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Tori Spelling And Dean Mcdermott Relationship Timeline – The Ups and Downs

Actress and reality TV star Tori Spelling’s relationship with actor Dean McDermott seems unpredictable. Given the questionable circumstances that brought the couple together, it is possible that they were destined for trouble from the beginning.

Despite Spelling and McDermott being married to other people when they first met, they could still get closer to being married. After divorcing their then-partners and remarrying, the couple welcomed five children into their family after divorcing their previous partners.

It has been well documented in the hit Lifetime reality television series, “True Tori”, how Spelling and McDermott’s relationship has struggled throughout their relationship, giving fans of the couple a first-hand look into their relationship struggles. Spelling explained to People in 2017 that her relationship with McDermott had changed their long-term relationship.

Tori Spelling And Dean Mcdermott Relationship Timeline

Spelling and McDermott have been involved in many public relationship scandals, suggesting their marriage does “take a lot of work.” However, despite infidelity and divorce rumours, the couple persevered through it all. There are many problems they have overcome throughout their marriage as a result of looking into their relationship. The following is a timeline of their entire relationship.

Dean Mcdermott Met Tori Spelling In 2005

During the filming of Mind Over Murder, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott first met in Ottawa, Canada. McDermott was married to Mary Jo Eustace then, and Spelling married Charlie Shanian then. Both of them had other spouses at that time.

Tori Spelling And Dean Mcdermott Get Married On May 7, 2006

A private ceremony took place in Fiji on May 7, the same month McDermott finished their divorce from Eustace and Spelling finalized her divorce from Shanian.

The First Child Of Tori Spelling And Dean Mcdermott Was Born On March 13, 2007

Liam Spelling was born to Spelling and her husband back in March of 2007. The following year, Tori & Dean: Inn Love, starring McDermott and Spelling, hit the airwaves on Oxygen as a primetime hit. It follows the couple running a hotel in Fallbrook, California, called Chateau La Rue, which is the show’s topic.

Tori Spelling And Dean Mcdermott Welcome Their First Daughter On June 9, 2008

Stella McDermott, the second child and first daughter of the McDermott family, was born on June 9 this year. Their venture as hotel runners also brought them back to Los Angeles, and Tori & Dean: Inn Love became Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood when they moved back to the city.

The Mother Of Tori Spelling Gets Back Together With Her Daughter, Dean Mcdermott, Revealed In 2009

Following years of feuding between Spelling and her mom, Candy, she reunited with her. “They have been in communications,” McDermott said. “Candy has seen the kids, which is what this is all about.” In September, Spelling was hospitalized, suffering from abdominal discomfort, before being released later.

Dean Mcdermott And Tori Spelling Renew Their Vows On May 8, 2010

Their vows were renewed in Beverly Hills in May of the same year. A privately owned residence was chosen for the ceremony to be held. A Darkened Diamond Eternity Band by Neil Lane was dedicated to Spelling by McDermott to mark the occasion.

The following month, McDermott was hospitalized following an accident that resulted in him puncturing and collapsing a lung for two months after the accident.

Tori Spelling And Dean Mcdermott Welcome Their Third Child On October 10, 2011

Hattie was Spelling’s third child, second daughter, and second daughter of the couple. She conceived a fifth within a month of giving birth to their fourth child. The spin-off series Tori & Dean: sTORIbook Weddings, chronicling their endeavour to plan their weddings, was premiered on Oxygen, following Tori and Dean’s wedding planning experience. Aside from opening her own store in Sherman Oaks, California, Spelling also opened an inventory clothing company.

Tori Spelling Is Hospitalized During Her Fourth Pregnancy On August 30, 2012

She suffered from placenta previa and excessive bleeding while carrying child number four and spent three months in the hospital. She woke up drenched in blood at home, and after calling for help, her daughter was the only one awake after waking up in a pool of blood at home.

Medical professionals stopped Spelling’s blood loss, but she would have to spend the rest of her pregnancy in hospitalization to save her son. After giving birth to her son during the month of August, she underwent surgery immediately following the birth of her son.

In A Statement Released March 1, 2013, Tori Spelling Refuted Rumors Of Trouble Between Her And Dean Mcdermott

The marriage of Spelling and McDermott was rumoured to be troublesome, but Spelling denied it. She revealed that “It’s just sad that our actual happiness would probably be deemed boring. I can handle [media scrutiny.] I always have. But don’t do it to a man that has done nothing but love our children and me. He has stood by me during the good times and held my hand through the darkest moments of my life.”

