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20 Most Powerful Marvel Characters of All Time

If you were wondering what are the limits of power of the most powerful Marvel characters in the universe well you are in the right place.

The Marvel Comics catalogue is bigger than any characters club in the comics industry, capping off with around 8000 characters excluding multiple versions like the one-off comic appearances and multiverse versions, more fierce and violent than their 616 alternatives.

Till now only a small fraction of these have been introduced to the movies or the TV shows, some haven’t even had a major appearance in the comics universe as well.

This list is not just interested in the power scale of the characters based on their physical or magical strength but also their intellect and cunning.

That’s the reason characters like Thanos and Doctor Doom are being talked about in the same conversation with the likes of Legion and Beyonder. So here’s the list of the most powerful Marvel characters made by simple opinions and hidden potential of different characters.

20. Thor

The son of Odin has never been depicted honestly in the movies. Thor has been one of the cornerstones of the Avengers team, being the powerhouse in any situation.

From cracking open the skull of a celestial to knocking down the phoenix force all on his own. Thor is one of the physically strongest Asgardians, being able to carry Asgard on his back once in his decorated lifetime as a hero of the Asgardians.

19. Skaar

During the Planet Hulk storyline, which the Marvel Cinematic Universe seemingly forgot about, Hulk meets an extraterrestrial being named Caeira and has a son through her named Skaar.

With the power of his father as well as the ancestry of his mother, Skaar is a force to be reckoned with. Some of his feats include but are not limited to breaking the titanium armour of Juggernaut in one fell swoop as well as launching Juggernaut to space.

18. Thanos

The Mad Titan who once wiped half of the universe is next on the list. While he is not the strongest character in the marvel universe but his tactics and manipulation which is often a trait that is very underestimated in the superhero world turn the tide in any battle.

The Mad Titan is feared in the Marvel universe because of the kind of feats that he has been able to accomplish with nothing but his brain. Once he erased everything in the multiverse with the Heart of the Universe, even defeating The Living Tribunal and meeting One Above All.

17. Hercules

A testament to his strength, Hercules is a powerhouse when it comes to natural strength being more powerful than Hulk and Thor, he once weighed 99,000,000,000 tons of mass, the entirety of Manhatten Island.

A 3000-year old Greek legend, the son of Zeus, Hercules is one of the most durable heroes in the Marvel Universe, taking Nova’s cosmic blasts at face length and surviving in outer space without any assistance.

16. Galactus

Galactus, the devourer of souls is one of the biggest threats looming over the Marvel superheroes not just because of his giant stature but because of the message that he brings. The possibility of Galactus coming nearer means that any planet in his grasp is soon going to be devoured by the giant.

When it comes to pure strength, Galactus has the Power Cosmic which gives him near-limitless godlike power while he is also being a near-omnipotent entity. The power of Galactus can highly differ based on when Galactus has eaten a planet or not.

15. Scarlet Witch

Like we saw in the TV series, WandaVision, the Scarlett Witch is capable of completely changing the perception of people around her, creating a new reality where she manifested a new Vision and her children.

Well, in the comics she has much more authority and power than in the TV series. In the House of X storyline, Scarlett Witch turned the whole Marvel Universe on its head, when she wished for a world where mutants don’t even exist. And voila! Her magical abilities erase the existence of mutants the next moment.

14. Captain Marvel

Unlike the movies, Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers is one of the most competent Avengers in the Marvel Universe, having the power of the Cosmic stone integrated with her blood and also having experience as a Kree soldier, she is a massive blockage in anyone’s path, be it friend or foe, as Iron Man saw in the Civil War 2 storyline.

In the comics, she has had displayed the power of lifting an entire celestial which weighs around 260 tons. Each of her fists has photon energy into them which could blow away a mountain at a moment’s notice.

13. Death

The embodiment of Death in the Marvel Universe. Everything that lives has to die and when they do they become the property of Death. Popularized by the Infinity Wars storyline in the comics, Death was the sole purpose of the mad titan, Thanos but couldn’t get it at the end.

Death is so powerful in the Marvel Universe that to extinguish the being of Death would mean to eliminate the existing rules and laws of the multiverse itself, so yeah no one’s taking care of Death anytime soon.

12. Pheonix Force

The mere embodiment of power, the Phoenix Force is kind of like the de facto power-up that now and then pops up in the Marvel Universe to imbalance any given side at any time, the point is the power is random.

Sometimes working as a good thing, sometimes the evilest entity of all, just for reference Jean Grey with the Pheonix Force. But the fact is there is nothing that can stop it from unleashing its power, not the whole of X-Men or the Avengers.

11. Nemesis

The being who created the universe that contains all of our favourite heroes and villains, Nemesis is the grand creator of the Marvel Universe. Having omnipotence, Nemesis could go toe to toe with any of the characters in this list.

