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Only Murders in the Building Renewed for Season 3

Looks like the mysteries and murders are not going to get out of Arconia’s dictionary very soon.

The year 2022 is being celebrated for bringing some of the best TV shows that are rebuilding the image branding and viewership with some terrific shows.

One of them being “Only Murders in the Building”, the mystery murder comedy is sweeping as one of the best debuts in the genre. 

The murder mystery from the production network Hulu is quite established as one of the elites on the platform starring Selena Gomez, Steve Martin, and Martin Short.

The show has a strong emphasis on comedy which brings out the most characters in their form and grips the audience in their storyline.

The smart twists and turns in the show are what make the viewers sit in front of their TV sets patiently waiting for every weekly episode. 

The show “Only Murders in the Building” is currently airing its season 2 which is honestly keeping well with the audience’s expectations. Speaking of expectations, many fans are anticipating the future of the show.

Surprisingly, we have something for you that could make you stick to your seats for a while. Check out this article to know the deets.

‘Only Murders in the Building’ Renewed for Season 3

The future true-crime podcast enthusiasts can put their notepads with themselves as the pioneers of Arconia building murder specialists are going to return for another season.

Yes, seems like one murder is not enough for everyone. Charles, Marble, and my personal favorite Oliver are going to bring back their mic sets for yet another round of “Only Murders in the Building”.

The streaming platform Hulu has confirmed the blood-soaked murder mysteries to be continued for another season. 

The show just premiered its second season a couple of nights ago and the renewal news for the third season is not quite settling with the fans.

Some are speculating that the renewal news just popped out due to the Emmy nominations which happened this week. But, a fan is happy as long there are enough episodes on its plate.

‘Only Murders in the Building’ – A heads up for fans bracing to watch Season 2 (Spoilers)

If you’ve made it here after reading the “S” word, then sit down and read.

Season 2 continues to build on what made season 1 so great – mainly the mystery behind Bunny Folger’s death and the resulting consequences for Arconia Board members.

We’ve also seen a lot of personal revelations about these characters, like Charles’ discoveries about his sexuality as well as his past mistakes.

With just 3 episodes, Arconia has really come alive this season and is quickly becoming a tangle of secret passageways connecting the players to their foundations.

With such stunning guest appearances in the show, the season is quite living up to the expectations of the fans. 

With so many suspects on the cards, it’s hard to know where Season 2 is heading. But we’re in good hands as we know the Podcast gang will unleash the real culprit. 

Only Murders in the Building is currently streaming on Hulu with each episode released every Tuesday. 

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