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Julia Haart’s Ex Silvio Scaglia and NYC Socialite Michelle-Marie Heinemann are Engaged

Julia Haart’s estranged husband Silvio Scaglia is not letting his ongoing divorce with the Netflix star get in the middle of his latest romance with NYC socialite Michelle-Marie Heinemann.

Now, the Swiss-born media and technological entrepreneur is engaged to blonde socialite, Michelle-Marie Heinemann. Continue reading further to learn more about the whirlwind romance of the pair.

Silvio Scaglia and Michelle-Marie Heinemann are engaged

The billionaire La Perla owner announced the piece of good news on the social media platform Instagram. On Monday, Silvio took to his Instagram and posted a photo of the couple’s hands featuring her heart-shaped diamond ring.

“Together for all eternity,” he wrote alongside the beautiful snap on the social networking platform Instagram. In the photograph, Silvio can be seen wearing what seems like a wedding band, on the other hand, Michelle-Marie has a diamond ring on.

At the moment, Silvio Scaglia and his now fiancée Michelle-Marie Heinemann are having the time of their lives in French Polynesia. The two of them are vacationing and living their best lives.

Julia Haart filed for divorce from Silvio Scaglia in February

Earlier this year, in February, Julia Haart filed for divorce from Silvio Scaglia just hours after he fired her as CEO of Elite World Group. Then, a source told Page Six, “Julia had no idea when she woke up this morning that she was going to be leaving.”

Another source went on to say, “The news of her departure went out on a trade website and then she filed for divorce in Manhattan Supreme Court around 12 p.m. This was absolutely not her plan for today. It’s f–ing crazy over at Elite.”

The source further added, “She wasn’t equipped to run the business. Look at her resume. People work for decades to become CEO and she had not had a big job until running La Perla.”

Since their split, Silvio and Julia have been going in and out of court and it seems like their divorce won’t be a piece of cake as both the parties have made messy public accusations. Scaglia and Haart tied the knot in the year 2019.

When did Silvio Scaglia and Michelle-Marie Heinemann spark dating rumors?

In April, Page Six reported that Silvio was seeing Michelle-Marie Heinemann. At that time, a close source told the media outlet, “Silvio Scaglia and Michelle-Marie Heinemann recently began dating and are very much in love.”

During the same month, Michelle-Marie Heinemann who runs a website called Old Fashioned Mom told the media outlet, that she and Silvio are also planning to work together.

Heinemann said, “We are discussing creating a think tank. We are working on a lot of projects that are important and simpatico. It is all related to giving back. Children are important to me. I really would like to spend the rest of my life helping people.”

We send our heartiest congrats to Silvio Scaglia and his now fiancée Michelle-Marie Heinemann on getting engaged. Wishing these two lovebirds all the happiness and love in the world as they are set to start a new chapter of their lives. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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