After all, she was the one who introduced the power of the infinity stones, separating her power into six different power substances, well be it that the stones are less of an extent when it comes to the power of Nemesis herself.

10. Doctor Doom

In the list of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe, the ruler of Latveria is a serious contender, not because of his strength, whether it be physical or magical but his superior intellect.

Doctor Doom has done some incredible stuff for a mere human with no powers over the years but his greatest achievement is defeating the Beyonders in the Secret Wars storyline which ran in 2015. Doom was essentially a god who could defeat all the heroes with just a single thought.

9. Beyonder

The Beyonder is the main antagonist of the Secret Wars storyline. Being able to manipulate reality itself, the original Beyonder was a force that could even rival the likes of The Living Tribunal.

The powers of the Beyonder lie in his reality controlling cosmic energy. In theory, his powers include the ability to manifest any power that he could think of, making his potential unlimited.

8. Hope Summers

The Messiah child, Hope Summers was the first mutant to ever exist after the event that caused all mutants to vanish from reality, House of X. She had the ultimate power of Mimicry that other mutants like Rogue have but at an advanced state.

Her power includes copying any mutant powers that surround her at any given rate, without affecting the mutant ability that she is copying. Also, the self is imbued with the power to grant other mutants their power, forming new mutants in the process.

7. Legion

One of the omega-level mutants, Legion is the son of Charles Xavier and Gabriel Haller. Blessed with the powers of Reality warping, Shapeshifting, Levitation/Flight, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Teleportation, and Dimensional travel just to name a few he is a force to be reckoned with.

The main problem with Legion is the mental illness that afflicts him due to which he has a dissociative mental disorder and he has turned to the side of the anti-hero to cure the world of its worries in his way.

6. Sentry

Marvel’s own Superman, just 100 times more powerful, Sentry is an impossible barrier keeping every villain in the gates of prison when he isn’t keeping his alter ego away from himself, called Void.

While he is one of the most powerful he isn’t in control of himself most of the time, that is when the Void comes out who is greater in power as he lets go of all of the power invested in him which the Sentry is afraid to do.

5. Franklin Richards

The strongest mutant on this list, Franklin is the son of Reed and Susan Richards, Mr Fantastic and Invisible Woman. He is an Omega-level mutant who is capable of warping universes. As a child, he warped the entire universe on a whim and also has created multiple universes already.

But when we see him as an adult he is then introduced as the master of Galactus and a powerful being that none of the other heroes could tackle or come close to in terms of power.

4. Squirrel Girl

The most underrated candidate on this list in terms of power, Squirrel Girl is an up-and-comer who has just recently been launched through her comic lineup of Squirrel Girl. As the name suggests Squirrel Girl is a girl with the power of squirrels at her call, she acts and behaves like a squirrel as well as commanding an army of squirrels.

While the powers may not seem to astound you, her achievements surely will make you look twice. Defeating the likes of Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet, and Deadpool, as well as the indestructible mutant, Wolverine among others.

3. The Living Tribunal

The omnipresent entity that is The Living Tribunal, is only interested in the workings of the functioning of the world. When there is chaos ensuing that could threaten the balance of the entire multiverse and that only happens very rarely, so we don’t see much of The Living Tribunal.

Said to be the judge on the behalf of The One Above All, The Living Tribunal lives uncontested until Thanos gains all the infinity stones and the gauntlet and sets off on his quest to erase all of existence when he achieves the Heart of the Universe.

2. One Above All

The God of the Marvel Universe. One Above All is a very apt name for a being that is the embodiment of existence in the Marvel Universe. He is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent but we haven’t seen many appearances from him in the long and stretched-out history of Marvel Comics.

But still, One Above All is number two on our list, what could be greater than a being that started it all, and is responsible for everything in the multiverse?

1. Molecule Man

You might be thinking about who or what could be above the actual God of the marvel universe, well the answer is not so simple but question yourself, would omnipresence, omniscience, and omnipotent abilities dwarf compared to the ability to control every molecule in the entire multiverse?

Well, I say the power to bend molecules to your will is more than enough to dwarf even God, and that man is Molecule Man.  A comedy villain of the avengers introduced in the comical silver age of the comics.

He got a rewrite in the modern-day and through his character, the creators wanted to discuss what it meant to acquire power and utilize it to its full capacity.

These are the characters that make up the strongest bunch of super-powered individuals who have the power to alert the Avengers or X-men or the Fantastic Four or any other group of teams.

As you have seen here the Marvel Universe has a wealth of incredibly powerful, larger-than-life characters who stand head and shoulders above the rest. Their incredible powers are incalculable and far beyond comprehension.

For more lists like these, which start with a random thought and make us dive into discussions about obscure characters, check out The Teal Mango.

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