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Kanye West Compares Himself To Bible’s Moses Following The Launch Of ‘Donda Academy’

Kanye West has been playing with words on social media lately. From lashing out at companies and celebrities to glorifying himself, the 45-year-old rapper’s behaviour has been unpredictable. However, Ye has promised to let go following the queen’s death and his recent IG story is all about the Holy Bible. Read on to know why Ye compared himself to Moses in the Bible.

Kanye’s IG Story On Moses…

Kanye West has deleted all his Instagram posts, something, he’s been doing since his divorce from Kim Kardashian. However, his Instagram story buzzed all over the internet after the 45-year-old rapper compared himself to Bible’s Moses. He wrote: “No one asked Moses how much he slept,” in white text over a black background.

The multiple Grammy Award-winning artist first shared this text with a typo, deleted it and then reshared the story with a corrected text. It has been reported that this IG story was shared by Ye following the launch of his private school, “Donda Academy”, which boasts about preparing students to become “the next generation of leaders, thinkers and innovators”.

Why Compare With Moses?

If you’re wondering why Kanye compared himself with Moses, the reason is plain and simple. After opening this so-called “world-class” academy, Ye sees himself as a preacher, however, the irony remains that he doesn’t like reading books. If you don’t know about Moses, he was an important Jewish prophet who is credited with writing the “Torah” and guiding Israelites out of Egypt and across the Red Sea.

In this manner, Kanye has compared himself to the Bible’s Moses, as he claims to guide students in a direction where they can become innovative leaders and thinkers. When he wrote: No one asked Moses how much he slept, he meant that he plans to work tirelessly for the future of the “Donda Students”. We don’t know how promising this academy is, but the course structure seems to be enticing.

All About Ye’s Donda Academy

The Christian prep school will charge around $15,000 per year for activities like “full school worship, core classes of language arts, mathematics and science, as well as “enrichment courses.” In order to enrol their children, families would be required to sign a “non-disclosure agreement”. However, the consultant clarified that only parents would be required to sign this “informal agreement”.

The academy’s website also mentions, “Donda Rule #51 Students must be confident in forming ideas. If not, their writings will suffer.” The “Donda In A Day” routine mentions that the Donda students will learn fundamentals, grow in their faith and experience two enrichment classes”.

The enrichment courses include “visual art, film, choir, and world language and parkour”. In simpler terms, you may consider this as a learning institution for the overall development of a child. The institution is based in California and is currently accepting applications for the session 2023-2024.

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