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Meet Lori Anne Allison: The First Wife of Johnny Depp

Not every celebrity relationship has a happily ever after. Some just split apart because of reasons. You may have heard of Lori Anne Allison, who has been the ex-wife of Johnny Depp, the star of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Despite the fact that the couple had 5 years off in age, with Lori being older than Johnny Depp, the couple had a beautiful love story, to say the least. The couple was together since their youth. And kept their love alive through thick and thin. But, unfortunately, they weren’t meant to have a fairytale ending.

We don’t think we need to tell you about this pair because you’ve probably heard some, but not all, of their stories. That’s why we’re here for.

You’ve probably heard of Johnny Depp because he’s been acting since 1984. Lori, on the other hand, has been working in a different field and had a different interest in some other field, since she was a child.

Continue reading to learn more about Johnny Depp’s ex-wife, including who she is, how they met, and when their relationship ended.

Lori Anne Allison Has Also Mastered The Art In Makeup

Let’s dig into Lori’s interesting journey.

Lori, like every other child, had a passion for something when she was younger. However, only a few people have the ability to make their childhood dreams come true, and Lori gets counted among that few people. Because she did.

Lori has always been an enthusiast of make-up. She used to perform hairdressing, cutting, and creating lovely hairstyles for her dolls when she had them. She began drawing facial features with makeup products when she was eleven years old.

Later in her life, in the year 2015, the actress introduced people to her new set of lip glosses, which she named ‘Serendipity’. After creating it, the make-up artist also launched a company website, where she wrote her ideal bio.

“I love the idea behind make-up and having fun with it,” Lori writes on her website. “Be you or be your ‘character,’ the choice is yours.” And that’s quite motivating.

The Make-up Artist Has Also Made A Name In The Entertainment Industry

And now, at the age of 64, the professional make-up artist has gained several fans. Because not only of her make-up career but also making history in a number of movies and shows.

Lori had solid links or friends in the entertainment industry after a successful career in make-up, and they trusted her and were blown away by her acting abilities.

When she married Johnny Depp and brought him to Nicolas Cage, who technically inspired Johnny Depp and made him pass his acting audition, which led to the great success of the very first movie of Johnny Depp “A Nightmare On Elm Street”.

On November 9, 1984, the movie was released, grossing $57 million worldwide, and the rest is history.

Lori later got into the entertainment industry after assisting her partner in doing so. She made her acting debut in Sunset Heat as a result of her affinity for make-up (1992).

After her first movie, she went on to star in movies such as Cyber Bandits (1995) and television shows such as The Ultimate Lie (1996), Supreme Court of Comedy (2008), and Stand Up to Cancer (2009). And if you’ve watched any of these you must’ve recognized her.

Lori Anne Allison’s Dream Of Becoming A Music Producer Was Shattered

Allison had a dream of being a record producer before starting her profession in makeup. Her hopes were dashed. However, when she was involved in an unfortunate accident that resulted in the loss of her hearing senses in her left ear.

After she suffered the accident the actress know realized that becoming a record producer was no longer a viable option.

Therefore, the actress pursued a career in make-up, which led to her becoming a well-known professional artist to this day.

What Brought Allison And Johnny Together?

Now that you know a little about her let’s know a little about her relationship with the star Johnny Depp.

In actuality, fate brought them together. But in other terms, they met for the first time in a band in which Johnny was a member while he was a teenager.

The successful actor walked out of school to pursue his temporary acting career in the band when he met Allison, the band’s bassist’s sister.

The couple fell in love after seeing each other every day. Because they were in the same band and shared a passion for music.

In the year 1983, the couple made the big and important decision of their life which was to spend their life together. So they wed in December of that same year in South Florida. Then proceeded to Los Angeles, California, to continue their music careers.

The Pair Ended Their Marriage Two Years After Getting Married

The pair put a dot in their marriage in the year 1985. Fans were initially perplexed, but when a news site revealed the true reason for their divorce, the public was convinced.

According to the news outlet, the pair admitted to having ‘differences’ in their marriage. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t want to see one other’s faces after their divorce.

Allison is still known as “Lori Depp” today.  Proving that some fairytales do have a sad ending and sometimes the ending isn’t necessarily bitter.

What Are Views Of Allison After Her Split With Johnny Depp?

It appears that Allison still has a bit of emotion left in her heart for her ex-husband Johnny Depp. As she awhile back praised him in an interview, saying that not only he is a talented actor but also a guitarist.

“Well, we all know he’s a talented actor and can pull off the pirate thing like nobody’s business,” the actress stated in the year 2015.

Continuing, “But he’s also an extremely talented guitar player and started out in South Florida playing the local Hollywood/Fort Lauderdale club circuit.”

