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Top 15 Anime Dogs Of All Time

Dogs are a man’s best friend, a dog’s loyalty is for life. Happy and content with nothing else but your love and affection. Dogs will always stay by your side. Sometimes anime is incomplete without our furry friends. Every dog has its own specific personality and traits.

Here is a list of the top 15 dogs in anime who have made the series complete:

1. Akamaru (Naruto)

Akamaru is hands down the best dog in any anime series. He is Kiba’s ride-or-die, if you want to take down Kiba in a fight, you must take Akamaru out. His dynamic marking is one of Kiba’s signature attacks. Akamaru keeps Kiba’s safety over his own and is intelligent enough to set up a trap even without Kiba. That makes Akamaru an asset in ninja battles. A happy dog generally and a ferocious beast in battle, Akamaru has it all.

2. Ein (Cowboy Bebop)

The cutest superstar in cowboy bebop Ein is number 2 on our list. Being genetically modified in a laboratory, Ein is probably the most intelligent dog there is. He is also known as the data dog. Ein is short for Einstein, which makes him able to do things like playing chess, driving a car, hack a computer. Despite Ein’s modified intelligence he is unable to speak but finds ways to communicate his ideas. Ein’s popularity on the show had caused a rise in people naming their welsh corgi by the same name.

3. Mike (Hunter x Hunter)

Mike is the guard dog for the zoldyck family. His loyalty is only toward the members of the Zoldyck clan. This dog is known for its ferociousness and killer instinct. Mike is a giant beast with an eidetic memory and intelligent enough to understand human communication. He still follows instructions given by the Zoldyck family ten years ago, to kill all intruders.

4. Pochita (Chainsaw Man)

Technically not a dog but physiologically he looks like one. Pochita is Denji’s best mate and gives him the power to fight against all the Devils out there. Pochita’s only demand in return is to see Denji live his dream. Now that’s true loyalty and friendship. Although, Pochita has a chainsaw for a nose and can also change his limbs into them. He is a chainsaw devil and has adopted a cute dog-like look when he meets Denji.

5. Pakkun (Naruto)

Pakkun is a ninja dog. Kakashi summons him for his assistance on missions. Pakkun can do anything that a human can especially talk. Kakashi relies on him to carry out the most confidential information, which makes him trustworthy and intelligent. Pakkun is a non-battle ninja dog. Furthermore proved to have an incredibly keen sense of smell, even by canine standards.

6. Ruth ( The Ancient Magnus’ Bride)

Ruth is a familiar of Chise Hatori and has two forms one is a human form and the other of a black dog. He is a black grim, who is loyal to a fault. With luscious black fur and red eyes, Ruth is a very dear friend to chise and will do anything to protect his companion. In addition to this, Ruth has a mental link with chise and considers her as a sister.

7. Bond (Spy x Family)

Bond is the latest addition to the forger family. He is Anya’s Best friend and protector. Like Anya bond also has a special power. He can foresee the future and Anya being a psychic reads his mind. Together they have saved the day many times. Bond is a very kind dog who loves his family.

8. Black Hayate (Fullmetal Alchemist)

After his adoption, he came under Riza’s care. Although emotionless and strict, black Hayate brings out the softer side of Riza. Being raised in a Military background, Hayate is a very good boy. Several times he has shown his offensive prowess by tactically distracting the enemy.

9. Koromaru ( Persona 3)

He is the main protagonist in the video game persona 3. Koromaru is a very intelligent dog and the only non-human fighting member of SEES. His persona is Cerberus. His personality is based on the famous dog Hachiko. He is fiercely loyal and will do anything to protect his team members. He exhibits far more intelligence than an average dog.

10. Kazuhito Harumi (Dog & Scissors)

After being tragically killed in a gunfire incident to protect a girl, a middle schooler is reborn into a body of a dog. Kazuhito loves reading books. Initially, he is scared of his owner who is actually his favorite author. but later finds out that he is in good hands and how much Kirihime loves him. Being a former human he is obviously far more intelligent than other dogs.

11. Tetsuya 2 (Koroko No Basuke)

He is the Seirin team mascot and is taken care of by the whole team. Tetsuya pees everywhere and is a typical pet dog. He seems to be a very intelligent dog and is able to read the mood of the members. Tetsuya barks whenever the team scores a goal. He cheers for his team and is loved by all.

12. Sadaharu (Gintama)

He is a savior of earth protecting it from an alien cockroach invasion. Kagura takes care of him. Sadaharu is a pet and a member of the Yorozuya family. He is 5’7 and weighs around 300kgs, he is rather a very large dog. Sadaharu looks very peaceful but is quite opposite of it. He is tremendously aggressive and has a tendency to bite people’s heads off.

13. Iggy (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Iggy has proven time after time to be a reliable and loyal ally. He has helped Joestar’s gang many times. He loves coffee-flavored chewing gum and is often bribed with it. Iggy wants to live a peaceful life and doesn’t want to be a part of the fighting.

14. Makkachin (Yuri! On Ice)

Makkachin is Victor’s pet dog and his constant companion. He is well-trained and rarely barks. He waits for Victor unleashed without causing any disturbance. Moreover,  Makkachin only sleeps with Victor at his side. He is loyal and a peaceful dog. He loves food and playing with water.

15. Shiro (Shinchan)

Shiro is a very intelligent dog. He often shows more intelligence than his human owners. He looks like cotton candy and often takes care of Himawari when they are alone.  Although, Sinchan sometimes teases him but loves him a lot. He sometimes pretends to be a stuffed animal in places where dogs are not allowed.

These Anime dogs have our hearts with their cuteness and intelligence. They make their owner lives easy and convenient. They are loved and well taken care of. Finally, this concludes our list of the best anime Dogs.

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