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Joseline Hernandez Arrested After Brawl With Big Lex During Mayweather-Gotti Fight

Joseline Hernandez has been arrested. The reality TV star, who wreaked havoc backstage during the Floyd Mayweather vs John Gotti III bout in Florida on Sunday, was been taken into custody on June 12th.

The 36-year-old Puerto Rican actress is now facing four charges, including trespassing and battery. Hernandez had a violent brawl with rapper Big Lex in the back hallways during the match which was caught on camera.

Joseline Hernandez Arrested After Attacking Big Lex During Mayweather-Gotti Fight

The former Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star was taken into custody early on Monday. A video of Hernandez landing several blows on rapper Big Lex had earlier surfaced online. The clip showed the two women in a messy brawl which even unbuttoned Lex’s shirt and the rapper was rendered topless.

Hernandez, however, was in no mood to stop and went around the back hallways of FLA Live Arena in Sunrise, Florida, smacking anyone and everyone that came in her way. The fight apparently started when a woman threw water at the reality star. Hernandez had attended the match as a performer at the event’s musical entertainment.

Hernandez Wreaked Havoc at FLA Live Arena Backstage

While Hernandez put Lex in a headlock, a few men tried to break the fight but were instead struck by the Joseline’s Cabaret star. “This girl fighting every mother f–king body in here, man. Joseline her name is. Joseline Hernandez is fighting everybody in this b–ch,” a man was heard saying in the video.

“Hey man somebody stop that s–t. Hey hey, stop that girl man. She’s killing that girl… They are letting this girl beat the f–k out of this girl,” another man recording the clip could be heard saying. Meanwhile, security was nowhere to be seen at the site.

Shortly after the brawl, Hernandez took to social media to post a video of herself getting out of a private jet and shared a cryptic message for her haters.  She wrote, “I’m A Trillion Dollar B–ch You A 50 thousand dollar bitch Hit Dogs Always holler But B–ch you Going To HAVE to see me!”

The actress’ antics have also spared a meme fest on Twitter. “Your net worth is 300k, stop acting like a little pitbull and you MIGHT hit a million,” wrote a user. Another tweeted, “So you threw a drink at Joseline Hernandez knowing you can’t fight and didn’t have support… WHY FRIEND? Well running was a great try.”

Floyd Mayweather vs John Gotti III Bout Also Ended Up in a Brawl

Hernandez was not the only one involved in a fight during the match. While she caused chaos backstage, the situation was not much different in the ring as Floyd Mayweather and John Gotti III’s teams also got embroiled in a brawl.

Both the boxer had been disqualified at the end of the sixth round, however, Gotti disagreed with the referee and continue to attack Mayweather. The latter’s camp then got into the ring themselves to defend the boxer. The two were eventually escorted to their locker rooms and no injuries were reported.

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