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Scarlett Johansson Hints About Another ‘Sing’ Movie, Wishes To Lend Voice To ‘Sing 3’

The “Lost In Translation” star Scarlett Johansson appeared on “The Kelly Clarkson Show and expressed her desire to make “Sing 3”. While revealing about his newborn Cosmo, Scarlett also expressed her wish to work in another Sing movie, which is an animated jukebox musical comedy.

‘Sing’ Has Been The Greatest Joy…

When told by Kelly Clarkson that she absolutely loves her tone, and if she would ever release more music, Scarlett Johansson, who became the world’s highest-paid actress in 2018 and 2019, stated: “Oh Gosh, I don’t know, honestly, for me, the greatest joy for me is doing all the “Sing” movies. Stating that they are so much fun, Scarlett revealed that “hopefully there will be another “Sing” movie that will come out.

Scarlett revealed that the last time she got to work with Bono, it was insane. She revealed that they “got to duet”, and also did “Stuck In The Moment” together. Kelly confessed, “I have children and even if they leave the room, I’d still watch it. Johansson answered, “Those movies are really good, they’re for everybody.”

Johansson once again emphasised that hopefully there would be another “Sing” movie, and said “maybe we would do it”. And why not, as Kelly said, “It’s fun working in those movies. Just walk in the studio and create these characters just by audio.”

Scarlett Loves Doing Voice Work…


Scarlett, who portrayed Black Widow in Marvel’s “Iron Man 2” confessed that she enjoys doing voice work. She said, “I have done films where I just did voice work for the whole…you know it’s really interesting to not… as an actor you have your physicality and then you have your voice.” She continued, “When you don’t have one of those things, everything becomes much more intense.

She also revealed that voice work is so interesting as you get to play with all the different intonations and nuances in your vocal performance in a really different way. Well, Scarlett certainly knows her voice work. Kelly then asked, “Do you sing around the house? Does Colin sings?” Scarlett took some time to confess that he is tone deaf, but said, that her husband definitely sings. He was in “Fiddler On The Roof”, like four times in high school.

As for “Sing”, the movie first came out in 2016 and was written and directed by Garth Jennings. Set in a world inhabited by anthropomorphic animals, the film focuses on a “struggling theatre owner who holds a singing competition to prevent his theatre from entering foreclosure, as well as how the competition interferes with the personal lives of its contestants.”

The movie contains more than 60 songs, with the original song “Faith” by Stevie Wonder and Ariana Grande. The son was nominated for a Golden Globe Award. The film grossed more than $634 million worldwide. Scarlett has given voice to the character Ash, a teenage porcupine punk rocker who takes part in an alternative-rock music duo with her boyfriend Lance (Beck Bennett).

Its sequel “Sing 2” was released last year in December 2021. The film has grossed over $409 million worldwide. Well, if we go by Scarlett’s words, the production is coming up with Sing 3 soon! Do you like “Sing” movies too?

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