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Who is Amy Roiland? Meet Justin Roiland’s Sister Involved in TikTok Drama

Lately, Amy Roiland has been the talk of the town. If you are someone who is a big fan of the sitcom Rick And Morty, then you must have heard of Justin Roiland. He is the co-creator and voice behind main characters like Rich Sanchez and Morty Smith.

Let us share with you, Amy Roiland is the sister of Justin Roiland. Like her brother Justin, she is also a creative personality. Keep scrolling further to know everything about Amy Roiland and the TikTok drama caused by her.

Here’s everything you need to know about Amy Roiland

For those of you who don’t know, let us share with you, Amy Roiland is the sister of American voice actor, animator, writer, producer, and director Justin Roiland. Just like her brother, she is no stranger to the world of the limelight.

Amy was born in North Carolina. She is an actress, designer, and blogger. In a media interaction, she talked about her childhood and said, “I grew up on an almond orchard with horses and chickens. [That’s probably why] my favorite thing in life is animals.”

In the past, Roiland has tried her hand at acting. She kicked off her acting career in the year 2003. She started with a breakout role in a feature film called True. To date, she has starred in more than a dozen of short films like Young Stephen Hawking, 2 Girls, 1 Cup: The Show, and Ever. 

Sadly, Roiland’s acting career failed to take off, and soon after she switched to fashion. She started her own fashion blog named A Fashion Nerd in the year 2013. She is still running her fashion blog.

In addition to this, Amy also designs and sells camera straps. It seems like soon, she will be expanding her portfolio as at the moment, she is engaged in creating a bag and shoe collection with Studio33.

Over the years, Roiland has fallen more in love with fashion. She founded her company FashionTap in the year 2014. The main goal of her company was that people with a passion for fashion could influence others and help them earn money by tagging their favorite brands on FashionTap.

Amy Roiland has a fashion app and has made an appearance on the show ‘Shark Tank’

Yeah, you read that right. Amy Roiland spilled the beans on her fashion app and said, “I am creating a fashion app to bring the entire fashion industry together as one.” She wanted to take her company to the next level, so she decided to pitch her idea at Shark Tank in the year 2016.

At that time, Roiland pitched her social networking idea to the Sharks. She gave them a 10 percent stake in her company in return for $100,000 (£8,527). Unfortunately, the sharks thought it was a good idea but they noted that due to the presence of Instagram there will be no need for the app.

Despite that, Barbara Corcoran gave an offer to Amy. The business mogul offered the fashion blogger the money in return for a 25 percent stake in the company. Amy didn’t take the offer. In recent years, the app has garnered the attention of the viewers but it didn’t turn into growth. The company shut down in the year 2018.

A little bit about Amy Roiland’s personal life

When we talk about the personal life of the fashion blogger, Amy Roiland, she is a happily married woman. She tied the knot with her partner Ben Bayouth in the year 2018. Just a year after getting married, the couple welcomed their first child together, a baby girl.

At this point, Amy’s full focus is on her fashion blog. She consistently posts content on Instagram as well as TikTok. As of this moment, she has 223k followers on the social networking platform Instagram.

Amy Roiland has caused a lot of drama on TikTok

Recently, the fashion blogger Amy Roiland has taken the video-sharing platform TikTok by storm. Every now and then, we see content creators pulling all the stops to grab some fame online.

These days, all of us are living in the world of social media. If you put out some fun and quirky videos on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, you go viral in the blink of an eye. Now, times have changed and some people are making a living off their work as content creators.

Sadly, in today’s times also, there is a stigma against artists where people try to get work for free. Fashion blogger Amy Roiland’s recent interactions on TikTok have caused a stir on social media.

In mid-November, a TikTok user named @smacmccreanor posted a video in which an unnamed person simply asked them for free photography work instead of booking and paying them as a client.

At first, the identity of the person remained a mystery but later on, it was revealed by @mystic_selise that the person was none other than fashion blogger Amy Roiland. It has been reported that she was asking a photography group on the social media platform Instagram to work for free and get paid in the form of exposure on her social media handles.

If you will take a closer look at @smacmccreanor’s original video, you will get to know that Amy Roiland went on various tirades against @smacmccreanor for not giving her a green light to exposure as payment.

Since the time the first post saw the light of day, social media users have been clapping back at Amy for her alleged behavior. They stated how wrong it is to ask people for free labor in exchange for “exposure.”

In a TikTok response, a username Tanya said, “What Amy Roiland from A Fashion Nerd said to that photography studio is not unique to the photography industry.” She further added, “I’m just really glad that Amy showed her whole a– on here because it just shows how much it is peak entitled, bratty behavior and they should be called out for it.”

As of this moment, Amy Roiland has not made any official comment on the whole controversy. Her TikTok account for A Fashion Nerd has been shut down. Her Twitter account has also been locked and her Instagram account has been made private.

What is your take on the TikTok drama caused by Amy Roiland? Kindly let us know your thoughts on the same in the comments section below. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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  1. $100,000.00 would work out to be around £84,000.00, not £8,527. The pound is worth more than the U.S. dollar, yes, but not THAT much! 1 GBP = 1.19 USD.


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