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10 Best Chocolate Brands in the USA for Sweet Tooth

Chocolates are loved all over the world. Thus, the production, manufacturing, and sales of this scrumptious dessert are not restricted to a country or continent alone. Many countries make the best chocolates and sell them worldwide, later relished by all the chocolate lovers.

Like many countries, America, too, is fond of chocolates. The fondness doesn’t only include eating chocolates, but making too! The nation is known for experimentation and fun flavors when it comes to making this dessert. The chocolate bar brands in the United States of America are constantly exploring new ways to bring it into people’s lives.

Today, the USA has become one of the sought-after chocolate makers in the world. The chocolate brands of the States also offer their customers a wide selection of chocolates, toffees, and brands.

Best Chocolate Brands in America

The below-listed chocolate brands are headquartered in different parts of America. They run their years of business of making some delectable chocolates. Here are the best brands of chocolates in the United States of America.

  1. The Hershey Company

The Hershey Company, famously known as Hershey’s is easily one of the better-known chocolate companies in America. The popularity of this brand is spread around the world. It produces everything, ranging from chocolates, milkshakes, syrups, cookies, and whatnot!

 The brand came into being in the year 1976. At present, it remains one of the largest chocolate manufacturers worldwide. The headquarters of the brand are located in Pennsylvania.

  1. M&Ms

This brand is famous for its button-sized colorful candy-coated chocolates. It has been serving these colorful gems to the world since 1941. The slogan of the company says ‘melts in your mouth, not in your hand’, and it is well-associated with the fame that the brand enjoys today.

The hard shell with a soft center was inspired by a method allowing Spanish Civil War soldiers to carry chocolate in the heat without having them melted. These colorful chocolates are also a popular product for baking chips in cookies.

  1. Ferrara Candy Company

The company has been around since 1908 when Salvatore Ferrara sold candy-coated almonds from the Chicago bakery. Originally known as Ferrero Group, the company was not an American company, but it was acquired by the Ferrara Candy Company in 2017. A year later, the company was also handed responsibility for the products purchased from Nestle’s US candy line.


This candy brand mainly focuses on candy bars and cotton candies, thus a popular option among the kids who like eating colorful candies.

  1. Mars

Mars happens to be one of the leading chocolate brands in America. Its popularity persists worldwide. It is known for its standard Mars bar, a chocolate-covered nougat bar that is highly tempting to your taste buds.


The company also has other subsidiary bars produced under its name. Interestingly, chocolates are not the only product that the brand produces. You can explore other range of products also, including pet care.

  1. Reese’s Peanut Cups

Reese’s is a Hershey’s Group sub-brand, yet it offers an extensive range of products that deserve their individual mention. The brand invented its very first peanut butter cups in 1928.

Earlier, Reese worked for Hershey, which also resulted in the latter owning the license rights to Reese’s cups. Many chocolate lovers regard these cups as the perfect peanut butter and chocolate blend. The brand creates an annual revenue of $2 billion.

  1. Dove

Dove is one of the few chocolate bar brands designed particularly for sales in the United States of America. The company sells an extensive range of bars and treats for all chocolate lovers. Though you can only find Dove chocolates made in the USA, it also operates in other parts of the world by the name Galaxy.

The brand has been producing delectable chocolates since 1939. This company is a sub-brand below Mars. Dove sells full chocolate brands as well as miniature truffles.

  1. Tootsie Roll

Tootsie Roll is one of the most famous brands of chocolates in the country. The signature candy is not entirely associated with US chocolates because it is a blend of chocolate and taffy. The brand made this product with a vision of designing something new.

The most common version of this American chocolate is chocolate flavor. However, you can explore other flavors too. The company is based in Chicago Illinois and was launched in 1896. The name of this brand is also associated with a couple of other non-chocolate treats like Wax Lips flavored candies, Fluffy Stuff cotton candy, Junior Mints, and Sugar Babies.

  1. Ghirardelli

Ghirardelli is another well-known American chocolate brand that also has dedicated stores around the country. If you go with the name of the company, it may sound as if it has an exotic origin; however, it is a fully American company owned by a foreign company, Lindt.

The business of this company first began in 1852 when it started producing chocolate 169 years ago. The brand is named after its founder Domenico Ghirardelli who moved to California after working in South America. Ghirardelli is the third-oldest chocolate company in the United States of America. You can enjoy a range of chocolate flavors.

  1. Theo

Theo Chocolate is one of the newer chocolate brands on the list. The brand was founded in 2006 and has its headquarters in Seattle, United States of America. It is the first organic fair trade-certified cocoa powder in the USA. The company sources its beans from Costa Rica, Madagascar, Venezuela, and the Dominican Republic.

Theo chocolates are available in six categories: limited edition, classic, fantasy, baking, holiday, and kids’ crunch. Alongside this, the brand also sells caramels and specialty items.

  1. Taza

Taza is the newest and one of the best American chocolate brands on the list. It is based in Somerville, Massachusetts. Taza chocolates are Mexican-inspired. They feature stone ground and organic chocolate. The cocoa beans are stone ground that eventually imparts a unique texture and flavor.

These chocolates are considered a high-end treat. The company manufactures over 40 products, including the popular Origin Bars and Amaze Bars. You can find it in retail stores across the United States of America.

Which of these brands is your favorite chocolate brand? Tell us in the comments below. Keep in touch for more on fashion, lifestyle, food, and culture across the globe.

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