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Mark Sievers Story: Man Who Killed His Wife Teresa Sievers with a Hammer

The latest episode “The Road Trip” of NBC Dateline explored and depicted the 2015 cold-blooded murder case of Dr Teresa Sievers on Sunday, May 22, 2022. The episode depicted the gruesome act of a husband “Mark Sievers who murdered his wife along with his friends.

Yes, Mark Sievers was accused of killing his wife, Teresa Sievers in 2015. The 46-year-old vibrant woman was a recognized and critically praised medical professional from Florida. So what happened with her and where is Mark Sievers now? Read on to find out more about this case.

Who is Mark Sievers?

Mark Sievers was born in 1968 in Missouri and was married to Dr Teresa Sievers. The couple even had two beautiful daughters together. The couple ran Teresa’s clinic. What seemed like a happy family, fell apart with the news of the brutal murder of Teresa Sievers.

Teresa’s body was found when   Mark requested a friend to check on her after she missed reporting to work. Firstly, it appeared that the two perpetrators of the horrible murder had been apprehended. Their names were Jimmy Ray Rodgers and Curtis Wayne Wright. However, as more evidence became available, officials suspected Sievers of conspiring with them and being involved in a murder-for-hire plan.

The Brutal Murder of Teresa Sievers

Teresa Sievers was a holistic medical professional from Bonita Springs, Florida. Teresa graduated from medical school in the Caribbean nation of Dominica in 1996 and proceeded to finish her residency at the University of Florida. She was featured in a local women’s magazine just days before her shocking death on June 28, 2015.

Reports suggest that Teresa was last spotted alive at Southwest Florida International Airport, where she was going back to work after a family trip with her husband and two children.  However, Sievers failed to appear at the medical office the following day.

On June 28, 2015, Mark Sievers asked a neighbor to check on her. The neighbor discovered her bleeding body on the kitchen floor, battered to death with a hammer. In an audio recording that can be listened to on the episode of A&E’s Killer Cases that covers Dr Sievers’ death, a horrified Dr Mark Petrites informed a 911 operator, “She’s bashed in the back of the head.” “And she’s cold,” Petrites added, “She’s dead cold.”

That was it! Teresa Sievers was killed and it didn’t appear to be a case involving robbery as the house had not been plundered, and a vault containing more than $40,000 in cash had remained unopened. So how did Mark Sievers come to light for the gruesome murder of his successful wife? Well, that’s a story worth listening to.

Eliminating the Theory of a Medicine Serial Killer…

Dr Teresa Sievers’ husband Mark Sievers was out of town with his daughters at the time of the killing. Therefore, the police did not really suspect him initially. There was also a wedding herring. Two more holistic medical practitioners had been killed and there were theories related to a holistic medicine serial killer.

Yes, Dr Sievers was killed in the same month when two other holistic doctors in Florida were brutally murdered. Cyber conspiracy theorists pointed out that it was a work of a holistic medicine serial killers. For the said reason, investigators decided to pursue that path but came to a halt.

A breakthrough came after two weeks into the investigation of her murder. Curtis Wayne Wright, a career criminal with an extensive rap sheet, admitted the murder to a tipster in Missouri, who informed investigators. Investigators zoomed in on Wright and quickly broadened the probe to include a possible suspect, Jimmy Ray Rodgers, a career criminal.

As per Wright’s testimony, Mark Sievers hired the aforementioned men to murder his wife because he was having marital issues and was scared of losing custody of his two girls. In fact, Mark’s personal diary revealed that this happy family wasn’t so happy after all. It detailed the turbulence in her married life.

In his diary, Mark wrote on 25 June 2015, “She said sometimes, most of the time, she does not feel we are going to make it.” Mark was likewise depressed and frustrated over the status of their relationship. He also blamed his wife for almost cheating on him and expressed bitterness in his writings.

Sievers believed that murdering his wife was the only option, particularly since he couldn’t afford a custody battle, according to Wright. He also said Sievers gave him $10,000 for the crime. Notably, there were also life insurance policies in Teresa’s name for more than $4 million.

Mark’s Confession for Murder…

Mark killed his wife on the assumption that Teresa would leave him and he would lose custody of his two children. For this, he deemed fit to kill his beautiful wife. When the proof against Mark Sievers started to pile up, the authorities were not shocked.

Sievers’ anguish had come out as exaggerated throughout his interrogation. Lieutenant David Lebid told: “We’ve met a lot of people who have lost a loved one, and he seemed fake,” “I saw a lot of simulated favor. It didn’t seem real.”

