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What is NGL App? Exploring the Latest Instagram Anonymous Q&A Trend

Instagram users frequently keep hopping from one trend to another. These days, the NGL app is the latest viral sensation on the app that allows users to message each other anonymously. Find out what the NGL app is, how it works, and if it’s truly anonymous.

Recently, we explained how to add the “NGL.link” to your Instagram story and bio. This time, we’ll focus on the app that lets you generate the NGL anonymous link and receive anonymous messages from your friends and followers.

If you remember sites like ask.fm, sayat.me, qooh.me, or others that let social media users communicate anonymously, then you can easily figure out how this NGL app works. Fortunately, this app brings certain much-needed upgrades and features to the concept.

What is the NGL- anonymous q&a App?

NGL- anonymous q&a app is a viral anonymous messaging app for Instagram and other social media users. The name NGL is derived from the widely popular Internet Slang “NGL” which means “Not Gonna Lie.”

The app inspires users to share honest messages (or feedbacks) about each other without having the fear of judgement as the receiver will not know who the sender is. It isn’t a recently launched app but has been here since last year.

It has gained massive traction recently though. The NGL- anonymous q&a app was launched on November 7, 2021, by a small group of developers based in Venice Beach, California. Teenages and Gen-Z users are the primary users of this app.

DeepMoji is the developer and publisher of the NGL app and it’s available globally for Android and iOS devices via the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Key Features and Highlights of the NGL App

NGL- anonymous q&a app is a free to use anonymous messaging app that works on both Android and iOS devices globally. The app is available in a number of languages and the developers are planning to make it available in over 50 languages in the coming months.

The NGL app allows users to receive messages anonymously from their Instagram friends and followers. They just have to generate a unique NGL anonymous link and share it on their story or bio to do that. After that, anyone having access to the link can drop a secret text.

The NGL app is available for free but includes in-app purchases with three subscription tiers priced at $1.99, $4.99 and $9.99 to get “hints.” The hints feature allows you to figure out who is the sender behind a specific anonymous message.

Another notable feature that makes the NGL app stand out is that it uses AI-based content moderation. Its built-in algorithms detect and filter out harmful content associated with hate speech and cyberbullying. You can even report and block users.

This safeguards users against bullying and harassments. “This means we stay on trend, we understand lingo, and we know how to filter out the bad stuff,” states the app’s about section on the website.

How does the NGL- anonymous q&a app works?

The NGL- anonymous q&a app allows users to receiver messages from anonymous senders and allows senders to send messages anonymously with a unique link. To use the NGL app, users must connect the app to their Instagram handle.

After that, the NGL app provides a link called “NGL.link” that you have to share (copy and paste) on your Instagram Story or Bio. Your friends and followers can then tap on the link, type a message, and send it to you anonymously.

Your mutuals can ask questions, share compliments, or send a text that they’ve been trying to for a long time. You can see all the responses on the NGL app in the “Inbox” section. You can also post your reply to the Instagram Story.

The NGL app currently allows only one account and if your profile gets removed from the app, you will lose all the anonymous responses or messages.

Is the NGL app really anonymous?

Staying anonymous on social media platforms is quite a complex task as your online activities are frequently tracked from ad trackers to algorithms. The best you can do is to keep your profile private. However, the NGL app provides an option to be anonymous.

It allows you to send messages to the person who has shared the NGL link anonymous. However, the app isn’t completely anonymous. It has a feature called “hints” that users can unlock via in-app purchases costing $1.99, $4.99 and $9.99.

When a user unlocks a hint for a specific sender, they’ll know certain information about them like their location, the device they use, or other generic facts. The good thing is that the app doesn’t tell the direct name of the sender.

If you want to know about the sender, you have to unlock hints and then figure out the potential suspects. There’s no sure shot way to find them out directly though. Thus, the NGL app is anonymous to an extent.

Is it worth getting the NGL app’s premium subscription?

In my opinion, getting the NGL app’s premium subscription is not worth it as you won’t know the exact name of the sender. You’ll only get hints about them and it’ll be pretty hard to figure out who exactly are they.

When you unlock hints about an anonymous sender, you’ll get a message like the “user is from London,” or the “user is using an iPhone 12.” However, you will not know their Instagram username.

That’s why many users refrain from paying on the NGL app. You can figure this out by the recent surge in the downloads of the app while their revenue has remained constant.

If you still wish to know about a specific anonymous sender and believe you’ll be able to figure them out, you can go for the in-app purchases.

Do you think it’s wise to spend $10 on NGL app to find out about the anonymous message sender? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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