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Mumford & Sons Lead Singer Marcus Mumford Announces to Embark on a Solo Career

Grammy Award-winning band “Mumford & Sons” is facing turbulence as the star artist Marcus Mumford announces to go solo while performing for an intimate group in the hills of the French Riviera. Read on to learn more about the decision of the lead singer of this decade-old folk-rock band.

Marcus Mumford Plans to Walk Alone…


“Mumford & Sons” lead singer Marcus Oliver Johnstone Mumford, professionally known as Marcus Mumford, has decided to pursue a solo career putting the future of Mumford & Sons in jeopardy. Sources inside Spotify’s soiree at a French villa Monday (June 20)  revealed that the rock band’s lead singer, Marcus Mumford, announced he will be focusing on a solo career.

The “You’ll Never Walk Alone” artist has chosen to walk alone and leave his folk rock which was formed in 2007. An attendee at the French revealed that the 35-year-old star made this announcement while performing for an intimate group in the hills of the French Riviera. The source stated: “He just said today is day one for his next thing.”

Well, if you’ve followed his moves closely, you’ll know that hints were all over the place. The “Little Lion Man” crooner, who is married to British actress Carey Mulligan, was just added to the iHeartRadio Music Festival lineup as a solo act just last Friday. So will the decade-old bank break? That’s the question fans are wondering.

Will Mumford & Sons Break?

Mumford & Sons was formed in London in 2007 and have released four studio albums since then. The albums include Sigh No More, Babel, Delta and Wilder Mind. Their debut single peaked at number two on the UK Albums Chart and the Billboard 200 in the US. Other albums like Babel and Wilder Mind peaked at number one in the UK and US.

Interestingly, Babel became the fastest-selling rock album of the decade. So we can say that even though, the British rock band has produced only four studio albums in ten years, they have tasted success each time. The band’s members include:

  • Marcus Mumford (lead vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, drums),
  • Ted Dwane (vocals, bass guitar, double bass), and Ben Lovett (vocals, keyboards, piano).
  • Winston Marshall (banjo, electric guitar, resonator guitar, dobro), but left the band in 2021.

The band’s live albums include Road to Red Rocks (2012), and Live from South Africa: Dust and Thunder (2017). Marcus & Sons won several accolades in their career. Their hit album “Sigh No More” won the Brit Award for Best Birtish Album in 2011, a Mercury Prize nomination and a total of six Grammy nominations.

The band rose to popularity when they performed alongside Bob Dylan and The Avett Brothers at the 2011 Grammy ceremony. It received a total of eight Grammy nominations for Babel and one Grammy Award for Album of the Year. Well, now that Marcus has decided to pursue a solo career, the band’s future is at stake.

As for the question, of whether this band will break or not, it appears unlikely as Marcus had teased his solo debut in 2020. In reality, all the band members have been supportive of each other’s professional decisions. In a previous interview, Marcus stated:

“We’ve definitely given each other the blessing to do whatever feels right creatively. The idea of co-writes doesn’t scare me at all. It’s quite exciting. It feels like I have a lot of business to do with my instruments and my gear, so I’m excited to lean into that in the next year.”

Marcus admitted that even though he loves working with the band, he wanted to pursue creativity and make music on his own. So we are sure that whatever happens, it would be amicable. However, the question is will Marcus perform with the band for their upcoming tours? The story is developing. Keep reading to figure it out.

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