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Top 7 ‘Stranger Things’ Characters Ranked by Viewers

Friends don’t lie.

Remember this phrase from some amazing show? Demogorgon’s in its variants, malevolent scientists attempting to unlock the upside down. Which is a parallel realm to the human world. And youthful friends attempting to locate a mysteriously lost friend in the wood.

The series ‘Stranger Things’ was premiered on Netflix on July 15, 2016. With three seasons already released and a fourth one on the way, putting the audience’s patience to the test.

The show follows the story of ‘The citizens of a small town who begin to learn mysteries of a government experiment, gateways to another world, and terrible creatures after a young kid mysteriously vanish.’

Stranger Things is so endearing and fascinating that viewers grow infatuated with each character, forming a strong bond with each of the series’ characters.

I’m sure you all have a favorite Stranger Things character as well, and we would surely like to know about them in the comments section. However, in this article, we’re ranking the top seven characters of Stranger Things, from the preference of the viewers.

Therefore kindly, don’t be upset if we put your favorite character at last or something, because the reason is we adore every character from Stranger Things with all of our heart. So, without giving attention to any thought or care, let’s look at the ranking.

Top 7 Stranger Things Character Ranked By The Viewers

Are you excited about the list? Are you also hoping that your favorite character is included? We hope that too.

Spoiler Alert!

1. Jim Hopper

Hopper is one of the show’s most memorable characters because he was a man who had loved and lost everything he had. A man who had been rejected by fate yet battled hard for Hawkins and its people.

Hopper was the kind of gentleman that looked out for everyone, including Eleven, Joyce, Will, the kids, and others. To be honest, he didn’t deserve to die.

But, but, but..Stranger Things season 4 teaser implies something different about the death of Hopper, if you haven’t watched it then go watch it right now.

2. Steve Harrington

As we all know, Steve wasn’t very good in season one; he was with his foolish pals and misinterpreted Nancy and Jonathan’s relationship (which he was right about later). However, during the second and third seasons, our opinion of Steve had entirely altered.

He protected the kids and was worried for their safety, even though they didn’t listen to him hehe.

Also, he helped Dustin get rid of Dart (Dustin’s pet, which turned out to be a Demogorgon), and gave him boy-to-boy advice about girls, which was fun to watch.

However, It truly breaks my heart since the one girl Steve admired after Nancy,  unfortunately, turned out to be a female who likes girls. Never mind, I hope we see a partner of Steve in season 4 which he truly deserves.

3. Maxine

In the show, Maxine is known as Max. Is a newcomer in Mike’s group, and didn’t give her a warm welcome, especially Mike, who has always been cruel to her. Mike treats her rudely because he doesn’t want anyone else at the party.

This is shown before and after the action in the gymnasium where Eleven throws Max off her skateboard. Mike declares that no one else is permitted to join the party.

To be honest, max was very kind to Eleven and Mike even though they were rude to her. That makes her a good friend.

When we talk about her past so she had an abusive step-brother “Billy”, who hated her for a specific reason we all know about.

When she forgives her stepbrother in the end, it shows how much love they had for each other but because of the family issues, they weren’t just able to express it.

4. Dustin

Dustin is a watcher and a defender of the friendship group’s unity. He usually settled group disputes by calling their attention to what was going on around them.

The final episode of season 2, showed us how lonely he felt during the festive school dance ‘Snowball.’

We never knew that he’s gonna date a girl Suzie, whom he affectionately referred to as ‘Suzie-Poo,’ also described by Dustin as ‘hotter than Phoebe Cates’ to whom he would sing Neverending Story and describe her as the perfect girl as well.

5. Joyce Byers

Before her youngest son inexplicably vanishes, she is a divorced single mother raising her two sons Jonathan and Will in Hawkins, Indiana.

Even though everyone thought she was having a nervous breakdown, Joyce was adamant that she was talking with her son, and with the help of Eleven, she was able to save him.

Joyce was a compassionate, friendly, and benevolent mother who would go to great lengths to keep her sons, especially Will, safe.

6. Eleven

I’m going to my friends. I’m going home.”

Eleven was timid, socially isolated, and wary of other people because she was raised in Hawkins National Laboratory with no socialization.

However, she became passionately protective of those who cared for her. Particularly Mike, with whom she fell in love, to the point of sacrificing herself to kill the Monster when it threatened to harm her companions.

She had been isolated for such a long time. It’s reasonable that she was jealous and furious with people at first. She just didn’t know how to express herself in any way because of the torture she had been through, so it’s understandable.

But she still recognized the meaning of friendship and went out of her way to support her friends in any way she could.

7. Mike

He is one of the series’ primary characters, serving as the leader of the core group of friends.

It’s difficult to imagine a better friend than Mike. He gets into fights like any other youngster, yet he’s quick to forgive. He would go to great lengths for the people he loves.

Mike may be very rude to people who he doesn’t know and care about (for example Max), but at the very least he is brave.

He understands that sacrifices must occasionally be made for the betterment. He is willing to put himself in harm’s way to protect his buddies. Which has so far proven to be beneficial.

Mike is committed to his buddies. This is why in the first season, he is so determined to find Will for him his friends are everything! And that’s the best thing about him.

Friends till the end right? So here are the top seven picks; we think each character is fantastic in their way. Except some, you know, right?

The show’s 80’s feel makes it a joy to watch. We’re looking forward to season 4 of Stranger Things. As well as the new stories and characters that will be introduced. Stay tuned with us for more updates!

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