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Tokyo Revengers Characters Height, Age And Birthday

Tokyo Revengers has been one of the most popular shows since its premiere in 2021. It has been difficult to track the characters’ ages because of the time travel. The followings are the heights, ages, and Birthday of the Tokyo revengers characters:

No Characters Height Age Birthday
1. Takemichi Hanagaki


5’5 14 (Past)

26 (Present)

25th June 1991
2. Hinata Tachibana


5’0 14 (Past)

26 (Present)

21st May 1991
3. Naoto Tachibana 4’10 (Past)

5’9 (Present)

13 (Past)

25 (Present)

12th April 1992
4. Manjiro Sano


5’3 15 (Past)

27 (Present)

20th August 1990
5. Ken Ryuguji


6’1 15 (Past)

27 (Present)

10th May 1990
6. Keisuke Baji 5’9 14 (Past)


3rd November 1990
7. Takashi Mitsuya 5’7 15 (Past)

27 (Present)

12th June 1990
8. Haruki Hayashida


5’5 15 (Past)

27 (Present)

24th February 1990
9. Nahoya Kawata


5’7 16 (Past)

28 (Present)

25th May 1989
10. Atsushi Sendo


5’6 (Past)

5’9 (Present)

13 (Past)

25 (Present)

2nd December 1991
11. Takuya Yamamoto 5’5 14 (Past)

26 (Present)

15th July 1991
12. Makoto Suzuki 5’8 13 (Past)

25 (Present)

28th December 1991
13. Kazushi Yamagishi 5’2 13 (Past)

25 (Present)

9th February 1992
14. Emma Sano 4’11 14 25th November 1991
15. Tetta Kisaki 5’4 13 (Past)

25 (Present)

20th January 1992
16. Shuji Hanma 6’4 16 (Past)

28 (Present)

27th October 1989
17. Chifuyu Matsuno 5’6 13 (Past)

25 (Present)

19th December 1991
18. Kazutora Hanemiya 5’9 15 (Past)

27 (Present)

16th September 1990

1. Takemichi Hanagaki

Takemichi Hanagaki is the main Protagonist of the Tokyo Revengers series. The story starts when Takemitchi hears about the death of his ex-girlfriend and her younger brother in gang violence.

Furthermore, he discovers his ability to jump through time. Takemitchi is kind-hearted and would jump leaps and bounds for the people he loves.

2. Hinata Tachibana

Hinata Tachibana is the love interest of Takemitchi in the series. She is the driving force behind Takemitchi’s will to change Toman. She is a strong and intelligent person who loves Takemitchi a lot. Hinata has always supported Takemitchi and tried to protect him from various situations. She is impulsive and swift to react.

3. Naoto Tachibana

Naoto is Hinata’s younger brother. He is also Takemitchi’s partner in time travel. Takemitchi can travel through time by shaking Naoto’s hand. Although it has not been shown why that happens, Naoto is a central supporting character of the series. Naoto currently works in the police department to save his sister and provide vital information to Takemitchi regarding the Tokyo Manji Gang.

4. Manjiro Sano ( Mikey)

Mikey is one of the most famous characters in the series. He is the founding member of the Tokyo Manji Gang. Mickey is very powerful, which makes him the strongest fighter in the gang. Mikey loves his family and friends and would do anything to protect them. As a teen, He is carefree and childlike. Mikey has had a tough childhood, making him a highly complex adult.

5. Ken Ryuguji (Draken)

Ken Ryuguji, also known as Draken, is Mikey’s closest friend. Draken is the same age as Mikey but is more like his caretaker. Draken is one of the tallest characters of Tokyo Revengers.

He controls the gang as much as Mikey does. Draken and Takemitchi are Mikey’s moral compasses that stop him from making bad decisions. He is loyal and would do anything for his best friends.

6. Keisuke Baji

Keisuke Baji is one of the founding members of the Tokyo Manji Gang. He died in season one at the age of 14. Baji was one of the gang’s strongest members and the first-division captain.

Baji acts like a villain to save his friends. He wanted to protect his friends and stop Mikey from going on the wrong path. Baji was the first person to know the real intentions of Kisaki Tetta. He trusted Takemitchi to take care of the gang and Mikey.

7. Takashi Mitsuya

Takashi Mitsuya is the captain of the second division of the Tokyo Manji Gang. Mitsuya is a calm person who rarely gets angry. He is a beast in a fight and a powerful gang fighter. He is 27 years old and tries to avoid conflicts where he can.

Though not a coward, Mitsuya believes that problems can be other ways than violence. Mitsuya would never shy away from a fight if someone needed protection or threatened his friends’ safety. Takashi is like an older brother to Hakkai Shiba, the vice-captain of the second division.

