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Who is Mase? Diddy Calls the Rapper ‘Fake Pastor’ and Says Mase Owes him $3 Million

Diddy is setting the record straight once and for all! Recently, Sean Love Combs popularly known as Diddy denied all the allegations posed against him that said that he stole money from his artists.

During his latest appearance on The Breakfast Club, the I’ll Be Missing You singer went on to say that the rapper Mase owes him a whopping $3 Million. Keep scrolling further to learn more details about the whole matter.

Here’s everything you need to know about Mase

Mason Durell Betha is an American rapper who is best known by his stage name Mase. He was born on August 27, 1975, in Jacksonville, Florida, U.S. He is a fraternal twin. He and his twin sister Stason were born two months premature to P. K. Betha and Mason Betha.

Mase grew up with his two brothers and three sisters, including his twin sister, Stason. His twin sister was born a few minutes after him. His dad left the family when he was only 3 years old. Then, in 1980 his mom with her kids moved to Harlem, New York.

During his teenage years, the singer wanted to join National Basketball Association but unfortunately, he couldn’t make it into a Division I College due to his poor academic scores. Then, he went to the State University of New York at Purchase. Soon afterward, he realized that he wouldn’t be able to make a career in basketball so he switched his focus to music.

When did Mase step into the world of music?

After dropping out of college, Mase decided to pursue a full-time career in music. He started writing music, producing demo tapes, and regularly performing at local nightclubs. He began rapping as a hobby under the name Murda Mase.

Mase dropped his debut album Harlem World in the year 1994 and it debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Pop and R&B LP charts. In the late 1990s, Mase recorded his early albums under Bad Boy Records which is Diddy’s record label.

Mase’s second album Double Up saw the light of the day in 1999. Then, he took a five-year-long hiatus from music. He made his comeback to the world of music with third album Welcome Back in the year 2004.

Mase is most noted for his hit tracks such as “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down”, “Mo Money Mo Problems”, “Been Around the World”, “Feel So Good”, What You Want” and “Lookin’ at Me”. Over the years, he has managed to establish his name in the music industry and is considered as one of the greatest rappers in the world.

Diddy has claimed that Mase owes him $3 Million

Yes, you read that eight. While making an appearance on The Breakfast Club, DJ Envy went on to say that Mase was accused of stealing money from one of his own artists in the same manner Diddy was accused.

Envy questioned Diddy whether he looks at the entire situation as an “I told you” sort of revelation. Diddy responded, “No I don’t look at it like that.” He explained and stated that he didn’t do anything to Mase and referred to the previous claims as ‘negative propaganda.’

Diddy continued, “[It] has really tried to stain my legacy. I don’t like to get in just talking people’s business and things like that… [but] I can’t have y’all following me, because I am here to be a leader and to give some direction, if you think that I’m a scumbag that will ever steal anything—My name is Diddy, Sean Combs, I never took nothing from nobody a day in my life. All I’ve ever given is opportunity and more money than a person was making.”

Did Diddy ever steal money from his artists?

Soon afterward, Charlamagne asked Diddy if he ever steals money from his own artists to which he replied, ‘Never.’ Charlamagne also stated that in the past, several artists have accused Diddy of stealing money from them and he also asked him the reason behind that.

Diddy responded, “People have this thing called the tap out button, when you get to a certain point and the money is running low you gotta run this hustle to find somebody to blame. I have all my receipts.” Then, he called out Mase and said that he actually owes him money.

Diddy further added, “Just in general, the Mase thing. I did one album with Mase. One album. How much money do you think I owe this guy. And then he became a fake pastor and went and conned people. And y’all gon’ let him throw dirt on the god’s name. Anybody can come and step up. Bring your receipts. But I’m not playing. I’m back outside and I’m fighting back for us. And I’m also doing some fighting back for me.”

Let us tell you an interesting fact, soon after dropping his first album named Harlem World via Diddy’s Bad Boy Records, Mase also dropped two more albums under his record label.

Then, Diddy said, “Mase owes me $3 million.” He claimed that he gave the money to Mase as an advance on an album he never turned in. He continued, “That’s facts, I got the receipts. … And I’m not gon’ go back-and-forth with Mase. I’m not going back-and-forth with nobody. I’m just gonna speak up for myself now. … Anybody that thinks I owe them something, show me the receipt and you’ll get paid within 24 hours.”

Mase responded to the claims made by Diddy

As per the reports of TMZ, on Wednesday, Mase responded to Diddy’s claims. He said that Diddy is upset with him because he rejected the opportunity to apologize to him.

In a video posted on Instagram and TikTok, Mase said, “You see how people act when you won’t let them come on stage, and give their fake apology so they can promote that little wack song.”

Did you know Mase owes Diddy $3 Million? Kindly let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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