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‘The Circle’ Season 5 Cast: Meet the Singles Ready to Play the Game

The cast of season 5 of Netflix’s hit reality show The Circle has been revealed! The fifth season of the reality show The Circle will see the light of day at the end of this month and the cast has been disclosed in the first trailer.

For those of you who are unversed, let us share with you, The Circle which first premiered on the streaming giant Netflix in the year 2020, is based on the original British TV series of the same name. The show describes itself as a game around social media with the concept that “anyone can be anyone in The Circle.”

The Circle is not a dating show but season 5 of the reality TV show may feel like that for some of the contestants this time. Just like in the previous seasons, this season also we will witness a bunch of strangers in separate apartments within the same building.

All the contestants of the show The Circle can communicate with each other via online chats every week, they vote for the best as well as the worst players in the game. The format of season 5 is the same as before with a group of brand new contestants. The fifth season of the show will premiere on the streaming platform Netflix on December 28, 2022.

Meet the cast of ‘The Circle’ season 5

Brett Robinson

Many of you might recognize Brett Robinson from season 20 of the hit reality show Big Brother. He is a cyber security engineer who hails from Oakdale, Connecticut. In his Big Brother bio, he listed a fun fact about himself: “I hack into his friends’ computers for fun.”

Brett will be seen in the forthcoming season of The Circle and we are pretty sure that he will flaunt his winning personality to woo some of the players. It looks like he will spend a lot of his time on the show shirtless.

Brian Clark aka Brittney

Brian Clark of season 5 is all ready to play The Circle as his daughter, Brittney who is also a single mother. It seems like he hopes to tug at the heartstrings of other players of the reality show but all of us know that an elder player catfishing as much as a younger person doesn’t always end well. Now, only time will tell us how well that goes for him and others.

Shubham Goel

Shubham Goel who was the runner-up in season 1 of the reality show The Circle will be back for season 5 of the show. Throughout the show, he has been one of the fan-favorites among the viewers.

Let us tell you, Netflix didn’t even disclose that Shubham Goel was going to be a part of season 5 of the show, till December 12, 2022. We are hoping that he will bring his A-game to the show and try to win it this time.

Billie-Jean Blackett aka Bruno

Billie-Jean Blackett is another contestant from season 5 of the show Catfish. In the fifth season of the reality show The Circle, she is going to play the game as a man named Bruno. Apart from the show, she is a model and radio presenter from London.

Chaz Alvarez

On the social media platform Instagram, Alvarez refers to himself as the “shampoo papi” because he has a car detailing business. In season 5 of the show The Circle, he will have to pull all his stops, to prove that he is someone to work with rather than a threat to any player’s game.

Chaz is pretty active on Instagram. He has more than 3.5k followers on the social networking platform Instagram. When we scrolled through his Instagram feed, we found a series of snaps of him from his travels all over the world.

Marvin Achi

Marvin Achi was born in Nigeria and he is a chemical engineer by profession. By his looks, you might guess that he is a professional athlete or a bodybuilder in the making.

Achi’s muscular physique will either help him to get favors from those attracted to him or make him a target in the show. He almost made it to season 24 of the show Big Brother but he was replaced at the last moment.

Oliver TwiXt

There’s a chance that you might have seen Oliver TwiXt from season 5 of The Circle before. He was previously in The Ts Madison Experience on WE tv. He is well-known for sharing social media interviews with the contestants of the show America’s Next Top Model.

Raven Sutton

Raven Sutton who has more than 48k followers on Instagram will be the first ever-deaf contestant to star in the show The Circle. She is a deaf performer and a disability advocate. During her time on the show, Raven will be joined by her close friend Paris who will help translate for her and support her throughout her journey.


Brooklyn native, Sam always has her selfie game on point. She is a freelance makeup artist who is 34 years old at the moment. She might have to top her selfie game to get some favors from her fellow Circle players right off the bat.

Tasia aka Tamira

However, Tasia may be playing The Circle as Tamira, she may let her values, which include her support of the Black Lives Matter movement and being proud of her sexuality slip out. We hope that she can play the game well.

Tom Houghton

Keeping aside The Circle, Tom Houghton is a standup comedian from London. So obviously, he has a good fan base on Instagram. As of right now, he has more than 50k followers on the photo and video-sharing platform Instagram. His humor might help him to get popular among his Circle peeps.

Xanthi Perdikomatis

Xanthi is a model, so she is well-versed with all the angles of the camera. The one thing that she will have to worry about is whether or not the other players think she’s a catfish.

Are you looking forward to season 5 of Netflix’s hit show The Circle? Kindly let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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