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Late Night With Seth Meyers: Cazzie David Shows Embarrassment Over Her Mom’s Ukulele Band

American scriptwriter and actress Cazzie David appeared on the Late Night With Seth Meyers show and revealed her embarrassment over her mom and mother-in-law playing in a ladies’ ukulele band. The actress also talked about getting into a fight with her sister over water and the prosthetics that were created for her character in “The Umbrella Academy”.

Mom’s “The Ukuladies” Band…

Cazzie David, the best-selling author and writer, was welcomed by Seth Meyer on his show Late Night With Seth Meyers. Cazzie, who is also a renowned actress is currently starring in the third season of The Umbrella Academy. Seth revealed that Cazzie’s mother and his mother are in the same ukulele band together. He said, “This sounds like a joke but it’s a true thing.” Cazzie replied, “It’s hard to talk about this to people, like a group of people, let alone on national TV.”

Seth jokingly said, “…Because you’re a little embarrassed about your mom’s success?” Cazzie laughed and replied, “Yeah, I am very embarrassed about the band.” Seth explained that they are a bunch of ladies who all play the ukulele. Oh, well, there’s a pun in there. The band is called “The Ukuladies”.

Cazzie explained that the band started, as a sweet hobby, and it was like aww. Seth interrupted and said, “Nobody was a ukulele hater.” Cazzie admitted, “It was all nice. You found yourself a little thing, you know? And then, they started recruiting people… and more and more.”

Cazzie said now there are just so many ukuladies, so many of them, and they are all “out of control”. She added, “I feel like we are giving them too much power ever talking about them.” Seth revealed a photo from the Ukuladies rehearsals.

He said, “My nine-month-old daughter Addie was at the rehearsal. And I feel like Addie might be on our side.” Seth revealed a picture of his adorable daughter who is looking away as the ladies rehearse. Well, she certainly shares similar feelings with Cazzie and Seth, eh?

Seth added that this is the exact expression I give when I walk in on their rehearsal. Making the exact expression as his daughter, Seth said “that’s very much a face of like…There’s a lot of Ukuladies here.” Cassie said, “The most violent thoughts I’ve ever had in my life have been towards my mom’s ukulele. Like, but I feel like, you know, if you know anyone who’s over 60, just like protect them, they’re coming for them.”

Cazzie joked that the elderly people should stay alert because her mom’s ukulele band is coming for them. “And if you’re looking to book The Ukuladies, they’re really, they will, they’ll go anywhere. They’ll do it anywhere.”

The Prosthetics in The Umbrella Academy…

Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t caught up, Cazzie died! Oops, I mean in “The Umbrella Academy”. Seth revealed that Cazzie dies in episode 3 of the show. Cazzie replied, “yea, real quick. It wasn’t because I was like–I mean I might have–because I was so bad, but no that’s not why.” She explained that the script was written in advance. She revealed about her prosthetics used in the show.

Cazzie said, “I go to the prosthetics team, and they do a replica of your face before you die because there’s going to be a dummy of me dead and I said to them, I said, You know if you guys can do me, like a solid, and make me look like, on the prettier side of the dead, then–like, just like subtle improvements.”

Seth added, “So that when people see the dead version of you, they’re gonna go like Ayi-Yi-Yi.” Cazzie stated that she wants people to be like, this young, pretty girl has perished–like a Cinderella. It’s like where you “feel great empathy and loss by the beauty that has been taken from us too soon”. Seth asked, “Do you feel like they did a good job?”

Cazzie answered, “So that’s the thing. I said this to them. I kind of charmed them. I tried to make sure they would do it. And they were like, “Okay”…And then you know, a little bit of work is on me, because they are replicating my face.”

“…And they put a mask on me so I tried to look pretty”, she said. She showed the audience how she froze her face into one expression to look prettier. She continued, “So like two weeks go by, and my friend sends me a picture of the–He says, Yo, like your prosthetics is done.”

Cazzie said that she was so excited that she asked her friends about how it looked. She said, “This is the image he sent me.” Seth revealed a hilarious, gory image of Cazzie. Damn, she looked like she just walked from the dead. Cazzie revealed that they are a talented prosthetic team but they also hate her.

Cazzie said,” …Not even, as the worst-case scenario, my imagination wasn’t even good enough, for like the worst possible.” Seth sarcastically added, “Now, I would say in their defense that they did give you a bangin’ body.” Seth revealed a “sitting dead body” of Cazzie. Seth joked that the dead version of Cazzie is more on the show than her alive version.

If you don’t know this, David released the collection of essays No One Asked For This in 2020, which reached No. 2 on The New York Times Paperback Nonfiction Best Sellers List. She dated comedian Pete Davidson for two and a half years until 2018. Well, Pete’s now got Kim and Cazzie’s living the best of her days.

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