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Meet Melanie Martin: Aaron Carter’s Girlfriend and Ex-Fiancé

Singer Aaron Carter was found dead at his home in California on November 5. As per reports, his on-again, off-again girlfriend and the mother of his 1-year-old child, Melanie Martin, called the police after finding the rapper unresponsive in his bathtub.

Aaron and Melanie shared a rocky relationship and were even engaged for a few months before splitting last year. Melanie has now posted a message on social media, mourning her ex-fiancé’s death. Here is everything you need to know about Melanie Martin and her relationship with Carter.

Melanie Martin is a Model and Influencer

Melanie, 30, is originally from Bulgaria, where she used to work as a bartender. After shifting to the US, she started dating Aaron Carter and soon gained fame on Instagram, becoming an influencer. Melanie then tried her hand at modeling, and some sources suggest that she even featured in some porn videos briefly.

The model launched her own lash line called Love Lashes when she was dating Carter. However, she soon deleted her social media handle and started to maintain a low profile, but kept making headlines due to her on-and-off relationship with Aaron Carter.

Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin made Relationship Official in January 2020

It is unclear how the two met and when they started to date. Aaron first made his relationship with Melanie public by posting a photo of her on his Instagram in January 2020. “She loves me she loves me not, she woke me up from napping but I’m not complaining,” he captioned the post.

The couple got engaged in June 2020. In March 2021, they announced pregnancy and welcomed their son, Prince, in November 2021. “Prince is precious, I love you son. Your mommy loves you as I drop tears on the phone. This is me cutting his umbilical cord my precious family,” Carter had written, announcing the birth of his son.

Before Prince’s birth, Melaine revealed that she had suffered a miscarriage in 2020, shortly before her engagement to Carter. Just eight days after their son was born, the couple announced they were going their separate ways.

Following Carter’s death, Melaine shared a photo on her Instagram story, which featured the couple kissing. “My baby. I can’t breathe,” she captioned the photo. She also uploaded a TikTok of herself crying in the car after the tragic news broke.

Carter and Martin Shared a Tumultuous Relationship

The couple made headlines several times due to the issues in their relationship. In March 2020, Melanie was arrested over domestic violence charges and was released on a $50,000 bond a few days later. “She choked my trachea out, she ripped my arms open, she ripped my back open and she punched me where I got my tooth pulled,” Aaron had claimed.

The two then broke up but reconciled a few weeks later and then announced their pregnancy. However, they parted ways again at the end of November 2021. “Due to personal reason [sic] Melanie Martin and I have decided to go our separate ways,” Carter tweeted at the time.

He had added, “There has been a very big lie and my sister communicating w my ex-fiancé [sic] ruined everything considering she knew what angel tried to do to me in court thanks angel you ruined my family. God bless.”

The reports of the two again getting back together surfaced in June this year when Carter posted a photo on Instagram on Melanie’s birthday and wrote, “Happy birthday baby I love you more than words just know we can get through anything!!”

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