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The Godfather Budget: How Much Did it Cost to Make all 3 Movies?

The Godfather was released 50 years back from today. The series achieved tremendous success at the box office, earning between $430-$517 million worldwide. It won nine out of twenty-eight Academy Awards.

The movie is based on Mario Puzo’s best-selling novel Godfather who has also co-written the script with Francis Ford Coppola. Coppola has directed this evergreen movie that still thrives in the minds of its fans. Let’s talk about the budget of this iconic movie.

The Godfather (1972)

The Godfather’s initial budget was set at $2.5 million. But then, Mario Puzo’s book became extremely popular among readers. Therefore, it was Coppola who argued and ultimately received a larger budget for the movie. The budget and box office gross are as under:

Budget: $6.7-7.2 million

The Box-office Gross is as under

US $ Canada:$134,966,411

Other Territories:$111,154,563


The Godfather Part 2 (1974)



The Godfather Part 2 was released in 1974 following the huge box-office success of the original Godfather. The film is both sequel and pre-sequel to The Godfather. This part revolves around Michael Corleone, the new don of the Carleone family.

The Godfather II also became a huge success just like its original part. Have a look at the budget and box office earning of The Godfather II.

Budget: $13 million

The box office earnings:

US & Canada: $47,834,595

Other Territories: $45,434,594

Worldwide: $93,270,189

The Godfather part 3 (1990)


Francis Coppola had wrapped up The Godfather saga in the first two parts and was barely interested in making the third part. He declined multiple requests from Paramount who is the distributor of The Godfather series.

However, Francis had to accept the offer following the financial trouble caused by the critical failure of his One From the Heart (1982). He considers it as an epilogue to the first two parts.

The Godfather 3 completes the story of Michael who is trying to legitimize the empire. It also shows the rise of Sonny’s illegitimate son Vincent Corleone as Michael’s successor. It also includes the real-life Pal banking scandal and death of Pope John Paul I linking it with Michael Corleone.  Here are the budget and box office earnings of the third part:

Budget: $54 million

The box office earnings:

US & Canada: $66,666,062

Other Territories: $70,100,000

Worldwide: $136,766,062

Re-release figures

The Godfather, 1972 sought post-release earnings of around $430-$570 million worldwide. Let us look at the figures from its first premiere to its to its re-release.

Release Group Rollout Markets Domestic International Worldwide
Original Release March 15, 1972 Domestic $133,698,921 $110,163,857 $243,862,778
1997 Re-release March 21, 1997 Domestic $1,267,490 $1,267,490
2009 Re-release September 25-May 27, 2010 EMEA, APAC NIL $121,323 $121,323
2011 Re-release November 24, 2011-February 8, 2013 LATAM NIL $818,333 $818,333
2014 Re-release July 19, 2014 Brazil NIL $29,349 $29,349
2017 Re-release June 4, 2017 Domestic NIL NIL NIL
2018 Re-release September 21, 2018 United Kingdom NIL $21,701 $21,701
2022 Re-release February 24-March 4, 2022 10 markets $1,199,963 $2,800,000 $3,999,963
2020 Re-release APAC NIL $4,323 $4,323


Do you know that the video game The Godfather: The Game (2006) is based on the original film. Well, Francis strictly disapproved of the game openly but another video game The Godfather II (2009) was released that was based on its second part. Are you a Godfather fan too? Share your thoughts with me.

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