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Marisol Nichols on ‘How to Overcome Rejection?’, Got Rejected from 90 Auditions

Feeling rejected when it comes to your dream career? American actress Marisol Nichols is here to help you with how to handle it. The ‘Riverdale’ star took to Instagram and spoke about How to Handle Rejection? In a short IG clip, she shared a word of advice with her fans and well, each bit of it makes a lot of sense.

Dust Yourself Off, Keep Going!

Marisol Nichols, who is known for her roles as Nadia Yassir on the Fox series 24 and  Hermione Lodge on the CW drama series Riverdale, took to Instagram and shared her thoughts about “How To Handle Rejection?”

She captioned the video: “How do I handle rejection? Dust yourself off and keep going. #Don’tStop.” In her video, the 48-year-old actress spoke about her career and stated: “Today, I am gonna talk about How Do I  handle rejection. Look, I am not gonna lie, it’s hard, it’s not easy. No one likes to be rejected. No matter what!”

She continued If there’s one thing I’ve learnt throughout my years of acting. It’s been 20-something years. Whenever I audition, you pour your heart into your auditions and you won’t get it. And, it killed me.”

Nichols narrated that she auditioned there for a while and even counted them. “It was like some 90-odd auditions. The thing that kept me going was that it just takes one. It just takes one yes,” she continued. Well, she had a point when she mentioned that there could be 89 nos but that one yes is what makes all the difference.

Fans immediately took to the comment section to express their thoughts about the gorgeous actress. One fan wrote, “Yes!!!!!! One yes!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️you’re sooooo beautiful inside out!!!!!!!!” Another wrote, “THE YES That’s what matters ❤️.”

One fan expressed her gratitude and wrote, “You are awesome!! for absolutely everything! And yes!! This video is very essential! ❤️” Another wrote, “Rejection motivates me to keep trying and to do even better.❤️‍🩹”

Marisol Came Out Strong Each Time…

You may know Marisol for her success but behind that success is a heartbreaking story. But, the “Riverdale” actress has come out strong even after suffering many scars. In an interview, she explained that she was gang-raped at the age of 11. After spending years in an emotional downward, it was the Church of Scientology that saved her.

Marisol has spent years volunteering her time to work with law-enforcement groups to help catch paedophiles and human traffickers in various sting operations. As for her acting, she typically plays either a parent pimping out their child or an underage girl who comes across as drugged and sheepish. “The voice. When she gets on, it’s over,” one officer explained. He was part of the sting operation in a midwestern city, which later yielded a dozen arrests.

If you don’t know this, In 2012, as her career slowed down, Nichols began working with former FBI and CIA agents, Navy SEALs and Green Berets, as well as local law enforcement who have left government agencies and gone independent to help trap child sex predators.

She acted as a “bait”, playing whatever role the situation called for, such as pretending to be a parent who was pimping out a child. She collaborated with the nonprofit organization Operation Underground Railroad and travelled globally to work for the cause. 

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