most base of liberalism in the state is the Washington DC metro area and Baltimore. As of the recent election, 60.3 percent of the voters voted Democratic. The state has legalized rules regarding gay marriage and gun restrictions. It has also imposed an increase in taxes amongst its other progressive policies.

  1. Hawaii

Hawaii has a large portion of Polynesian culture. It is the birthplace of hula dancing. Thus, the liberal policies of Hawaii do not come as a surprise. The location of this state has a lot to do with its cultural and ethnic diversity. Besides this, the locals of Hawaii practice various religions.

The above-listed factors make this state one of the liberal states of the United States of America. The people here encourage acceptance in terms of the current movements, including LGBTQ+ rights. It is claimed that the state is strongly liberal because of its aloha culture. The culture promotes all kinds of lifestyles, as long as it doesn’t hurt the sentiments of others.

  1. Oregon

Last but not least, Oregon is another liberal state of the United States of America. Almost 28 percent of voters fall under the category of liberals. The remaining ones are moderate and conservative.

Like Washington DC, the state focuses on good-quality education for one and all. The residents appreciate the blend of culture, care for the environment and practice all other norms that make any state a liberal place for all.

The people with higher formal education tend to have more liberal views than others. Liberalism is superior to conservativism, after all.

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