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TikTok’s Viral “Frog In My Hand” Prank Explained

TikTok is going a bit old-school with recent trends. The video-sharing platform is flooded with a recent trend called, the “Frog in My Hand” prank wherein people are using anything from bizarre sounds to filters and effects, to trick their family and friends, and recording the same. Read on to learn more about this prank.

What Is The “Frog In My Hand” Prank?

TikTok’s latest prank, “Frog in My Hand” is trending all over social media. As the name goes, the prank involves someone getting a family member or friend to imagine that there’s a small frog or another tiny creature like a fly in their hand. TikTok users are using bizarre sounds and filters to trick their loved ones.

In this prank, one needs to tell the other person that there’s a frog in their hand, and it will jump three times. After that, they move their eyes up and down, “watching” the frog jump, before saying: “it got too hot”, and ask the other person to hold the frog’s ‘coat.’ Then, they pretend in front of their loved ones that the frog is going to jump three more times, before asking them whether they believe if the frog is real on not.

Usually, the family members and friends answer no, to which the one doing this prank, responds to the effect of, ‘then why are you holding its coat?’ Some TikTok users are even using a fly or a flea instead to play the same prank on the other person.

Well, it’s just a way of making your loved ones laugh, something our parents would do to us using “fake aunts” in our childhood days.  And guess, what? There’s no age restriction to doing this trend, so you can literally try it on anyone.

This trend reminds me of my childhood days when I’d get a fall, and my parents would point fingers at the floor and pretend as if I had killed an ant. When I think about it now, I feel stupid for falling into such a stupid trap. But again, it did make me laugh instead of crying and such is this trend.

How Are Fans Reacting To “Frog In My Hand”?

The quirky trend has gained momentum on the video-sharing platform and fans are loving it. One person wrote on Twitter, “Can someone explain to my autistic mind wtf the “frog in my hand does 3 backflips” trend on TikTok is ab I’m so confused.” Those who have answered with a “yes”, are giving some heartwarming reactions that will surely lift your mood. Another girl wrote, “Trying this prank on my boyfriend who clearly asks too many questions”

TikTok is surely a place for funny trends, that go viral in no time. Recently, another funky trend that had gone viral was the “Emoji Acting Challenge”. In the Emoji Acting Challenge, people are using various emojis like the devil emojis and cry-laugh emoji. Then, they select one line, word or phrase, and keep repeating it. They are using these emojis while delivering these lines.

Some TikTok users have tried to add a twist to the Emoji Acting Challenge and they have made it more interesting by using their facial expressions. A few users have used their voices to transform themselves into characters inspired by their chosen emojis. But hey, doesn’t the “Frog in The Hand” TikTok challenge take you back to your childhood days?

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