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Video of Britney Spears Getting Slapped by Victor Wembanyama’s Security Surfaces Online

Not long ago, a video of the NBA star Victor Wembanyama’s security guard slapping the 41-year-old pop star Britney Spears popped up on social media. In the footage, obtained by the media outlet, the Toxic singer can be seen reaching out to the San Antonio Spurs player, from behind.

A few moments before Victor’s bodyguard Damian Smith entered the picture, the Grammy winner said, “Excuse me, sir.” Soon after, Smith whipped his arm back on her face and ended up knocking off her sunglasses. Keep scrolling further for more deets about the slap incident.

Video of Britney Spears’ slap incident emerges on social media

Recently, a video of the ‘Princess of Pop’ Britney Spears getting hit in the face by NBA star Victor Wembanyama’s security guard emerged online. She approached the basketball player from behind.

Soon after, Victor’s security guard Damian Smith, chimed in and whipped his arm back on her face. At that time, the people who were present with the Till The World Ends singer can be heard shouting in shock.

Then, Britney’s husband Sam Asghari who also witnessed the slap incident can be seen rushing towards Victor’s security guard Damian in the video while wearing a white and black patterned shirt. On the other hand, Spears tried to remain calm. In the video, she can be seen yelling in a British accent, “That’s America for you! F–k you all!”

Shortly after the slap incident, the Hold Me Closer hitmaker and her team headed towards the Catch restaurant in Las Vegas. In the series of pictures acquired by the media outlet TMZ, she can be seen sitting at her table calmly and she even smiled at one point.

Although, an eyewitness alleged that Spears was “extremely agitated” over the altercation and she seemed to be in disbelief. Later on, she spoke about the whole incident on social media as well.

Britney Spears seeks a public apology from NBA star Victor Wembanyama after Vegas slap incident

On Thursday, the American singer-songwriter took to her Instagram page to shed some light on the slap incident. In her lengthy statement, she mentioned that the traumatic experiences are “not new” to her but that she was “not prepared” for what happened Wednesday night.

Britney claimed that she merely tapped the athlete to take a photo with him. She insisted that she didn’t grab the French basketball player as he had told the press earlier this week on Thursday.

The music icon went on to say, “His security then back handed me in the face without looking back, in front of a crowd. Nearly knocking me down and causing my glasses to fall off my face.”

Following the Vegas slap incident, Britney filed a report for battery with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. The cops have decided not to file any criminal charges against Victor’s security guard Damian Smith after the conclusion of the investigation.

An officer told Page Six that the decision was made “due to the fact that [Smith] did not willfully or unlawfully use any force or violence upon Britney and probable cause did not exist an arrest was not made and a citation was not given.”

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