The book will narrate the story of how Queen Charlotte met and married King George of the United Kingdom. The book series is set to focus on how their love led to a social shift, which created the racially inclusive world seen in the Netflix original series. Not only this, it will depict how their love affair resulted in the Ton world that the characters in Bridgerton inherit.

What Is The Release Date?

Avon Books took to Twitter and announced the thrilling news about this collaboration. The publishing agency tweeted,We’re thrilled to announce that Julia Quinn and @ShondaRhimes are collaborating on a Queen Charlotte prequel novel based on @Netflix’s upcoming @Bridgerton spinoff series! We can’t wait to share this stunning story with you, so stay tuned for more information!”

“Queen Charlotte has been such a moving character to write and now having the opportunity to work with Julia to adapt this story into a book is such an exciting opportunity,” Rhimes said in a statement. “I can’t wait for fans of this universe to read the story of a character that has resonated so deeply with our audience,” she added.

Julia Quinn, who is the author of the Bridgerton novel series, stated: “Taking Bridgerton from book to screen was fascinating for me to watch, and it’s such an exciting challenge for me to take it in the other direction, this time crafting Shonda’s brilliant vision into a novel,”

She continued, “I’m especially thrilled to have the opportunity to write about Queen Charlotte, who was not in the original novels. Her character and Golda Rosheuvel’s brilliant portrayal of her was a tour de force, and I think readers will love getting a chance to know her more deeply.”

The novel will be published by Avon Books, an imprint of the William Morrow Group at HarperCollins and the longtime publisher of Quinn’s ‘Bridgerton’ novels. As for the release date, the publication will be timed to the release of the spinoff series on OTT, which currently does not have a premiere date.