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The Tonight Show: Maya Rudolph Speaks About Her Dinner With Kamala Harris

American actress and comedian Maya Rudolph, who became a cast member of SNL appeared on The Tonight Show and responds to the news leak about her dinner with Vice President Kamala Harris. She also did a fundraiser with Harris. Read on to know about how she responded about being all over the newspapers and about this informal dinner with Harris.

Maya Rudolph Was Unaware About the Leak…

Maya Rudolph didn’t even dream that she’d have dinner with the United States Vice President at the time when she portrayed her as the United States Senator Kamala Harris on Saturday Night Live. Well, it happened and she was all over the newspapers.

The Grown Ups star appeared on The Tonight Show and responded to Jimmy’s query about the news leak of having dinner with Harris. While introducing the Hollywood Reporter magazine as she appeared on the cover of the said magazine, Jimmy said: “I was reading about you in–Well, I read this article, but I want to say it was a little gossip column.”

He continued by saying, “You were in the gossips. You were in the papers. You had dinner with Vice President Kamala Harris.” Maya replied, “I sure did. I sure did Jimmy.” When asked about the leak, she clarified that “First of all, I just want to say, I didn’t leak it. Like how does everybody know?

Maya Rudolph said she didn’t want to be in any trouble so she wouldn’t talk about the informal dinner ever. She added, “I am not a rat. Snitches get sintches. And I–There was Secret Service everywhere. So I was like, “I’m not guilty.” Jimmy then asked, “What it was like?”

The Second Gentleman Had Two Kamalas…

Well, Maya is surely on cloud nine after this dinner but replied, “It was fantastic.” She also said that she only met her on Zoom, and she was like, “I say only because I never said that I wanted to meet her like it was a big deal. But in the old days when you were in SNL and doing a political impression, those people would usually come through the building, and you would get to meet someone you were impersonating.”

She continued, “But because it was COVID. I never got to meet her. But we did a fundraiser together.” The fundraiser also included  Amy Poehler and Hillary Clinton. She revealed that it was already very cool and she was like “I am good”. But then she gets to go to dinner with her.

She also revealed that she also met the first Second Gentleman, Doug Emhoff. She joked, “I got to meet Dough, or I should say, Doug, got to meet me because he was pretty excited. He was so nice. He was like–He was so excited that there were two Kamalas.” Jokes apart, Maya revealed that the first second gentleman really loves his wife and it’s quite beautiful.

When asked if Kamala mentioned the impression, Maya replied that it was Doug who mentioned the impression and “he mentioned it a lot”. Jimmy shockingly asked, “He brought it up? Maya said, “Yea, he did”. Jimmy said that he’s met people he impersonated before, but he kind of doesn’t bring it up.  Maya consented by saying, “Yea, I don’t like to mention to people that I ape them.” She said she does it because it’s fun and why not? She is a comedian.

All About the High-Profile Dinner

If you’re not aware, Vice President Kamala Harris touched down in Los Angeles on June 3 ahead of the big political week in the city for a gathering of global leaders, including Joe Biden, at the ninth Summit of the Americas. This was the time when President Joe Biden made his first in-person on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”.

Biden travelled to Los Angeles along with several dignitaries to host the Ninth Summit of the Americas. The White House revealed that government leaders from across the hemisphere were gathering to discuss economic prosperity, climate change, the migration crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic. Biden gave the summit’s opening address on Thursday.

The political gathering of nations in North, South and Central America will focus on discussions of mutual interests and concerns. As for Biden, he has been cautious, controlling, and sparing in talking to the media, often being hustled away by staffers eager to avoid one of his famous “gaffes” when speaking extemporaneously.

Coming back to the buzz about this informal dinner, it came as surprise because official communication from her office stated that the Harris had no public events scheduled for the weekend she arrived, but she did have private power dinner plans. However, the United States Senator and VP Kamala Harris and her husband, Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff, headed to the home of CAA’s Bryan Lourd and husband Bruce Bozzi for a dinner described as “a gathering of old friends.”

Not only this, she made it a working meal by hosting business executives and insiders involved in her Call to Action for northern Central America, an effort to support the long-term development of the region, along with her chief of staff Lorraine Voles, national security advisor Phil Gordon and policy advisor Michael George.

As for the guest list, famous people were present like Lourd’s CAA comrade Kevin Huvane, Allison Janney, Barry Diller, Greg Berlanti and husband Robbie Roger and Disney’s Kareem Daniels.

FYI, filmmaker Paul T. Anderson with wife Maya Rudolph, and yea she won an Emmy in 2021 for reprising Kamala Harris’ role on the show before she won the elections. Well, it appears that if not Maya, her husband surely is on the close friends’ list of Kamla Harris and her husband. What do you think?

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