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What’s The Difference Between Manga, Manhua And Manhwa

In recent years Graphic Novels have taken the world by storm. Manga’s rising popularity has also caused Manhua and Manhwa’s increased popularity. Although the three words sound very similar, many confuse them as identical. Today we are going to compare the three and the difference between them.

What Is The Difference Between Manga, Manhua, And Manhwa

The fundamental difference between these three types of graphic novels is the country of origin. They are published in Japan and are the most popular type of Graphic novel. Manhua has recently seen a rise in Korea and enjoyed international attention.

Manhwas are stories published in China. Manhwa is very limited because of the censorship laws in China. However, several webtoons are making these very popular.

What Is Manga?

Manga is a style of Graphic novel where various stories are crafted with the help of artwork. Manga typically originated in Japan, and the creators of these novels are called Mangaka. Mangas are written for different target audiences.

Therefore, people of different ages can read books for their age group. Meanwhile, its popularity can also is because of the number of Anime adapted from these novels.

Most western anime watchers refer to Manga when the season has ended or if they want to know the story ahead. A few of these have been adapted into Anime Attack on Titan, Tokyo Revengers, and many more.

The history of Manga can be dated back to the 12th Century with the publishing of Chojugiga, a collection of animal drawings. Furthermore, when Americans came to Japan, they brought their comics. Which further gave rise to these novels’ culture in Japan.


Manhwa dates back to 1910, when Japanese soldiers brought their novels to Korea. The culture and language were introduced into Korean society. At the same time, the Manhwa was published.

Initially, the Manhwa was used as propaganda for war efforts and discussed political ideologies for the masses. However, it saw a decline due to censorship laws in Korea.

In recent years, Manhwa has again seen a rise in popularity due to their digitization, known as webtoons. A few webtoons have also been adapted into Anime, like Solo leveling and Lookism.


Manhua is a graphic-style novel published in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. It was introduced comparatively later than Japan and Korea. It started in the early 20th Century with the war stories about Japanese wars and the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong.

However, Manhua had difficulty making a place in international markets due to strict laws in China. Furthermore, the legality of publishing Manhua oversees.

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