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NYPD Cops Arrive At Madonna’s “Hung Over” Music Video Shoot Following Noise Complaints

Madonna got herself into trouble after neighbours reported multiple noise complaints during her music video shoot with Dominican rapper Tokischa. The complaints of “loudness and craziness” were in regard to her upcoming track “Hung Over”. The NYPD confirmed that the situation was corrected and no one was arrested.

No Summons Issued

The New York Police Department (NYPD) arrived at Madonna’s music video shoot with Dominican rapper Tokischa when several neighbours reported noise complaints. The NYPD received multiple complaints of “loudness and craziness” at around 11:30 p.m. ET on Monday (Sept. 5).

Before the NYPD arrived at the shoot location, a clip confirmed that the 64-year-old singer was seen jamming with Tokischa and it was Tokischa who decided to shoot the video in Washington Heights. They were shooting their upcoming video “Hung Over” when neighbours lodged complaints of disturbance with the police.

The authorities revealed that it was the car speakers that created “loudness and craziness” which disturbed multiple neighbours.  NYPD confirmed that no summon were issued, however, after they arrived “the condition was corrected” by stopping the shoot.

Sources reveal that after the police left, Madonna and her crew continued with the shoot in some place indoors. If you’re not aware, the controversial duo made headlines earlier this year after they were spotted in a PDA at an NYC Pride concert. However, multiple outlets confirm that Madonna and Tokischa are just friends. There are rumors that Madonna is now dating a 23-year-old man.

Who Is More Controversial?

Madonna may have gained international fame with her music, but she has also sparked some hilarious controversies. If we start from the beginning, in 1991, the “Queen Of Pop” was warned by authorities during a live concert for masturbating while singing “Like A Virgin”. It came out that Madonna was taking ‘undue advantage of artistic expression” in the name of free speech.

In 1993, Puerto Ricans agitated in front of her house because she disrespected their flag. She apparently wiped her sweat during the “Girl Show” tour. In another controversy, she got criticized by religious leaders in Rome for hanging on a cross while singing “Live To Tell” during the Confession Tour.

In 2012, Madonna revealed her bare breast during a concert in Istanbul. She was criticized for this act being a mother of four, well, she was performing in Instanbul! To add to this trouble, she even flaunted a temporary tattoo “No Fear” on the stage.

Coming to Tokischa, the 26-year-old Dominican rapper is also a sexual content creator. In 2019, she had to switch to OnlyFans after being censored from Instagram. In 2020, her track “Desacato Escolar” was taken down from YouTube for its controversial lyrics.

The Dominican rapper came out more controversial when she posted a semi-naked picture at the Virgin of Altagracia’s Sanctuary in the sin city. But hey, you can’t beat Madonna when it comes to controversies. At 64, the woman is unstoppable, when it comes to both, music and controversies. What do you think?

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