Allison Defends Johnny In The Wake of Amber Heard’s Allegations Against Him

You might be asking yourself, what?

As the ongoing issues of Johnny Depp going with his other ex-wife Amber Heard, in which Amber accused Johnny Depp of abusing.

Lori, on the other hand, has a different perspective from Johnny. Claiming that he is a ‘soft-hearted person‘ who isn’t abusive at all, according to a news site.

As we all know, the troubles between Amber and Johnny ended up in court. And now the court’s orders must be announced. Let us notify you that not just Allison, but also Johnny’s other ex-partners have banded together to support their respective ex-husbands.

Don’t you wonder that if the charges were true, then why all of his ex-partners are stating that he’s a wonderful guy who never molested or disrespected them? Well, that’s a story that only Amber Heard knows about.

What do you think about the allegations? Do you think they’re true? Or Is it solely something that we don’t know about? Keep an eye on us for the latest rumors.

Also, what are your thoughts on Lori Anne Allison’s relationship with Johnny Depp? Were they a couple of goals?

Ah, so many questions! Keep in mind to let us know what you think in the comments area below. And don’t forget to stay tuned with us for more updates.

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  1. I don’t think he’s abusive, I think he was constantly put in a state of being cornered and on defense so he probably eventually came out swinging cause anyone would while being pushed including his ex-wife, maybe they were just not meant to be and toxic together but great being separate, I think neither one will ever again have this same problem, ever.

    • Totally agree. Regardless of her youth with abusive parent, she at least had the means financially to leave the toxic relationship as it’s been shown. Most abusive situations a person has children and no income, and/or no place they think they can go. So all that “support”, sister and friends, how did they help? Still lived in one of the penthouses, so makes ya wonder.

    • I wonder what she had in mind when she taped the arguements and said words that frustrated him to the point he would, or try, to walk away. She even admitted she didn’t want him to go. And then there is the video, she shot with him slamming g kitchen cupboard doors and finally grabbing the camera when he seen it. She, in my opinion was setting him up. I wonder why.

      • Exactly. AH knew what she was doing from the start. We will probably never hear from 99.9% of her other friends (if there are more than a couple) & family but wouldn’t it be interesting just to hear about her childhood to validate she is nuts.

    • 100% agree with you. Even a gentle giant can lose their rag if pushed too far. The fact he exerted his anger towards objects and not her says it all. An abuser wouldn’t waste time with cupboards.
      Everyone has a limit, anyway he’s back in business and that monkey on his back is gone! Moving forwards johnny my man, moving forwards.

  2. I think he’s a genuinely warm, kind human being who chose the wrong partner and boy has he suffered for it. She seemed to always want things her way and he was continuously manipulated and abused by her. He tried to walk away and she wouldn’t let him. Because he refused to continue in the relationship and realised she had issues and he no longer wanted to be part of a toxic relationship, she decided to try and make him pay. Whatever the outcome of this trial, he has the public’s support and he can walk away with his head held high. She, on the other hand has to live with herself.

  3. I don’t think he could take the poisonous environment living with her, & tried to get out. She wanted things her way, & her huge & selfish ego wouldn’t let him go without a “smear” campaign. He took it as long as he could, & finally decided to defend himself in court. Believe me, if he was abusive it would have come out decades ago!

  4. I’m watching court TV and Amber’s pants on fire all across her face acting big time no real tears her expression is like someone who is piss off she talks to much to long I don’t feel it at all she a real abuse woman I have experienced in the past woman who will make up things and get a man lock up in jail big time. Johnny Deff has not been arrested for any of the things she says he done to her it’s not cool to faulty accuse someone of abuse or sexual abuse. She needs serious help pray for her I hope and pray Johnny win the case

  5. She’s a heck of an actress. Narcissistic behavior, used JD to further her career. All the women he went out with stated he was a gentle soul and never abused them…Yes he had a drug problem n drank but she made his life a living hell. Can’t blame him. He took his anger out on things not her ..Liar that she is, cheater,, too…She was the Abuser.. #justiceforjohnny 💜

  6. She would have been a fantastic witness for Johnnys team. Too bad she was never brought up, or, maybe, he didn’t want to bring her in to such a mess. Oh, I’ve been a Depp fan for decades and never knew he had been married so long ago. Heard us a narcissist manipulator who nearly drove Johnny insane, and I think she was pushing him towards suicide. Sorry, I just get this vibe. Can you imagine all that fake crying if it had happened. Poor AH would’ve had the sympathy of the whole of Hollywood.

