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Mattel to Relaunch Barney with New Animated Series, Figures, and More

Barney, the much-loved purple dinosaur from the ’90s is coming back with an overhauled look. Mattel has announced to relaunch the Barney franchise with a new animated series next year, films, YouTube content, toys, and more. Learn more here.

The upcoming show will be produced by Corus Entertainment’s Nelvana and promises to bring back the famous T-Rex to the current generation of preschool kids with lessons on several topics.

Meanwhile, their parents and adults can get hit with nostalgia after seeing Barney and his friends grooving on an overhauled setup.

Barney & Friends Coming Back with a New Animated Series in 2024

Mattel has officially announced the comeback of the Barney franchise starting with a reimagined animated series that will debut globally in 2024. Mattel Television will be working alongside Corus Entertainment’s Nelvana on the show.

The revamp will focus on the widely popular purple T-Rex from the ’90s and friends in an attempt to introduce them to a new audience. There will be music-filled adventures having lessons on love, community, and encouragement.

Fred Soulie and Christopher Keena will be the executive producer for Mattel Television while Colin Bohm and Pam Westman for Nelvana.

In creating the new series, it was important to us that we properly reflect the world that kids today live in so that the series can deliver meaningful lessons about navigating it,” said Fred in the presentation.

He added: “With our modern take on Barney, we hope to inspire the next generation to listen, care, and dream big. We think that parents, many of whom will fondly remember the original Barney from their own childhoods, will love the show, too.”

“Barney & Friends” will also get Films, YouTube Content, and Toys

Mattel is going to completely overhaul Barney the dinosaur and his friends. The comprehensive revitalization will also include films, YouTube content, and music.

Additionally, Barney & Friends will also introduce a new range of kids’ products including toys, books, clothing, and more. And, even adult fans will also find apparels and accessories to buy and go down the lane of nostalgia.

Barney’s message of love and kindness has stood the test of time,” stated Josh Silverman, chief franchise officer and global head of consumer products at Mattel.

He added: “We will tap into the nostalgia of the generations who grew up with Barney, now parents themselves, and introduce the iconic purple dinosaur to a new generation of kids and families around the world across content, products, and experiences.”

Barney, the Purple Dinosaur, Debuted in 1992

The upcoming Barney franchise from Mattel will continue the legacy of “Barney & Friends,” which debuted on PBS in 1992. It ran for 18 long years before dwindling down to repeats for several years, and then silently going away as the kids grew up.

The show’s simple themes and songs aimed at young children and insane fam made it a classic pop-culture figure. Barney is returning with a redesigned look and it’ll be interesting to see if it’s able to catch the attention of this generation.

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