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Will “Bluey” Return for Season 4? Here’s What We Know

If you’re like me, then you love animated kids shows. They’re so fun, and they’re such a great escape from reality.

And while I’m not saying that kids’ shows should be all serious all the time, it would be nice if there was something out there that balanced the act of laughing with being aware of your surroundings and taking them into account. 

Well now we have one! The Emmy winner Australian animated series “Bluey”, the light hearted show from the production network Disney+ who has bound us together with so many of their amazing animated masterpieces.


The show follows the adventures of six year old dog, Bluey. It’s not very complicated — so why is everyone excited about it? That’s because it’s just as fun and educational for kids, which can be hard to find these days.

The show does a brilliant job by constantly giving out funnies while making sure there is little something for everyone to take from the show.

The show has just premiered its season 3 recently and fans are wondering when the next season is going to arrive. Here’s everything you need to know.

Is The Emmy Winner Show Going To Return For Season 4?

There are some shows that have the power to keep your children fixated and entertained for hours. Bluey has got you covered. The animated show has successfully created a permanent place in your little one’s heart with its amazing visuals and storyline.

The fantastic cartoon show delivered its season 3’s first part on August 10th with 25 amazing episodes available on the streaming platform.

The current season has been split up into two parts with one part delivering the 25 episodes on the premiere date, the show is yet to reveal the other part with more episodes and emotions for everyone. 

As far as the next season is considered, there were some rumors brewing on social media about the arrival of season 4 and how the show seems to be ending with season 3. There have not been any official announcements about the cancellation yet. 

Is Bluey really ending with season 3?

Forming a pivotal part of the country’s television industry, it’s easy to see why Bluey is Australia’s one of the longest-running animated series with tons of episodes.

Several publishers including some of the biggest in the industry have reported that there has been certain news coming around the cancellation of Bluey season 4. 

One of the possible reasons for the show to end is that the voice-over behind the 6-year-old dog is solely responsible for creating such a big impact with his character on the show.

The girl who has been voicing Bluey over the years is aging that is reflecting on the quality of the voice. 

A source close to the show has revealed that the actor’s voice has naturally matured leaving the makers and producers with limited choices, either to recast for the role or ultimately end the show. 

All of these rumors came to an end with an official tweet from the show where they declared that Bluey is not going anywhere and will be back with more fun episodes soon. 

It is too soon to wait for an update on the coming season but a hinted date directs us towards early 2023. So, let’s wait while binging on the previous episodes.

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