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Matthew Perry’s Dating History: Beautiful Exes And More

In recent years, Matthew Perry has opened up about his past. He has talked about addiction and how it changed his life and about some of his past relationships. After the success of FRIENDS, he became one of the most desirable bachelors in Hollywood and went on to date many women from Hollywood and outside.

He openly discussed openly about his struggles with addiction, relationships, and more in his memoir called Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing.

Recalling his past relationships, he said in his memoir that “Even though I considered myself not unattractive, I had terrible luck with women and that my relationships tended towards the disastrous.” In an interview with People, he admitted that he was always the one to end relationships.

Let us take a closer look at the relationships that he has been in over the years.

Julia Roberts

This was perhaps his first high-profile relationship after the success of FRIENDS. She made a guest appearance on the show and their chemistry was electric. But Perry had to work hard to convince her.

In his memoir, he mentioned that “Julia had been offered the post-Super Bowl episode in season 2 and she would only do the show if she could be in my storyline”. He sent her roses and a note saying how excited he was by the possibility of them working together.

She finally agreed to appear on the show but on one condition, if he could explain the quantum theory to her, and so he learned everything he could about it and did just that. The two ended up working together in 1995 and dated soon after.

But the relationship did not last long and they broke up just 2 months later. He admitted that he was the one to end the relationship and that he did so out of his “own insecurities.”

Yasmine Bleeth

Perry’s character on FRIENDS had a huge crush on Yasmine Bleeth. This led to a spark between the two of them and they ended up dating in late 1996.

The couple’s real-life relationship was short-lived. However, Chandler continued to make affectionate references towards Bleeth on the show. On the show, Chandler and his best friend Joey never missed an episode of Baywatch, which starred Bleeth.

Neve Campbell

Perry dated his Three to Tango costar in around 1998. Campbell and Perr became close while filming for the movie. But like his past relationships, this did not last long either. The couple broke up before the movie got released.

Maeve Quinlan

After Campbell, Perry’s heart fell for Quinlan. The actress was popularly known for her role in the Bold and the Beautiful, a role she played for over 10 years. However, her relationship with Perry lasted from somewhere in 2002 to 2003.

Although the reason for their split was never made public, it seemed that they were on good terms as they posed together in 2006.

Lauren Graham

Rumors suggested that Perry was now dating Graham. She was famous for starring in Gilmore Girls. Like most of his previous relationships, the FRIENDS actor was single within a few months.

However, Perry seemed to be doing a good job at ending relationships on a good term as the couple reunited many times and even starred in the movie Birds of America together.

Rachel Dunn

Many fans of the show often wondered if any of the cast got with one another. Although Matthew and Rachel did get together, it was not ‘the Rachel’ from the show. This Rachel was a professional volleyball player. They got together somewhere in 2003.

They made several public appearances together. Unlike before, Perry even spoke about the relationship and said “With Rachel in my life, I know that I can be very committed and not some selfish guy who just wants to hang out with friends.”

A smitten Perry also added that “I want to spend time with my girlfriend and explore what it means to have a much closer relationship than I’ve previously had time for.” The couple broke up around one year after the interview in 2005.

Lizzy Caplan

This was possibly one of the longest relationships that Perry was in even though they managed to keep their relationship out of sight, which made it difficult to assess whether they were together or not.

In 2013, the Independent claimed that the Mean Girls star covered her ears and refused to answer any questions related to Perry. Later on, she said “I can stand right next to paparazzi and I do that sometimes. I’m close with people who are far more famous, and they know how to avoid attention.”

As it turns out, the couple had quietly broken up a year ago.

Molly Hurwitz

Whether Perry dated anyone from 2013 to 2018, was not known. But in 2018, he started seeing his literary manager Hurwitz. The couple kept their relationship under wraps. Hurwitz did not acknowledge the relationship until 2 years later when posted about Perry on Valentine’s day.

She posted a picture with the caption “Second year being my valentine, but his first as an Instagram influencer. HVD to my favorite.”

In November of the same year, Perry went down on one knee and proposed to Hurwitz. He gushed about it to People Magazine and said “I decided to get engaged. Luckily, I happened to be dating the greatest woman on the face of the planet at this time.”

However, this did not last long as they called off the engagement 6 months later. Perry said that “Sometimes things just don’t work out, and this is one of them.”

Although it is sad that Perry has not found true love that lasts yet, there is also the flip side to it, which means that his someone is still out there. The actor is currently busy promoting his memoir and talking about it on famous talk shows.

It is courageous of him to come out and speak about such personal events and incidents and how they impacted him.

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