8. Haruki Hayashida

Haruki Hayashida, or Pah-chin, is a founding member of Tokyo Manji Gang. Pah-chin looks older than his friends because of his bulky build. Pah-chin has grown stronger with age. In the first season, Pah-chin is arrested for stabbing Osanai.

He rarely thinks with his head and gets very angry when someone attacks his friends. Pah-chin is loyal and would do anything to protect his friends. He gets himself arrested to give his friends a chance to run.

9. Nahoya Kawata

Nahoya Kawata, also known as Smiley, is the oldest captain of the Tokyo Manji gang. As his name suggests, he is rarely seen without his signature grin. Nahoya is incredibly aggressive in a fight and enjoys beating his opponent with a large smile on his face.

Before joining the Tokyo Mnaji Gang, Smiley led a gang with his twin brother. He is loyal and strongly believes in the Tokyo Manji gang’s beliefs.

10. Atsushi Sendo (Akkun)

Atsushi Sendo, also known as Akkun, is one of Takemitchi’s very close friends. Akkun has grown throughout the series from 5’6 to 5’8. He is very caring and confident and is the leader of the gang Mizo Middle Five.

In the present timeline, he works as an administrator for the Tokyo Manji Gang. Akkun pushes Takemitchi in front of the train as ordered by Kisaki.

11. Takuya Yamamoto

Takuya Yamamoto is a member of Mizo Middle Five and a very close friend of Takemitchi’s. He is in the class as Takemitchi and is a very loyal friend. Takuya is not much of a fighter and is not a part of the Tokyo Manji Gang at present.

His long hair sets him apart from other background characters. Takuya is always ready to help his friends and is the most logical in his friend group.

12. Makoto Suzuki

Makoto Suzuki is also a part of Takemitchi’s close friend circle. Currently, he is a part of the Tokyo Manji Gang and part of the gang’s first division. Suzuki is not the best fighter like his friends.

However, he doesn’t shy away from fighting for his friends. Suzuki loves to read erotica and is seen mostly talking about it. He tries to avoid fighting.

13. Kazushi Yamagishi

Kazushi Yamagishi is a friend of Takemitchi and also a member of the Tokyo Manji Gang. He is also the captain of the attack squadron of the gang. His knowledge of gangs has helped his friends many times.

Kazushi’s source of information is usually reliable. He is loyal and has always supported his friends when they need help. His knowledge of gang relations and their dynamics makes him well-connected.

14. Emma Sano

Emma Sano is Mikey’s little sister and truly cares about her elder brother. She is mainly shown in past timelines. Emma is very mature for her age and sincerely likes Draken. She is usually seen trying to get Draken’s attention.

Emma is shorter than most characters on the show. She is loyal to the gang and is a little naive sometimes. In the past, she is 14 years old.

15. Kisaki Tetta

Kisaki Tetta is the main antagonist of Tokyo Revengers. He was 13 years old in the past timeline and 25 at present. Kisaki very rarely fights. Instead, he relies on his intelligence. He gets others to do the physical work for him.

Kisaki’s main aim is to build Japan’s most prominent criminal gang. He is ruthless and ambitious and stops at nothing to achieve his goal. Kisaki has manipulated many members to do as he wishes. His obsession with Hinata and driven him to do many cruel things.

16. Shuji Hanma

Shuji Hanma is one of the oldest characters in the series. He is lean and slim, thus many times called Zombie. Hanma is selfish and leaves gangs when it suits him. His sheer lack of respect for people’s lives makes him a sociopath.

He is the acting present of the Valhalla gang and the captain of the sixth division of The Tokyo Manji Gang. Hanma is an adrenaline junkie and looks for it in every fight.

17. Chifuyu Matsuno

Chifuyu Matsuno is the vice-present of the first division in the Tokyo Manji gang. He is a loyal and supportive friend. Chifuyu was highly loyal to Baji, and after his death, he promised to carry on Baji’s dream.

He is very close to Takemitchi and his ally in his resolve to protect Toman from Kisaki. Chifuyu is a strong fighter and will do anything to protect his friends.

18. Kazutora Hanemiya

Kazutora Hanemiya was 15 years old in the past timeline and 27 in the present. He has bright yellow hair and is of average build. Kazutora was close to Mikey until he killed Mickey’s older brother accidentally.

Kazutora often resorts to violence because of his mental stability. He is a people pleaser and would do anything to get Mikey’s attention. Kazutora went to prison for killing Baji in the series’ first season.

Tokyo Revengers is currently airing its second season. The series is available to stream on Disney plus. Viewers can watch the first season on Netflix and Funimation. Disney Plus is exclusively airing this series.






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