Wright’s testimony played a key role in solving this case. Mark Sievers was caught a few months after the crime and lost custody of his two young daughters. During the trial, Mark’s attorney tried to persuade the jury that Wright, the prosecution’s prime suspect, was an untrustworthy information source because he was a killer who had previously made false claims to the police.

During Sievers’ trial, however, prosecutors produced further proof. It was revealed that Sievers and Wright spoke via burner phones (i.e. disposable cell phones), and Wright’s phone had pinged near the Sievers’ home on the day of Dr Sievers’ murder.

Jimmy Ray Rodgers was sentenced to bars till his life while Curtis Wayne Wright received punishment and he will be behind the bars for 25 years. Wayne became the public witness and shares the name of the mastermind, who was Teresa’s husband.

The jury was eventually persuaded by the prosecution’s account of events, and Sievers was found guilty of first-degree murder and conspiracy to murder after only four hours of discussion.

Where is Mark Sievers Now?

Mark Sievers is currently at Florida State Prison in Raiford, Florida, on death row for his brutal crime. Even after murdering his wife brutally, Mark Sievers had been pleading for his innocence and he stated that his wife was his soulmate and he could never commit such a crime. He even lost custody of his children after his arrest. What do you think about this case? Shoot your thoughts.

I am Mallika Singh, a lawyer and writer by profession. Writing gives me a sense of freedom and independence. I am a keen observer and an ardent reader. When not at work, you can find me at the stable. Horse riding is another passion that keeps me going.


  1. I think Mark was set up after his friend realize they was going to seek the death penalty again him so to save his butt he drag Mark into his mess.

    • Of cours he is guilty. There was no set up.
      Give me an answer to the following things if Mark is not the one guilty to hiering this two guys to murder his wife!
      1. Why did they not steel any valubles from the house?
      2. If it was not a robbery what reason did they have to kill hear?
      3. Mark said that the marrige was perfect. His diary among other pointed to the opposite. Why lie about that?

        • I believe the Detectives were onto him during the Interrogations, in particular, when told, the door was Tampered with and then shown the photos. They then left him alone, exiting room to See his reactions….One in particular was the Visual of Mark with arm expressions , and Verbal YEAH moment, a break in…..With Two MD’S murdered in past month then, this fit in nicely with his plan….His neighbors were frightened. By his presence…..His Overall body language gave him away studying him.

          • They spoke daily for years, because they were best friends. Mark had just gone to Wayne’s wedding the year before the killing. Mark’s defense made up that Wayne was attracted to Mark, because their defense was so weak otherwise. They had nothing else to deflect from the obvious conspiracy to commit murder. Neither man had ever had a gay relationship.

        • I agree with you and have watched on my TV the summary of how the smart detectives solved this case and do believe that he is guilty of his crime and deserves the death penalty for it. I do think that once anyone with that much evidence against him receives the death sentence, right away the state of Florida must execute him and not wait 20-25 years or more through many appeals and tricks by the liars (opps, I mean lawyers!) to try to save his skin from being put to death and then facing God’s Judgment and sentenced to hell forever and ever! I sometimes call that “Pilipino Justice” since I’ve heard that once a person is convicted there and sentenced to death, they take that person out behind the courthouse or police station and put a bullet in their head, which is exactly what the authorities should do to this a**hole!

    • Watch Wayne Wrights interrogations during all of them the detective feed Wayne a story they have NO EVIDENCE OF while threading Wayne with the electric chair and lethal injection. Then letting Wayne know if he was to repeat this whole conspiracy theory in a proffer and claim to be a watch out….he’d get a deal.
      The states only evidence of a divorce, Teresa cheating, or of any conspiracy is form threating and bribing witnesses in to repeating what they was told for the deals they was offered.
      The state paid Taylor Shomaker $19,000 for her testimony to say Jimmy Rodgers did a murder for $10,000 while simultaneously threading Taylor with accessory after the fact and a life sentence if she did not!!!

  2. This guy paid to have his wife killed. He did it for the money. He got his friends to do it. Why else would they do it. If he didn’t pay them to do it there would have been no reason for them to commit this crime. They stole nothing from the house so it was not a robbery.

    • So true. They had no reason to kill her other than to make a robbery. But they left 40.000 dollars in the safe. If he would have asked them to steal the money and some other valubles and trash the house then maby he would have had more of a case. At the point he is lying through his teeth and allmosy everyone can see it!

  3. Although they more than likely did it, there really wasn’t sufficient evidence to convict (unless the shoes I watched were negligent). I might need to watch more.


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