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Top 10 Most Popular K-Pop Groups in the World

Perhaps you’ve been hearing about K-pop all over the place recently and have decided it’s now time to give it a try. You’ve arrived to the correct location. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, K-pop stands for Korean Pop, and it is quite popular all over the world. This music genre encompasses a wide range of genres, including pop, rap, R&B, EDM, rock, and more. But K-pop isn’t just about the music, which is why it’s so addictive: sleek choreography and wild music videos are also important aspects of Hallyu, the Korean cultural tsunami that’s sweeping the globe.

My own playlist of suggestions is endless, but there are a few names you should add to your playlist right away to get you started with some addictive tunes. Here are 10 K-Pop you would definitely love.

Disclaimer: Before we go any further, it’s important to note that this list is entirely based on the author’s personal tastes. Each of the groups on the list are incredible in their own way, and the article is not meant to be a comparison. Every group in the list is listed in random order, not in order of superiority.

1. Black Pink

It will be difficult to say goodbye to Jennie Kim, Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé once you have welcomed them into your life. BLACKPINK is one of the most prominent K-pop groups of this age, and their songs are all hits—I challenge you to listen to one of their songs and not have it stuck in your brain for days. They’ve made music history over the years with their dynamic and bold tunes, as well as incredible choreography that you’ll feel compelled to learn.

2. (G)I-DLE

Do you want a band that can provide you with any genre you can think of? Look no farther than (G)I-DLE, who effortlessly combine everything from tropical house to Latin music to hip-hop and trap without missing a beat. What’s cooler than that? (G)I-DLE is heavily involved in the creation of their music, with members Soyeon, Minnie, and Yuqi contributing their composition and production skills to their albums.

3. Twice

TWICE is one of the most addicting South Korean acts to see, thanks to its melodious tunes and eclectic mix of styles. The nine queens of the bubblegum style were destined for popularity from the moment they debuted in 2015, with a sound as glitzy as their personalities. It’s been hit after hit after hit since then! Pick any of their singles to get you started, but keep in mind that you’ll need a lot of space to dance.


You’ll find this group’s ardent fans screaming their tried and tested battlecry “STAN LOONA” in the responses to any viral tweet. This unwavering support has unquestionably been earned by the 12-member collective. They’ve got legendary K-Pop anthems that will get stuck in your head, as well as incredibly innovative visuals to match. To start your journey to LOONA standom, I recommend the tracks “Butterfly” and “Hi High.”

5. Monsta X

The bad guys of K-pop are deserving of a slot on your playlist. Monsta X’s popularity continues to rise, with songs topping several music charts and breaking hearts all over the world, and you’ll see why the minute you press play. Every Monsta X song is a realm you’ll want to immerse yourself in, bringing hip-hop, EDM, and pop to the table. In the songs, layers and layers of passionate vocals meet impassioned rap lines, instantly turning you into a Monbebe.

6. Red Velvet

You get the best of both worlds with Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, and Yeri: the sweet and the bold, the glittering and the sexual, the red and…the velvet? They are, believe me, highly addictive. For the past few years, the trio has been shaking up the charts all over the world, continually surprising its fans with new sounds, concepts, and English versions of their classics.

7. EXO

EXO has grabbed the hearts of their fans for a reason…or, well, many reasons, with strong vocals, good-boy-gone-bad vibes, and music videos you won’t be able to stop replaying. This nine-member group has been on the market for nine years and has been charting since the beginning.

EXO has tried every notion you can think of while reinventing themselves—sexy, cute, bad boy, effervescent, and so on—and they’ve done a fantastic job with each one.

8. Girls’ Generation

Do you want to round up your playlist with some classics? Girls’ Generation is exactly what you’re looking for. While the performers no longer play as a group, there’s a good possibility they were the ones who introduced you or someone you know to K-pop in the first place.

Their unique electro-bubblegum sound evolved over time, and their audience witnessed them transform from girls to women right before their eyes, stealing a place in everyone’s heart for the rest of their lives.

9. Sunmi

You know, k-pop isn’t only about groups? There are other soloists creating history as well, and Sunmi is one to keep an eye on. Sunmi specialty is effervescent dance tracks with vivid vocals, and just wait until you witness her dancde routines. She also produced a fantastic OST.

10. BTS

Is it possible to discuss K-pop without mentioning BTS? I don’t believe so. BTS is, without a doubt, the most popular K-pop group on the planet, and for good reason. Among their achievements are becoming the first musicians in iTunes history to have eight songs chart at number one in 100 countries, breaking the record for the most viewers for a YouTube debut, and destroying a US stadium tour.

