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Paradise PD Season 4: Grey Delisle Revealed Something Big

Adult animated shows are not only a huge hit among fans. They have also become the new trend in entertainment. Adult animated shows are popular because they provide a unique experience to their viewers.

The animation is more detailed, and the plots are more complex than that of traditional television programs. One such show is Netflix’s Paradise PD.

Now, when we talk about Paradise PD Season 3, it’s been almost a year since it premiered on Netflix. Considering the streamer’s history of cancelling long running shows, fans are getting a bit worried about the future of the show.

Luckily, there has been a hint dropped regarding the fourth installment of the series. Check out this article to grab all the details.

Paradise PD Season 4: Do We Have Any Update On The Future Of The Show?

From the creators of Brickleberry, the animated sitcom, Paradise PD premiered on Netflix receiving a fantastic response. In 2020, the streamer dropped the second season amid Covid which grew decent popularity among the fans.

But as soon as the show reached the third season, the anticipations started building up and the third installment from the Paradise PD marked itself in the Top 10 list worldwide for a few weeks. 

For fans wondering if the show is going to come back for another season, we have good news for you as Grey Delisle who plays Mayor Karen Crawford on the show has revealed a few updates on Paradise PD season 4. 

According to a few sources, the voice-over artist has revealed that she has recently finished a recording session for the upcoming show and agreed that the show is in progress to premiere soon.

She also revealed that fans might get another similar show that is still in the pipeline. The new show is being made by the same crew.

She added that she is not sure about her involvement in the new show but it is going to be an awesome one.

Whether there has been no confirmation from the streaming network but this statement by Grey Delisle is certainly not directed toward a cancellation.

Paradise Pd: What Is The Show About?

The American adult sitcom was released in 2018. The show featured the staff of police based in the small town of Paradise.

A typical situation of a funny police department where crime is uncontrollable and the police staff is busy solving everything except crime scenes.

A typical animated show where laughs are drawn from simple storylines yet it has stretched to three commendable seasons gathering decent reviews and love from the audiences. 

Paradise PD: Expected Cast

The series is expected to bring all the prime characters reprising their roles in the upcoming season. You can expect voices from Sarah Chalke, David Herman, Tom Kenny, Kyle Kinane, Cedric Yarbrough, Grey Delisle and Dana Snyder.

The animated sitcom is created by y Waco O’Guin and Roger Black and produced by Rocky Russo, Jeremy Sosenko, Amy Pocha and Seth Cohen. 

Although, it is soon to tell whether the series is renewed or not but after some revelations from Grey Delisle have certainly given us some hope. 

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