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Who Dies in Thor: Love and Thunder? Every Death Explained

Before preceding you should know there are major spoilers ahead. Thor: Love And Thunder exceeded all expectations. Thor sets out on a journey unlike any he’s ever taken: a quest for inner peace. Gorr the God Butcher, a galactic killer who seeks the extinction of the gods, messes up his retirement.

Despite the apparent abundance of personalities he has to work with, Waititi manages to maintain his script sharp, engaging, and, most importantly, short, with a runtime of just over two hours.

Thor: Love and Thunder is a phenomenal journey with a perfect cast and visually stunning special effects that make you feel like you’re actually there. Not just watching the landscapes, which are true works of imagination and extravagant storytelling.

It’s Marvel, and sometimes a character’s death isn’t the final death. So, in the movie, multiple people died, and some of them “sort of” died. If you’ve been looking for it, let’s go over every death in the movie.

Multiple God’s

Though the movie only depicted the death of one God by Gorr The God Butcher, it did include the statement, “All Gods Must Die.” And that definitely meant that a lot of deaths happened and people are in distress. Later Thor also discovers about the deaths.

Gorr The God Butcher

This is definitely a major spoiler for those who haven’t seen the movie. But, yes, Gorr The Butcher dies at the end of the movie. Gorr dies after the Necrosword is destroyed in Thor: Love and Thunder.

But, in the end, Gorr completes the task of seeking Eternity as his wish. Some viewers were saddened by Gorr’s death because they considered him to be one of the best villains, with an emotional backstory.

Gorr The Butcher asks for his daughter Love’s life. Yes, Love died at the beginning of the movie, when they were on a deserted island. And then when Gorr sought for eternity a God mocked Gorr The Butcher.

That is the entire point of Gorr slaughtering all the Gods. Gorr lost his beautiful daughter. But in the end, he saved her and she was reborn.

Another surprising thing is that Thor accepts Love as his daughter, which is why the title of the movie, Thor: Love And Thunder, makes sense. In the end, we even saw a lovely home scene with a father and daughter duo. And they’re even fighting enemies together.

Jane Foster [Mighty Thor]

Another highly emotional scene in the movie is the death of everyone’s favorite Jane Foster. Jane was fighting stage four terminal cancer, but even her major powers couldn’t stop fate. Jane adored Thor’s mighty appearance in the movie.

Thor and Jane even collaborated. They then shared a lovely kiss in the movie. Jane also receives Mjolnir because the hammer wishes to safeguard her from incurable cancer.

However, it did not cure cancer and instead took Jane’s strength. Finally, Jane came to Thor’s aid in order to save him from Gorr. Jane breaks the Necrosword with Mjolnir. But, in the end, Jane Foster died in Thor’s arms.

However, Jane’s death has perplexed spectators. She did die in the movie, but we saw Jane Foster after her death in Valhalla in the second post-credits scene.

Jane is welcomed to Valhalla by Heimdall. Jane is a warrior, which is probably why she is greeted so warmly in eternal paradise.

That’s all of the people who died in the movie. What are your feelings about the deaths? You’re welcome to share your opinions in the comment section below. And also, “Thor Will Return.”

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