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Romance Is Brewing Between Leonardo DiCaprio And Gigi Hadid As They Get “Flirty’ In NYC

The rumors surrounding Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid’s affair may be about to become a reality as the two stars were seen getting close at the luxurious members-only hotspot Casa Cipriani in NYC. The Academy Award-winning actor and supermodel were caught getting a little handsy as they enjoyed each other’s company. The news comes after the “Don’t Look Up Star” was seen getting cosy with Gigi at an NYFW party recently.

Romance Brews Between Gigi And Leo…

Leonardo DiCaprio, 47  is freshly single following her breakup from American model Camila Morrone. And guess what, his rumors about dating Gigi Hadid have intensified after the two were caught getting handsy at Casa Cipriani in New York City. The pictures suggest that the two were “quite flirty” with each other.

The news comes after a close source leaked that Gigi Hadid, 27 and Leonardo DiCaprio, 47 are dating and into each other. The source revealed that they were once again captured “getting flirty” at Casa Cipriani on Saturday. “They were sitting in the dining room area and were canoodling and having a fun night out with each other,” the source explained.

Another source confirmed that Gigi Hadid arrived at the luxurious members-only hotspot after Leo. “They like going there because they can be private and not worry about pictures being taken of them or people noticing them too much. They are having a good time together and Leo is very attracted to Gigi,” the source added.

Are Gigi And Leo Dating?

While there is no official statement from the two stars, one thing is sure! Leo and Gigi may be spilling the beans about their relationship status anytime sooner. Previously, Victoria’s Secret model and the “Titanic” star could not escape paparazzi after the two were caught leaning into each other at a New York Fashion Week after-party last week.

In these photos from Casa Capriani, the 47-year-old star was seen reaching out for Hadid’s hand during their intimate conversation. Previously, a source mentioned that Leo really likes Gigi because “she has her life together”. “She has a child and she’s mature. Leo wants to be with someone who has the same idea of good causes and political views as he does,” the source described.

One source, however, revealed that Leo is just taking time off to take off his mind from Camile Morrone and is spending a lot of time with his friends. On the other hand, multiple sources confirmed that “Leo is definitely pursuing Gigi”. And if you ask me, I would go with the latter. Time is not far when we’d see each of them openly expressing their love for each other.

Now, if we look back at Leonardo’s dating history, the Oscar-winning actor has a reputation of “not dating anyone who is above 25”, for instance, he recently broke up with American model Camile Morrone, just two months after her 25the birthday.

But in Gigi’s case, Leo is ready to give up on the 25 rule and is set to take things forward with the 27-year-old supermodel. The two seem to enjoy each other’s company and may break to us the big news anytime sooner. What do you think? Well, I’d say kudos to the soon-to-be couple.

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