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Social Media Star Symonne Harrison Breaks Silence As She Confirms Breakup With Nick Bencivengo

Internet celebrities Symonne Harrison and Nick Bencivengo have separated their ways after dating for quite a while. TikTok star Symonne was the first one to break her silence about the split on Youtube, Sunday (July 10). Nick also confirmed their breakup after her video.

Symonne Shares Some Good Memories…

Symonne Harrison, who has over 1 million followers on Instagram, shared the news of her breakup with Nich Bencivengo while reflecting on some of the most treasured moments from their relationship in a YouTube video she posted on Sunday (July 10). The 16-year-old social media star, who is also a model and an actress, acknowledged that the spilt has been difficult because Nick was the first person to know everything about her life.

In a video, she stated that she called him first when something great or sad happened to her. Her statement in the video reflects that the two are not currently on talking terms with one another. In a video, which Harrison posted for her 1.17 million followers, she revealed that she and Nick broke up a week ago.

Not only this, but she also shared an Instagram post which includes a previous picture of the two hugging each other. Symonne captioned it: “I wasn’t done loving you…❤️‍🩹.” Their friends and fans started pouring comments in order to support the two in this difficult time. Nicole Rossi commented: “Sending positive thought and message to you both, sending support to you both 🙏 . I am here for you Symonne , love you Symonne.❤️”

Well, there is no bad blood between the two. Throughout the video, Symonne shared some of the best memories the two young influencers made during the relationship. Even though Nick wasn’t present in the video, things seem to have ended on a good note. However, Nick also addressed his fans and confirmed the split by releasing his own statement.

Nick Confirms The Split Too…

A few hours after Symonne launched the video, the 19-year-old social media personality posted a brief clip on his YouTube video, addressing the breakup and confirming that they had ended things a week ago. He admitted that he truly loved Symonne and hoped for her happiness.

In addition to this, he too shared an Instagram post wherein he posted a blurred picture of himself and Symonne. The two were captured in a dance move near the beach. He captioned it with a broken heart emoji: “I’ll always have a love for you💔.” Fans took to his comment section to pour support for Nick and Symonne, who were just perfect for each other. Well, it seems like the two are still very much in love and the breakup hurts them equally.

Social media personality Nick Bencivengo rose to fame with his self-titled TikTok account. His dances and lip-syncs gained him 4.1. million followers on the said platform. He is known for his challenges and pranks on YouTube.

On the other hand, Symonne began dancing at two years old and began her acting career at the age of seven. Early in her career, she danced in her hometown for the Cleveland Cavaliers, as well as at Disney World. As for the turbulent time, we wish the two good luck and hope they could reconcile as their love was surely mature for their age.

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