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Jimmy Kimmel And Josh Duhamel “Wedding Vows” Practice Session For Audra Is Truly Hilarious

Josh Duhamel, who is playing an unusually handsome bank robber in his upcoming film”Bandits”, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! showing off his shins as he spoilt his $2,000 suit. The 49-year-old American actor has been busy making wedding preparations with his fiancé, former Miss World America Audra Mari. He even sought some wedding vows advice from Jimmy.

The Model From North Dakota

Jimmy started the conversation by asking Josh Duhamel about his wedding plans with Audra Mari. “I know you just got engaged. I don’t know when you’re getting married but this might be a nice ensemble for the wedding,” he said while pointing out his ribbed pants.

After some jokes about his appealing dress code, Jimmy said, “I’ve been reading about you and your fiancé Audra, she was Miss North Dakota, you are from North Dakota, she is from North Dakota, how did you guys meet in North Dakota, or was it some weird North Dakota connection.” Josh revealed that there was no such thing and they did not meet in North Dakota.

However, he mentioned that he knew who she was and had followed her a bit. Jimmy asked him, “Did she know you were following her?” Josh thought it was better to ask the lady who was sitting right there in the audience. Yes, Josh was accompanied by his fiance to Jimmy Kimmel’s show. As for how they met, Josh and Audra were introduced by mutual friends and were first seen together in 2019.

When asked about the wedding plans, Josh revealed that they would be getting married soon. He told Jimmy, “I was gonna invite you to the wedding but you were checked with your people so you weren’t available.” Jimmy revealed that his son just got married last weekend so he’s become a pro at arranging weddings.

As for Josh’s wedding plans, he praised Audra by stating: “I gotta be honest, she has done everything. I’ve just been busy mostly but she is much more organized than I am and is a much better planner. So yea, it’s Audra who is taking care of everything.

Jimmy’s Practice Session Of Wedding Vows

Jimmy Kimmel asked Josh, “Wil you write your own wedding vows?” Josh replied, “Well, that’s the one thing I do have to do okay, can’t write those for me, I haven’t done that yet.” He then asked Jimmy, “Did you write your vows?” Jimmy answered, “Yes” and then advised Josh on the same.

Jimmy said, “It’s better when just the guy gives them to you or whoever marries you.” He also narrated that his wife tricked him by saying, “don’t joke around, you can’t make a joke out of this, it’s a serious thing,” and so Jimmy did all the serious vows and all of hers were jokes.

Josh revealed that it’s his biggest fear and he doesn’t know what he truly wants to write, obviously, he wants them to be sincere, but then as a comedian, you just have to toss in some jokes just to lighten the mood. Jimmy offered him a practice session. Jimmy said that he’d act as Miss North Dakota.

Well, a role-play is sure to happen when two comedians meet. Josh says, “Audra, I am a better man with you and I promise to be a better man, a better husband and a better friend…Jimmy interrupts and says, “She’s gonna say no.” Josh then decides to bring in some joke.

He revealed that Audra is a little bit younger than him so he feels the need to make a joke about that… Jimmy again interrupted and said, “Audra when I first bought Girls Scout cookies from you…” The audience burst out into laughter while Audra hid her face. Jimmy continued, “I’ve been into those Samoas I knew…

Here, Josh was reminded of his college basketball teammate, Bart Manson. He said that they were of the same age and then later he found out that he taught Audra in high school. He came to know about this when he started dating Audra. Now, that’s bound to happen because she is just 28!

When Josh continued, “she is far more responsible and organized,” Jimmy joked that this sounds more like a job application than a vow. Jimmy cracked another joke and said, “It’s your marriage I am worried about.” While the two weren’t able to write some serious vows, we hope Audra gets the best one on their D-Day.

Bandit Based On Real-Life Story…

Jimmy accelerated the conversation by talking about Josh Duhamel’s upcoming movie “Bandit”. He said, “Tell me about this movie because this is a fascinating character you have here because not only this is a real guy, how many banks did this guy rob. Josh spontaneously replied, “59 consecutive banks and he was notorious…disgusting himself, he started out knowing that he had to like sort of disguise himself and quickly get out of that.”

Josh revealed that when he talked to this guy before they started shooting, he said: if I knew that if I could, I would away, if I could, I would get out in 30 seconds and completely change my clothes and disappear into the crowd. This is how the guy became a “Master of Disguise.”

If you aren’t aware, Bandit is based on the true story of Gilbert Galvan Jr., who was infamously known as “The Flying Bandit”. He managed to escape a Michigan prison in 1984 and crossed the border into Canada.

There, he robbed over 59 banks and jewellery stores, every time beating the police task force. FYI, Galvan holds the record for most consecutive robberies in the history of Canada. Josh is playing the character of Galvan in the upcoming movie Bandit, which is set to premiere on September 23, 2022.

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