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Who is Natasha Bassett? All About Elon Musk’s New Girlfriend

Australian actress Natasha Bassett is reportedly dating Elon Musk, the richest man on Earth  who has a net worth of about $233 billion.

It seems like Bassett caught the eye of Tesla’s CEO after he split up with his long-time partner Grimes in September 2021.

Bassett claims she isn’t in it for the money

The 27-year old Australian actress claimed that it was Musk’s brains that she fell for and “not his bank balance.”

According to sources, the pair has gone exclusive after seeing each other for a couple of months now. “Bassett has been seeing Elon for some time”, said Daily Mail. “They were friends first and only became romantic after he split with Grimes.”

Even after their split, Claire Boucher, or Grimes, had apparently still been living with her 50-year old ex-partner till October. But that seemed to have changed ever since Musk started dating Bassett.

“She’s gorgeous and could have her pick of men but says she adores Elon because he’s so smart and interesting to be around”, Daily Mail’s report claimed.

It also stated that even though Bassett and Musk have “only beeb dating for a couple of months”, they have already committed to each other “in a monogamous relationship”. “They are very much into each other and have been spending a tremendous amount of time together”, the source concluded.

About Natasha Bassett 

Born in Sydney, Australia, Natasha Bassett has always had her eye on acting and moved to New York at the age of 19, to build a career in the same. She started her first gig at the age of 14 when she bagged the lead role in the Australian Theatre for Young People’s production of Romeo and Juliet.

Bassett is known to be quite famous for playing Britney Spears in the biopic Britney Ever After. It premiered on Lifetime, on February 18, 2017.

Her latest project will soon be on the screen wherein she plays Dixie Locke, the first love of the music legend, Elvis Presley, in his biopic.

Bassett wrote as well as directed a short film named Kite, which ended up getting featured in the Rhode Island International Film Festival and the Big Bear Lake International Film Festival.

She appeared in the 2016 comedy film, Hail, Caesar!, in the supporting role of Gloria DeLamour, besides working in other films like Dungoona (2009), Mental (2012), etc.

Apart from working in movies, Bassett has also appeared in the 2013 NBC series, Camp, before working alongside Olivia Cooke in the 2016 indie drama, Katie Says Goodbye.

Natasha Bassett Instagram

You can follow Natasha Bassett on Instagram here.

She is quite active on the platform and has 19500 followers at the time of writing this post.

A glance into Musk’s love life

Elon Musk got married to Justine Musk, a Canadian author, with whom he had five kids. The 49-year old was his first wife before they split apart in 2008.

Musk also got married to the English actress, Talulah Riley. But they decided to part their ways for good in 2016 after getting married twice.

And with the Canadian singer Grimes, or Claire Boucher, Musk had one son, who they named “X AE A-Xii”.

Currently, Musk is dating Natasha Bassett and the couple was spotted leaving the former’s private jet, after it landed in Los Angeles on Thursday.

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