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Who is Andre Lemmers? His girlfriend Adriana Surprises him on TikTok

The former Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima makes her debut on TikTok with a sweet pregnancy reveal.

Adriana who was earlier married to the NBA player Marko and shares 2 kids with him. This marks her third pregnancy in total but her first pregnancy with her new boyfriend Andre Lemmers.

The 40-year model loves to be a mom. She has said the greatest role she has ever played was being a mom.

But who is her new boyfriend? What do we know about him?

Who is Andre Lemmer?

Unfortunately, there is very little known about the guy as he is not a very social person, unlike his GF Andriana. He has no Instagram or Twitter account. No Facebook presence is seen.

The only place Andre Lemmer is seen is the most professional Social media platform “LinkedIn”

One can see from his Linkedin account that he is a creative executive and producer. He has been doing it since 2016 for the Hollywood GAnd Productions.

In 2020, he became the partner of the same company.

Apart from the, he was born on June 22, 1981, making him the same age as his GF Adriana.

He is from the city of Angels –Los Angeles, California.

The dynamic duo belongs to the entertainment industry. This is where they probably met, through the same industry.

He currently resides in Santa Monica where he produces movies. He is even the CEO of MiLu Entertainment for 7 years.

Net worth is unknown but there is no denying that he is not one of the rich guys.

His projects

Let us name his projects at first which are Gods of Accident, Rock Paper Scissors, The Thicket, Aleppo, White Devil and Phantom of Belgrade.

He has also been a part of many feature films and is currently working on other projects.

The Thicket will star our favourite Tyrion Lannister from the series GOT – Peter Dinklage. The Genre of the movie will be Thriller.

Most famously is known for Gods of Accident and Rock Paper Scissors.

Aleppo is a movie based on a Syrian Refugee guy and UN Journalist which will star Olivia Munn

TikTok Vedio of Adriana

According to her, Andre loves to scare her and he has done it very often. She had decided it was her turn to scare her producer BF with a positive pregnancy test. This video has already reached a whopping number of views in just a few hours.

He was laying on the bed while she came up with the positive stick. She concluded the video by showing the ultrasound video of her pregnancy.

This was more of a happy shock than a real scare.

The baby is due according to her in the Fall of 2022.

She already has two daughters Valentina Lima Jarić 12 and Sienna Lima Jarić 9.

Dating History of Adriana

She was first known to be in a relationship with the Hunger Games star who is also a musician Lenny Kravitz whom she dated for 2 years from 2001 to 2003.

She later got married to the NBA player  Marko in 2009  and got divorced in the year 2014.

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