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Let’s Explore The Filming Locations Of ‘The Invitation’

The supernatural horror movie ‘The Invitation’ depicts a young woman who meets her family for the first time after her mother’s death, only to discover their hidden truths. The movie is based on Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula.

Critics gave it mixed reviews as well. According to spectators, the two main characters are perfectly cast. Their on-screen chemistry appears genuine and believable. ‘The Invitation’ amassed $7 million in the United States and Canada, and $1.6 million in other territories, for a total of $8.6 million worldwide.

Following the premise, spectators are incredibly curious about the filming locations of ‘The Invitation,’ and it’s time to explore. Filming locations for horror movies are always exciting.

The Invitation Filming Locations Explored

Begin, filming for the horror mystery was scheduled to begin in Budapest, Hungary in September 2021. The movie was completed in December of the same year. Some scenes from the movie were also shot in Nádasdladány.

Director Jessica Thompson discussed the movie’s filming locations and the beautiful castles they toured.

“We filmed in Hungary for six months, and we were obviously having Hungary stand in the place of New York and of countryside England, so finding the right style and the right architectural style was really important. We got this backstage tour of all these beautiful castles throughout Hungary, which was just — for someone who’s a history buff, it was just a delight.

But when I walked up to this castle in Nadasdladany, the one that we used in the film, and it was in the Tudor English style, and it was so Gothic I just thought, ‘Oh, this is it.’ But then when I found out that the person who built the castle was the great-great-grandson of Madam Báthory — who, if you don’t know, was called Countess Dracula and The Blood Countess, because she used to bathe in the blood of virgins.

I was like, ‘Oh, we have to film in this castle. There’s no other choice.’ It was really great to be in Eastern Europe where Vlad the Impaler, for those who don’t know, is arguably the inspiration for Dracula. I got to visit the prison where he was held prisoner for 13 years, the real Vlad the Impaler. So just being surrounded by all that history was just wonderful.”

Nádasdy Mansion in Nádasladány, Hungary 

Let’s talk about the castle. The castle’s exterior, where Evie confronts Walter. The Nádasdy Mansion is a manor house in the neo-gothic style. In the Underworld movie franchise, it was used for the exterior of the vampires’ mansion. It was owned by the Nádasdy family from 1873 to 1876.

Nathalie Emmanuel revealed the location’s eerie experience.

“I had some scenes underneath the castle, as well, and there was one room that I had to start in, and then run, and there was just this one corner, and it was really dark, and even with all the lights I was like ‘I can’t see what’s in that corner,’ and it kind of freaked me out!”

Párisi Udvar Hotel Budapest, Hungary 

It’s the restaurant where Evie first meets Oliver. It’s an absolutely phenomenal spectacular hotel. From the concierge’s late-night greeting to the entire staff, everything was brilliant. The hotel is truly spectacular, and you can’t refrain from gazing as the piano plays.

It is located in the heart of Budapest. It’s an architectural wonder. The cast and crew made use of the Movie Farm studio’s facilities too at Budapest, Hungary.

What are your thoughts on the filming locations of the movie? You’re welcome to stay tuned with us for more updates.

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