Isn’t it amazing? The group, which consists of three rappers and four vocalists, incorporates hip-hop, pop, some EDM, and rap into their discography, while also addressing love and mental health issues through their songs. It only takes one look at one of their videos to see why they’ve become such a worldwide sensation.


So, here’s the author’s top ten k-pop groups that you should add to your playlist. I hope you enjoyed reading the article.

Hey, thanks for checking out my profile. I have been writing articles for various renowned magazines like Billboard, Variety, and MTV USA for over a year now. I will be seen mostly writing about music, pop culture, anime, movies, technology and games.


  1. Monsta X definitely soars to the top of the top for me. They’re incredible in so many ways, from their endless variety in music genres within kpop to the actual human beings that they are. These 7 men are truly One Of A Kind. I’m a very proud Monbebe/Wenee. 😁

  2. Yes MONSTA X they are…not the bad guys but the best guys or the beast guys of Kpop. The 7 are breaking records and gonna continue. Please show your support to these incredible men.

  3. Yes among boy Groups Monsta X is definitely worth looking out for. Whatever mood you’re in they have a song for that and the fact that they produce so many songs on their own is impressive. Plus their talent in singing, rap, dance is immaculate. Let’s not even get started with the visuals cuz ‘God Damn’ 😉

  4. MONSTAX is kpop’s 3rd gen beast group and for good reason too. Exceptional badass music, with an array of ballad, soft b-sides. Their English songs are probably one of the best in kpop and you only need to look at songs like Someone’s Someone, Play it Cool and Middle of the Night to know why. BONUS: Iconic stage costumes and incredible styles, unmatched in the industry.

  5. (G)I-DLE is my favorite girl group. They have an immaculate discography made entirely by them!!! Please Stan those queens!!!

  6. Honestly the diversity and quality in (g)i-dle’s portafolio blew my mind away and like you said their involvement in their music makes every song really special as they show and share a part of themselves that can only be expressed like that. Really hoping they can grow bigger and get the support they deserve 💖

  7. Gidle is a group that i never regretted on stanning.. Their songs are awesome which are mostly composed and written by the leader and other members.. They have really unlimited talent as they bring new concepts for each and every new song they release with great vocals and visual.

  8. 4th Gen grps!? Stray Kids, Ateez,Tomorrow X Together and Enhypen are also grt n awesome n already started taking over the world!🥺💓

  9. (G)I-DLE are being an influence for new groups, despite being of the fourth generation. And that makes me proud of the group that I support


  11. Why is there NCT U n Astro pic when you even didn’t mentioned them + Where is GOT7?????? NCT ????? Seventeen????? They are also the top 5 boy groups 😤

  12. Yes !!! Thanks for adding Exo here.They have worked so hard and they are now here with the sextuple million seller title .I’m so proud to be their fan . We are one .Exo saranghaja !

  13. I would love to recommend STRAY KIDS to all those people who are interested to get into kpop and want to Stan a group
    Stray kids is one of the best kpop boy group🖤🖤
    #stayforever #stanskz #lovestay

  14. No matter what, I think every group has their own talents!!We shouldn’t compare it with other groups . We should be happy to be part of their fandoms. I’m an Army ,EXO-L ,Moa ,Engene, Nctzens,Carat&Atiny . I have so many fandoms but I never compare them.!!So let’s be happy with our idols!

  15. Look I know people will be bias towards the group they stan but can yall Armys stop crying “why bts not #1 and they should be”. Clearly this is the author’s opinion and SHOCKER but not every kpop stan is going to put bts on the pedestal. Be glad that they were mentioned unlike shinee, the boyz, NCT, and Pentagon (to name a few) and if you don’t like then keep it moving please 😊

  16. I think NCT and stray kids are much popular than loona and sunmi,they should been hv definitely given a spot in the list.

  17. I think it was not at all a ranking and the article just mentioned top 10 K-pop bands in the world that are worth listening…not saying groups not in the list are not good or something..It may be purely personnel…and listen to these artists if you haven’t … indeed all of them are good and great❤️Special thanks for including Monsta X and Loona

  18. I love all of these groups! But if G-Idle are here then Ateez should be here, too, they’re at least equally popular, especially after Kingdom and Imitation (and probably more succesful when it comes to awards, sales, concerts). They’re called 4th gen leaders, after all!