In 2014, Dean Mcdermott Admitted He Cheated On Tori Spelling

Spelling and his four children were enjoying the holiday season with their family during the holidays when McDermott confessed to cheating. In January, he entered a rehab facility to deal with personal and health issues related to his addiction, he said in a statement. On the new reality show that the Tori family began airing later in the year, True Tori, the infidelity was addressed.

In later months of the year, Spelling admitted they were resolving their differences with each other.

The Mcdermott-Spelling Marriage Continues To Progress In 2015

Despite the difficulties of their marriage, McDermott stated that they remained committed to it, and things improved over time. He said in a statement that “What we went through publicly, I learned a lot, I wouldn’t do it again. At the end of the day, we’re together, happy, working on our relationship, and having a beautiful family and a beautiful life. It all worked out in the end.” It was also revealed that he was interested in taking their marriage off the air.

The Second Proposal From Dean Mcdermott To Tori Spelling Occured In April 2016

During a European vacation that took him to Denmark and the mountains of France, McDermott proposed Spelling for the third time. The night before Christmas of 2005, McDermott proposed to his girlfriend for the first time. The following year, he proposed to her again after they had already been married for a year.

Dean Mcdermott And Tori Spelling Struggle Financially In 2016

Due to tax evasion, California has slapped a tax lien on both husband and wife. As per the court records obtained by The People in July, according to the court documents, there were unpaid state taxes for $259,108.23.

In recent months, Spelling has been facing financial difficulties after American Express, the company that issued her credit card, accused her of not paying a $37,981.97 balance that had accumulated since the summer of 2015.

Dean Mcdermott And Tori Spelling Welcome Their Fifth Child On March 2, 2017

It was announced on March 2, 2017, that Spelling had given birth to their fifth child, Beau Dean, a boy. “We are over the moon in love with baby Beau. He is a true blessing, and his brothers and sisters were overjoyed to meet him! We are all truly grateful for our big, beautiful, healthy family,” Spelling revealed.

The Police Are Called To Check On Dean Mcdermott’s Wife On March 7, 2018

McDermott called the police after his wife left their house on March 7 to check on her leaving the house. There was an incident involving more than one Ventura County Sheriff’s unit surrounding a Thousand Oaks building, where Spelling was located around 9:45 a.m. while inside. According to the outlet, a video also shows McDermott holding his one-year-old son outside the office.

McDermott alerted Spelling when she left the house in the company of one of the couple’s children, but the reason for his concern about her well-being is unclear. Deputies could locate Spelling during her appointments, speak with her, and determine that she and the kids were doing well. It was decided that no further steps would be taken because there had been no crime committed.

The 14th anniversary of Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott was celebrated on May 7, 2020

On their respective Instagram accounts, the couple posted loving tributes to each other after celebrating 14 years of marriage. In addition to the photo, Spelling shared a throwback shot from 2006 along with the caption, “I can’t believe today is our 14th anniversary! This pic of @imdeanmcdermott and I was taken just six months after we married on May 7, 2006.”

Holiday Card For The McDermott Family Is Missing Dean McDermott In December 2021

There was an apparent absence of McDermott in the holiday card shared on Instagram. The star’s signature also misrepresented his presence in the photo: “Tori and family.” Commenting on the photo, Spelling explained he was not in the picture when it was taken since he was shooting abroad in Canada.

Dean Mcdermott And Tori Spelling Stay Apart On New Year’s Day, 2022

As in previous years, McDermott was not present in any of Spelling’s photos to celebrate the arrival of 2022. At the same time as Spelling was in Lake Arrowhead vacationing with her family, McDermott posted his own footage. He said that “I am sick as a dog, I am not going to let that dampen my spirits. 2022 is going to be awesome. 2022, we’re going to get through.”

A Show With Tori Spelling Features Dean Mcdermott On July 20, 2022

As a part of her @Home with Tori show that was broadcast later that month, Spelling and McDermott appeared together in an episode. While watching Troop Beverly Hills (1989) with her family, McDermott commented on how cute she was.

There have been many challenges faced by the couple’s relationship over the years, but the good news is that they are still together, and that is the most important. My best wishes go out to the happy couple for their future endeavours and a bright future together.


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