  7. Everyone believed Amber at first, just long enough to ruin Johnny’s acting career and have him black listed in Hollywood. All these recordings showing her being abusive to him. Him wanting to work things out and going to couples therapy (which is also why he had recordings). How does one get your live back after being falsely accused nationwide? She needs to pay that money to the abused victims like she said she was going to do. Where was his long time making movies buddies Tim Burton or Helena Bonham Carter??? They abandoned him. Hollywood folks have some apologies to make.

    • I wish Amber never came in to Johnny’s life. Amber is a tramp. That’s all I can think of when they do segments of her on tv. She ruined her own career.

  8. Huge Depp fan! Still am. BUT… don’t be fooled. If I thought for a minute that he was guilty of these charges, I would have no problem in cutting the movie ties. (Wouldn’t be the first.) HOWEVER, just the fact that his Ex’s are sticking together and supporting his character, speaks volumes. From someone who has been in an abusive relationship (married) and was able to survive to tell about it (37+ years ago), there is no way I would falsely support my Ex’s character. (He’s dead now. Killed himself. Still an AH. I survived.) I also know what it’s like to be in a supportive Ex-relationship. Friends will be friends. We’ve all “HEARD” Amber. Even if we would rather not!

  9. I think Miss Heard is lying thru her teeth. All she wants is money and the good life. Women like her puts a bad name to women. She thinks a little crying will sway the jury. I hope that they are smart enough to see thru her.

  10. I’ve been watching the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial and I have come to the conclusion that she is a total liar. It’s really funny since she has been on the stand and I see no tears. I don’t know if it’s just me but it looks like she is giving signals to her attorney when she is to start her crying. I also read somewhere that she is giving quotes from other movies when she answers questions from her attorney. I can’t wait until his attorneys start with their questions and show how much of a liar she really is. All she wants is money (example when Johnny Depp gave her 7 million dollars to Amber so she can make a donation to 2 charities and keeps a big chunk of it) and she doesn’t care who she hurts along the way. I am rooting for Johnny and I hope he wins.

  11. Amber is the victim. Stop painting the pic. Stop sucking up. The fact n evidence r in your faces people! May e Depp wasn’t into drugs as hard with his exes. Drugs turn a person into a monster as he admitted in Tex.

    • Amber herd is so full of it I can’t even pretend to feel sorry for her everything she said he did to her sexually happened to her in a bad movie she did
      And if you had a bottle stuck in you vaginal area you would not think it was someone punching you she needs to stop perjuring helself shut up and pay him his money nobody believes her lying self

    • Heard is in no victim. The facts & evidence were in the Jury’s faces, not to mention the millions of faces around the world who tuned in day after day on the internet to watch it all play out live. Amber got caught out in lie upon lie upon lie. She made up more & more violent accusations each time they went to court. One DV survivor even stood up on her social media & said that she told Heard her DV story & then Heard under oath told that story as her own. The headline was something like “Amber Heard took my DV story & made it her own.” Heards own acting coach said that Heard could not cry when she was acting. This was abundantly clear when Heard was seen putting a tissue to her nose & inhaling, not blowing her nose or wiping it like everyone else has to when we cry. She also put the tissue to her forehead??? to dab away tears??? Also even more telling…THERE WERE NEVER ANY ACTUAL TEARS COS SHE CAN’T CRY WHEN SHE IS ACTING. Johnny Depp was into Marijuana, Cocaine & alcohol when he met her. She was into MDMA, Magic mushrooms, Cocaine, Marijuana & alcohol when she met Depp. Heard was in a movie that starred Kevin Costner & Kevin has said in front of other people that Heard showed up in his trailer stark naked & tried to seduce him while Johnny had separated from her for a couple of days. She went after Costner, who she knew was very happily married. She has single handedly set the ‘Me Too’ cause back by years but has helped Johnny Depp prove to the world that ‘Men Too’ can be victims of abuse by their female partners & given men proof that they can take a stand against DV by women & be believed.

    • Amber is an alcoholic drug addict. Does what you say apply to her too? JD is naturally laid back & mellow, and the drinking or drugs made him even more mellow. He would take downers & just calm down then fall asleep. She’s the one with a ling history of abuse. Watch the trial, the jury (and the whole world) found all her claims to be lies.

  12. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had stayed together that she would have tried her utmost to drive him to suicide. He didn’t get out sooner because she threatened to commit suicide.

  13. AH is no victim. She’s a drug head too. She’s also a liar. Johnny Depp does alcohol and drugs but he is not an abuser.

