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Who is Lottie Tomlinson? Everything about Her Career, Boyfriend and Pregnancy

The last name isn’t a fake. Lottie is actually Louis Tomlinson’s younger sister. If you are unsure who is Louis Tomlinson, you might be living under the rock.

The 23-year-old, who is the younger sister of One Direction star Louis Tomlinson, is a social media influencer who has almost 4.3m followers on Instagram.

Who is she? why is everyone congratulating her on the internet? Read more to find out

Who is Lottie Tomlinson?

Once upon a time, Lottie Tomlinson was just a regular gal who worked in retail and made money by doing people’s makeup. Then her brother Louis Tomlinson joined One Direction and things changed.

Lottie has since become a professional makeup artist, creating looks for celebrities like Dani Dyer, Perrie Edwards and even the other members of 1D (sadly not together anymore).

In October 2013, she was signed to the agency Models 1 Management as a makeup artist. In December 2014, she was signed to Wilhelmina Models as a model.

She has also worked with celebrities like the British singer Rita Ora and TikTok star Madison Beer.

She has worked with New Look and Missguided, which launched her own make-up range in 2016.

Lottie says on her website that she “has always had a passion for make up” and was inspired by her mother’s beauty blogs when she was younger.”

She describes her make-up style as “beauty that exudes confidence”.

“I love make up because it allows you to express yourself in so many different ways,” she says.

She has since been going through the ups and downs of being in the public eye. She lost her mother due to cancer and her sister due to a drug mishap. She has even talked about how the criticism and trolls of the internet have affected her mental health. She has a YouTube video #JustSaySomething where she is telling about her full experience with grief.

Why is everyone searching for her name?

Lottie recently posted a photo of her on Instagram with a Pregnant Belly.

She has posted two photos with the caption “just the 3 of us ❤️”

On the first one, she is alone. She has an all-white look going on which looks beautiful indicating the serene part of motherhood. She is wearing a white coloured sports bra, with a white T-Shirt casually sliding off her shoulder giving her that smooth and flowy look. She is wearing gold neckless which gives a little oomph to the all-white look.

In the next photo, her boyfriend Lewis Burton is also seen. Both of them look happy as they look into each other’s eyes and smile. He has one hand on her belly.

Who is Lewis Burton?

Lewis Burton and Lottie first met in May 2020 and confirmed their relationship in November of 2020.

Lewis, 29 is a British model. He was a former Professional Tennis Player. He left his career as a tennis player to work for Select Model Management.

He is also the founder of Educate2Trade. The company helps traders to learn skills so that they can manage their financial markets in the growing world of business.

Congratulations to the couple!

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