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Post Malone Says ‘He’s ‘Happy and Healthy’ Amid Fans Concern About Weight Loss

Post Malone is spilling the beans on his weight loss journey! He recently debunked the rumors about being on drugs. At the moment, the fans of the Congratulations singer are concerned about his health amid his drastic weight loss transformation.

As per a report by TMZ, Austin Richard Post popularly known as Post Malone has stated that ‘he’s happy and healthy and nothing is amiss.” Keep scrolling further to know everything about the weight loss journey of the popular musician.

Here’s all you need to know Post Malone’s weight loss journey

In the last couple of months, the Rockstar rapper has shed a lot of weight. Lately, the fans of the artist have been concerned about his health amid his drastic weight loss journey. He even shut down the claims that he is on drugs after learning about the fans concern about him.

A source close to Post Malone has told the media outlet, that his fans don’t need to be alarmed because “he’s not on drugs or sick.” The insider also went on to say that he recently gained some weight for a movie role but since then he has been “adhering to a strict diet and working out.”

For those of you who are unaware, let us share with you, the Wrapped Around Your Finger singer has been performing a 90-minute set while touring since September, which has also played a role in his weight loss.

Not long ago, Post’s dad Rich Malone also spoke about his son’s weight loss and new appearance on social media. His dad took to the comments section of a fan page and penned, “Healthiest he’s been in years! Mentally and physically.”

Fans got concerned after seeing Post Malone’s drastic weight loss transformation

Earlier this week, the fans of the I Like You ( A Happier Song) crooner got worried after seeing the rapper’s much slimmer look as a video of him popped up on the internet. The video showed him performing the song I Fall Apart in Sydney, Australia.

One social media user tweeted, “Just saw a video of Post Malone in a show. He looks bad. Jerking and looks like he lost weight. I hope he’s ok. That’s my dude,” meanwhile another user went on to say, “I’m a bit worried that you lost so much weight.. I’m not used to it. Stay healthy please.”

Many fans even came forward to defend the new father by writing, that he always performs on the stage with a lot of passion and “isn’t doing drugs anymore.”

One person wrote, “Apparently Post Malone can’t sing his own song with sentiment without people thinking he’s on drugs. Literally this songs [sic] is sooo sentimental I don’t know how anyone could sing this son [sic] with no expression.”

What do you have to say about Post Malone’s drastic weight loss journey? Kindly let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of entertainment.

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