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Who is Maxx Morando and is He Dating Miley Cyrus?

Maxx Morando has been making headlines for dating pop star Miley Cyrus. They were caught up in an act at “Mileys’ New Year’s Eve Party” in Miami. Maxx and Miley made their first public appearance together in November 2021 at Gucci’s runway show.

These rumours turned into reality when they were spotted kissing each other. So who is this new guy in Miley’s life?

Is Maxx Morando Dating Miley Cyrus? Both Spotted Together at New Year's Eve Party - TheRecentTimes

A talented drummer and guitarist

Maxx Morando currently plays the drums for the Los-Angeles based band “Lilly”. He was also the drummer for the punk rock band “The Regrettes” (2015-2018) before joining this four-people band. They performed on the Conan in 2017.

Bedouine, Kehlani, the Regrettes, Yaeji and other 2017 recordings to revisit - Los Angeles Times

Maxx is also a guitarist apart from being a trained drummer. He showcased his talent via an Instagram Live video back in 2021.

What is Maxx’s age?

Maxx Morando is pretty young! He is just 23 and is 6 years younger than Miley Cyrus, 29. However, he started making music at the tender age of 8. It was just around when Miley became the star of Disney’s Hannah Montana show.

Maxx-Miley connection

Max Morando and Miley Cyrus share a lot of common friends, and that is how the two met. Yes, Maxx comes from the same circle as Miley! Additionally, they both are creative, artistic and bond over being musicians. Reliable sources confirm that Miley can’t stop gushing every time Max’s name comes up.

Miley Cyrus: Singer reportedly forgiven - 24 Hours World

Liily (2019 Lollapalooza Chicago) - Maxx Morando, Sam De La Torre, Charlie Anastasis & Dylan Nash - a photo on Flickriver

First spotting

“The Party in the U.S.A.” star and Maxx Morando were first spotted together on vacation in Nashville in July 2021. Since then they have made several appearances together and were finally caught in the act in Miami.

Embrace: Miley and her rumored beau Morando — a drummer for the band Liily — were first spotted getting cozy as far back as July

Cheeky! At one point Cyrus was seen bending over to reveal her backside while her rumored beau Maxx Morando looked on

Source: In July, Miley and Maxx were caught in the act on a balcony. These images first appeared in ‘Daily Mail’.

The memorable Vogue Interview

Miley Cyrus spoke at length about her fondness for Maxx Morando who is also a fashion designer. She revealed about Shane Kastl’s “one-of-kind collaboration” with Morando, and praised how this collaboration reflects sustainability as the next fashion face. She added, “Their collaboration is a perfect example of how things can be reinvented, which resonated with me deeply.”.

Maxx Morando responded to her praise by reposting Miley’s interview on his Instagram.

What makes Morando different?

Max Morando and Miley Cyrus share the same style, and this is something that makes them perfect for each other. I am sure this is one reason that drew Miley and Maxx closer.

Who Is Maxx Morando? Facts About Miley Cyrus' Rumored Boyfriend | PEOPLE.com

Well, Maxx is extremely different in terms of appearance, if compared to Miley’s exes. Miley was previously married to Liam Hemsworth, 31 and dated the heart-throbbing singer, Cody Simpson, 21 in the year 2021.

We feel that Miley can’t get over her new love, and this time it is serious. Fans speculate that Miley’s new single “You” gets it’s inspired by her new love Maxx. What do you think about the pair?

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