  14. Amber Heard in my opinion, is acting throughout the trial. She reminds me of my children, when they were little, pulling faces that would give me a reaction to what they wanted at that time, those little faces that all children pull, when they have a tantrum. I do not see any truth in her body language at all.
    I was not a fan of Johnny Depp , never took much interest, but watching the trial, I see his warm and kind persona coming through. I believe him over her. I was personally previously married to an abuser , mentally he tortured me, tried to break me down , take away my confidence , family and friends, I was an absolute wreck and she reminds me of him. He “tried” to commit suicide by pulling a loaded gun, which I had to physically fight with him to get it away from him. Why did he try? He was caught having an affair but that was MY fault , not his. I see in Heard what I saw in him and that was only after all those awful things happened. You don’t realise you’re being abused and controlled until you get time to step back and reflect. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Watching this trial , I feel total respect for Johnny Depp, I won’t ever be a fan of his work, but for his personality, his gentleness which he seems to quietly ooze. Men get abused too and I’m glad he’s took the stand. Someone has to.

  15. If anyone has ever seen any of Ambers movies you will see that same character in her movies. She plays that same roll crazy but makes people think she is the sane one. I think she started filming him from day of him asking about a prenup to use against him. I think she already had it in her mind to set him up and make it seem like he was this abusive man. You really have never heard much of anything bad about him until he got with her. She got all these people to lie for her. My questions have been why if he did all this abuse to her she said he did where are the pictures at. She was always taping him but she really did not have pictures of any marks, cuts, bruises or anything. If i am with someone abusing me I am going to have more pictures than anything to corroborate every mark he put on me. She is trying her best to destroy his reputation. I do not condone any man who abuses a women but I do not like when women like her do things like this and lie on a man then they either thy end up going to prison or destroyed but years later it comes out that the man did nothing wrong and the accusations are false. Then that person has lost a great deal of their life that they cant get back. That makes it hard for the women how have really been abused when they come out about it and it is true.
    I also do not like the case of Bill Cobsy almost 40 years later all these women come out when he has one foot in the grave and one on a banana peel. So old could barely see but is so filthy rich. I am sorry but if you abuse me I will be damned if I let you go make all this money and become such a figure where you got movies and a tv show that was so popular and me not say anything about it when he is getting ready to start working with other women. I am not going to wait 40 years or longer to say or do anything. I am sorry but that is my own opinion. To each its own. I teach mine to open their mouth regardless if anyone touches them inappropriately or if any man tries to hurt them. NIP THAT SHIT IN THE BUD.

  16. Johnny said in court that for over two years years before he married Amber was abusive. Why would you even ask an abusive person to marry you? I have no sympathy for either one but is Johnny really that stupid? He left an 18 year affair for an abusive one. His agent of 30 years told us about his disruptions on the movie sets. Never on time, increase production costs and now considered a risky investment by producers. He got too deep into drugs and that is what really caused his decline. He never looked at Amber except during the rape accusation. Then he stared at here and wiped his runny nose as she described her story. Something about that moment that’s unusual for him. But his lawyers are expensive and very good. Hers not so much.

  17. Hi Margaret Martin,
    I have wondered from the start about all the taping.

    1) How did she get away with it??
    2) WHY did she do it??
    3) To throw it up to him later in court ??
    4) For the money of Johnny, that she doesn’t want…

  18. Johnny was caught in a relationship with a dominant drama queen.He tried to get out and I do not blame him, I think he is non abusive, and I would know..Toxic for him. He is innocent of these charges. Amber set him up. Period.

  19. #MenToo #JusticeForJohnny
    Women have the ‘Me Too’ movement, now men can have the ‘Men Too’ movement.
    For the record I am a woman who has survived severe DV but also witnessed men being the victims of DV from their wives/girlfriends. It goes both ways & I think it’s time men had the chance to be heard & believed. Thanks to the brave actions of a man who has valued his privacy for decades who came forward & laid his soul bare💖. 💙💛

  20. Even if they are ex’s I think we should leave a husband and wife relationship . They have known each other for a decade . I only got wind of this; this year . They allowed a judge to get involved that was they choice and right . It was the courts right to bring it to light for the public . It’s our right to our own opinion but in the end our opinions and views mean nothing compared to the fact of who is necessarily involved or meaning to resolve their issue .
    I think we should leave it be . . .
    I think in a decade I could never say who is who . Only they and who they allowed to get involve at the moment could or should get involved and Intrap themselves in perspective/opinion.

    I hope they both get wise closure and strength from what ever it is that is their lives .

    🕊Sir you know🕊

  21. Amber Heard pushed him to the point of frustration and she only filmed certain things. This girl is a joke and not one of his ex wife/ girlfriends or anyone who has been In a relationship with him had anything bad to say about him. I honestly believe this girl drove him to act certain ways or say certain things. Just because he is a man doesn’t mean he’s not allowed to express that frustration she knew how to get under his skin and she knew what to say to get certain types of responses out of him to make him look bad. Amber is a master manipulator. This whole trial made her look so stupid in my eyes.


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