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Olivia Cooke Has A ‘House Of The Dragon’ Spoiler, Talks About Reaching Hungover On The Set

English actress, Olivia Kate Cooke, who is playing queen Alicent Hightower in House Of The Dragons, stopped by at the Jimmy Kimmel Live show and shared some spoilers from the fan-favourite show airing on Disney Hotstar. In addition to this, the 28-year-old star also shared how she lied about watching ‘Game Of Thrones’ to get a job and spoke about her resemblance to Emily Carey.

A Resemblance With Emily Carey

Jimmy Kimmel welcomed Olivia Kate Cooke to his show by congratulating her for her role as the new queen, Alicent Hightower on the Game Of Thrones prequel, House Of The Dragons. When asked about how strange it is being a part of a significant show that has been a big hit and not being on it, Olivia replied: “No, yea, it’s been lovely for me because of a soft lightly opening, you can ease into it.

The conversation moved toward Emily Carey, who plays the young Alicent Hightower in the hit prequel for five episodes. Jimmy Kimmel asked, “Did she know what she know what she was gonna be replaced because for what happens I think for those who don’t know is the show as of next week skips ahead 10 years in future which is also in the past, but it’s not really the past as my wife reminds me every week.” Now, if you’re regular with the show you’d know what Jimmy meant.

About Emily’s replacement, Olivia responded that she did know she was gonna be replaced. Jimmy revealed Olivia and Emily’s photographs and talked about the resemblance between the two stars. Well, for a moment, it was difficult to find the difference between them.

Jimmy asked: “Do you guys work on the mannerism together, does she get to decide because she went first? What was it like? Olivia clarified the situation by stating that she was cast first so it came down to her but she didn’t have a stand on the “telling you how to do” thing.

She added that Emily is just 18 so she just encouraged her to go her way. Jimmy couldn’t hold back cracking a hilarious joke by comparing Millie Alcock (Rhaenyra Targaryen) with John Mulaney and said that he heard that she was being replaced by him. Jimmy may have cracked a joke but damn, the two resemble a lot, especially after John’s makeover as Rhaenyra.

Lied About Watching “GOT”, Went Hungover…

When asked. “What was it like walking on the set with all of this stuff, were you a Game Of Thrones fan in the first place?” Olivia responded that she hadn’t seen GOT but she pretended that she did. Olivia also mentioned that it was a prerequisite that you need to be a GOT fan to be on the show, so she lied to keep the job.

Olivia mentioned, “I watched it after I got the job, I didn’t want to get too invested and I loved it.” Coming back to her first day on the set, she confessed that she was badly hungover on the first day. Olivia told Jimmy that she was invited to Alan Carr’s podcast and they had a lot of wine that night. She woke up hungover and even broke her tooth. Well, no one on the set got to know until now.

House Of The Dragons: Spoiler Alert!

Olivia Cooke did provide some information about what “House Of The Dragons” looks like next week or at the end of the show. When asked, “Can you tell us, what happens next week or throughout the show or at the end of the show?” Olivia joked, “Yea, just let me get fired by HBO.” However, she did provide us with some valuable information.

Olivia said, “I can say that the simmering um tension between Rhaenyra and Alicent have atrophied over the 10-year time Jump and just…you can cut the tension with a knife.” Jimmy reminded her that Alicent has been patient with her at the beginning but it was until the last episode, that things really changed.

Now, if you know, in the last episode, Alicent’s father, who was the first-hand of the king, was thrown out because of the allegations he levied on Rhaenyra and Alicent chose her friend’s side. But later, she got to know that Rhaenyra and her protector, Ser Criston Cole shared some intense moments. Moreover, a buried desire to see her son on the crown was ignited by King’s new hand’s handicapped son.

Jimmy also spoke about the king’s condition while mentioning that at the end of the episode, it appears as if the king died, but it’s later found out that he has leprosy. Jimmy asked Olivia how come she didn’t contract it as Leprosy is pretty contagious. Olivia joked, “Yea, I have been very close to the king throughout the season so I might have it by Season 2…like slow erosion.” Well, is she really going to have it? We don’t know yet.

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  1. next week skips ahead 10 years in future which is also in the past, but it’s not really the past as my wife reminds me every week.
    What did Jimmy mean by this, because it makes no sense?

    • House of the Dragon season 1 has plenty of ground to cover in only 10 episodes, which needed to begin with the Great Council of 101 AC to establish the male primogeniture, and conclude in 129 AC when King Viserys dies and the bloody Dance commences. However, once Aegon and Rhaenyra are separately crowned and House of the Dragon season 2 begins, there aren’t expected to be much more significant time jumps. As for what Jimmy said, I think he’s just using some gibberish to mock the numerous time jumps in the series. He’s just making a joke out of a conversation with his wife about these time jumps. Even I don’t know precisely what he means, but what I know is, that once Aegon and Rhaenyra are separated, Season 2 won’t have these many time jumps. 🙂


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