  19. BTS forever 😇💜
    BTS also ARMY’S most popular kpop group in this world 💜💜💜💜💜💜
    BTS Also break world new reakads 💯
    Not possible what about 10th place

  20. All the people saying bts deserves first place like calm the heck down. Did you even read properly? The author clearly said it’s not based on superiority. Everyone knows how famous bts is and their amazing achievement so what are you all getting so mad about?

  21. I know this list was put together based on the author’s taste… but if you’re going to title the article “Top 10 Most Popular K-pop Groups in the World”, you will definitely be ruffling a lot of feathers if you don’t have a better benchmark for your listing.

    I would suggest a little historical research based on global numbers from Billboard, Korean charts (i.e. Hanteo, Melon), or maybe even YouTube data. A lot of that stuff is available online, and easily researcheable.

  22. Bts 💜💜 always world only knows kpop cuz of bts and their amazing songs which are speechless they are grammy nominated grup they should be at no 1 and why at no 10 they are no 1 they are the group who only are on bbma for 5 continuous weeks they should be at no 1💜💜💜💜💜

  23. Yes true BTS is the most popular group but still humble they are the most beautiful thing happens to Army 💜💜💜🥰 BTS forever

  24. BTS 💜 they’re giving people inspirational music, they’re lyrics are so poetic and meaningful and that’s why they’re at the top as it should be👆💯

  25. To be honest I am a little bit disappointed because according to me BTS should be at first😕.
    A world without them is like the complete end of world for ARMY’S. I want to see them always happy and together. And also I want to mention this that because of the my seven precious guys billions of people are smiling so please support them even if you don’t want to then at least do not hate them.
    Love you BTS 💜
    Love you ARMY’S 💜

  26. Hey ppl chilll it’s nt according to the rank gosh don’t jump into conclusions….ur fav grps r already present so be happy with that Nd leave good comments Nd stop making fool of yourself…anyways all my favs r here 😎😘

  27. I don’t really mind but putting the title as “Top 10 Most Popular K-Pop groups in the world” and then listing the groups based on your own preference is a little misleading lol. As far as being popular in a worldwide scale is concerned, you have missed many of the global big sellers that top album and digital sales like SEVENTEEN, Stray Kids, NCT, Itzy, TxT. etc because a good chunk of the ones you mentioned don’t even come close to their sales.

  28. Yep Monsta X!!! ♥️♥️ But don’t forget all the other awesome groups…..super junior, 2pm, SHINee, stray kids, sf9, knk, 1the9, Taemin of course!! Big bang!! Go back to 2010, you will find many great groups!!!!

  29. Author should provide some Big Bang, Beast, Super Junior, TVXQ and 2PM space’s or this list not for legend artist?

  30. One n only Exo is the best💖😍I love you Exo💖😭😍Exo is my happines😊 💖Exo is my life💖Weareoneexo 💖We exol love you and we will always support you💖😭✊Exo✊💖💖💓💓💓

  31. One n only Exo is the best💖✊I love you Exo💓💖Exo is my happines😌 💓💖Exo is my life 😭💓💖😍Weareoneexo 💓We exol love you and we will always support you😌❤Exo💓✊✊✊💖💖💖💖❤❤💖💖💖💓💓💓💓

  32. Thank you for mentioning EXO. They really are talented and their music is diverse.

    Would like to correct you that Red Velvet is not a trio coz the group consists of 5 members.

  33. Not as hate or anything, but why is BTS #10 when they have the most views on yt, idk abt blackpink, and have the most interviews with western shows. they are defiently more popular than (g)idle(of which im a fan of) and monster x. At least, BTS should be #2, but I would argue #1 because they are the most heard name in western culture of any Korean artist.

  34. BTS is best. They are the kings of K Pop history and they deserve to be in first 💜💜💜place( not Blackpink 🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢)💜💜💜😏😏😏😏😒😒

  35. I like Bangtan, IU, SVT, & BP and when one of them is not on the list, there must be one or two that are on the list

  36. IU SOMI TAEYEON BOL4 ITZY AESPA are are also popular….and Idk bts should be at 10 as all the grps uh mentioned in ur list I’m into fandoms of all….💜…no hate to any grp..

  37. I think it has a problem every times BTS is the best kpop band and the biggest and best band in the world and the best artist and celebrity in the world and they are the most popular artist in the world and they’re fandom is the biggest fandom in the world 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🖕🏻🖕🏻


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